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  1. I like people who look at technology with all the latest bells & whistles on it & they decide screw it, let's go in reverse. Just for the hades of it. Well played LCF. I appreciate that level of candor & honesty brother. Thank you. I get the value in some new technology I guess. Mostly, I just hate going through the motions to get stuff just where I like it. Flip phones are nice because you can't easily get distracted by surfing the net or checking your likes. I swear that iPhones make people dumber & more susceptible to accidents etc. etc. It's like watching zombies walking around glued to their phones having no idea what's going on around them. LOL! Yeah, I know. I sound like the get off my lawn guy. I'll own that.
  2. Thanks for saying this Jvan. Not that you need my approval of course. I just like Jacoby's toughness. He doesn't get rattled, has selective amnesia when things go bad, plays solid football in the 4th Qtr, & like Philip Rivers said to JB on the sidelines--Considering how he got the starting job, he's performed very well.
  3. I like this post a lot. Probably because you address both sides of the coin: His physical beating & that if he had stuck it out--Luck would have won at least 2 SBs. Look, I loved everything about Chewbacca: His neck beard, his upbringing in Germany, his willingness to assume total blame on all losses, & his 'nice hit' vocal praises on all LBs with good sacks on him. I just wish he would have learned to release the ball faster & step outta bounds faster avoiding contact more frequently. He's a smart fella who will land on his feet though. Mostly, I blame Ryan Grigson for destroying Andrew. If we had Ballard from 2012 on, Chewy would still be playin'.
  4. Anytime, INDY can take down a division rival I'm happy. 2 points or 20 points. It doesn't really matter. Let me ask you directly @Kangaroo: If the Titans had Russel Wilson under center right now, would you still think Tennessee was ordinary? The right QB makes a world of difference as well as playoff potential. If Tennessee had a better field general, they would be formidable & much more dangerous/harder to dismiss or blow off. Welcome to the Forum by the way. My response was not meant as an intimidation tactic. Just to clear the air.
  5. You are right on the money with this post Smoke. But then, I think about Aaron Rodgers in GB. His main criticism is that he throws a ton of balls away on purpose to keep his interception numbers down even with a much improved defense now. With Mariota though, what's worse? Giving up too quickly on a play/live to fight another down? Or pull a Big Ben & never quit on a play? I do agree though Mariota's body language would drive me nuts if I played on the Titans O-line. I can't lie. He just doesn't make me feel like winning matters. It's a demeanor thing from a distance that bothers me I guess.
  6. That seems reasonable. Is there room for growth or has JB reached his ceiling? Impossible to tell after 2 weeks yet, but I understand what your driving at Jared. My pet peeve right now is this: Jacoby isn't polished at the podium or in the locker room when he speaks. I guess I'm just used to Manning & Luck who always knew just what to say to make fans feel confident about the direction we were heading as a squad & they always knew how to put out fires before they become fodder for journalist headlines. Both Peyton & Andrew knew how to calm fan fears, complement teammates, & make fans feel re-assured after losses. Jacoby hasn't mastered that skill yet. Maybe I'm expecting too much too quickly from JB. Peyton had Archie & Luck had his father Oliver. Yeah, I'm probably spoiled. I'll own that. JB needs to get better behind the microphone though. I know; I know. Be patient SW1--Touche.
  7. I enjoy responses like this one tucked neatly into a serious topic. Just to see if people are awake & paying attention. Nice. Great minds think alike M-432. Or is that twisted minds? Same difference...LOL!
  8. I never wanna call any NFL athlete trash per se. However, I will acknowledge that Mariota won't be starting much longer or be in the league long even as a backup prospect. He doesn't strike me as a motivator who can inspire guys to go into a foxhole & pull out a comeback game for the ages. I agree 100% with what you said Chad, just not your tone or how you said it my friend.
  9. Thanks for this post Krunk. Jared is very honest in how he critiques players & he likes to project forward as opposed to what they might have done in the past. You always know where he stands on athletes & I respect that. Jared isn't trying to win a popularity contest. The guy stands by what he thinks & he never runs away from heat or criticism. That takes balls. I like that.
  10. That's just it though. You put your thumb right on it brother. Ryan is very inconsistent. Sometimes, he's precise & deadly accurate & other times...not so much. I still can't believe Atlanta lost that SB against the Pats. And who watches that tape 4 times? Just burn the darn tape & move on Mat, but I digress...Man, I wanted the Falcons to win that game bad. Took yrs off my life CBE.
  11. Yep, that's pretty much me too. I only care what Jeff Saturday says anyway. I like Mark Slereth too AKA "Stink" who moved over too Fox Sports1. Mark never gives INDY much love, which bothers me, but I normally agree with most of what he says outside of the Colts anyway.
  12. Exactly PT, the only time I wanna hear from "Talking Heads" is when I'm watching the movie "WallStreet" or "Revenge Of The Nerds" man. Otherwise, forget about it. [Band reference not sports pundits.] You know me man. I always got slide in music & humor whenever & wherever I can.
  13. I get that part of this remark is intended as dark humor & I will admit that misses twice against Tennessee was a head scratcher, but Adam will figure it out. The man is a top notch professional. He knows he's not playing at his best. He's got the right mindset Myles. If he's still struggling by say week 6, then I'll be worried. Not now though. Does this sound like a dude cracking under pressure to you? Not me. V will overcome this minor slump. Hang in there.
  14. Actually, I'm more worried about WR Mohamed Sanu. I remember him in Cincinnati. That guy knows how to get open & sit down in zones on the field.
  15. Bingo! If we can get to OT with Phillip, Matty Ice doesn't scare me at all. Well said bro.
  16. 1 last post in this thread, then I promise to shut up & let someone else talk.... @LockeDown & @2006Coltsbestever, I have a tremendous amount of respect & admiration for both of you gentlemen as regulars on the forum, please don't take my Chris Ballard difference of opinion on Chris Ballard as harsh criticism because that's not how I intended it. I get why both of you think that because our GM is as cool as a cucumber no matter what happens & he always has a calming demeanor or plan for moving forward. Makes perfect sense given everything we've gone thru since he was first hired in INDY. I just can't give a face of the franchise to a front office guy even if that dude is a bleeping stud. Please feel free to disagree with me openly too whenever I say something you can't subscribe too either. I can take it. LOL! It won't affect my admiration for you guys either. Finally SW1 went silent. There was much rejoicing.
  17. Well written post with sound reasoning throughout CS2013. Like I said in my previous post, I understand that today's game is offensive based which means WR's, QB's, & TE's tend to all the mainstream press. However, I think it's safe to say if Leonard & Hooker remain healthy, they definitely make their presences known. People can think I'm nuts & roll their eyes at me as a gush or wax poetically about Leonard or Hooker--I'm cool with that. When you need a momentum swing, the DBs & LBs gotta stop an opposing team's WR's, RB, & QB with a fumble, turnover, or pick. It's as simple as that. Again, there are no real wrong answers here. Just where individual fans place the most emphasis that's all. I get it. Offensive guys get all the praise. It's where the league is now, not me, but life goes on. Appreciate your response.
  18. Intriguing post above LKD. That is true. Jerry Jones is the figure head of the Cowboys. I consider him more of a marketing genius than a top tier GM though. His son Stephen is making the draft picks calls now not Jerry. Okay sure, Jerry has a lot of cache & sway in Dallas but that was because of Jimmy Johnson in the 90's not necessarily the 2000's & beyond. Look at Bill Polian. A HOF GM who had success in Buffalo & Carolina before he came to INDY & finally won that elusive ring. GM's just aren't household names unless they have success in multiple cities first & faces of franchises are almost always athletes on the field not front office executives usually. Ballard is tremendous sure, but the face of our franchise right now? I would disagree with that. I'm not doubting Ballard's leadership & steady hand at all. Nice write up though buddy. You always make me think & create fresh vantage points & I respect that.
  19. I'd definitely buy a ticket to see that flick WM. He's a fascinating guy. He's had substance abuse issues, he's generous with his money & efforts to improve Indianapolis as a community, he's driven to win as an owner, he's been thru lean yrs when our franchise wasn't relevant, he collects famous guitars like kids accumulate baseball cards, & finally the man is honest about his faults, mistakes, & he is extremely relatable to his fans as an owner.
  20. Most posters in this thread believe TY Hilton is now the face of our franchise & given how this league is so pass centric now, it makes perfect sense I guess. Or they go with Jacoby Brissett since he touches the ball the most. Neither one of those answers is wrong. I also understand that LB's like Darius Leonard or secondary studs like Malik Hooker seldom get any love because gambling is based on touchdowns & offensive players for fantasy football stats. However, when your team is down & needs to come from behind & get the ball back for your offense, you need dogs on defense & in the secondary. I know I'm in the minority here & that fine. For me, it's a tie between Leonard & Hooker. Not a sexy or popular pick but a vital one. Okay, if you force me to only pick 1 name it's Hooker because he proved his value week one already.
  21. I must admit Jvan. You do make a darn good point. Outside of us, Kansas City, & maybe Barry Alvarez from UW-Madison...Chris Ballard's name doesn't roll of the tongue of most NFL fanbases. I mean INDY fell in love with Ballard after he ended that press conference with "the rivalry is back on" after Josh McDaniels ran back to Foxboro, but yes, GM's seldom become faces of franchises even exceptional ones like Chris. Well said Jvan.
  22. Hey there Myles, I get what your driving at. As a professional FG kicker who is well compensated, we as fans expect Adam V. to put the ball between the pipes every tine he is called upon to do so. A fair point. I just meant that when Adam does miss a FG; it turns into massive media coverage since he's not known for coming up short. I'm just not ready to throw in the towel on Adam after a week 1 loss that's all. He knows he under performed on Sunday. He's tougher on himself than any INDY fan is I'm sure. Is there a danger on retaining Adam too long resting on his past laurels of success? Maybe. Look, I'm all in favor of grooming the next place kicker to succeed Adam. It's a smart, proactive move. I just wanna see how Mr. V performs say the next 5 or 6 weeks first before I draw any conclusions that's all. Nice chatting with you as always Myles.
  23. I have to give you a ton of credit for having such a fair & balanced perspective on the Antonio Brown alleged incident given what you & your family have already endured on a personal level. If my own sister went thru a similar traumatic violation, I'm not sure I would be able to gain that level of insight & wisdom even with time. I won't mention your sister anymore because I respect your privacy & I no desire to evoke bad memories for you. Yes, that is indeed possible [what I bolded in red.] Friendship gone horribly wrong does happen more often than most people like to think it does. Rape always revolves around power & dominance over another & sometimes famous athletes have never been told no before. They are so used to getting their way that any form of resistance ticks them off. And sometimes, the unthinkable occurs...And once that safety gets shattered--A woman's life is never the same again.
  24. I am so sorry to hear about what happened to your sister. No one ever deserves that level of pain & anxiety which never subsides. I must also commend you for standing up for anyone falsely accused of a crime that they did not commit. Yes, we definitely need to be patient here & not condemn anyone before all the facts are in. Well said GB. Absolutely right. Rushing to a judgement in either direction is a dangerous slippery slope indeed. Again, my deepest condolences to your family once again regarding your sibling. I truly mean that.
  25. I must admit that you make an intriguing argument here PAC56. AB's arrogance & sense of entitlement makes him prime pickings for anyone who wants to bleep with his life & flip his whole world upside down. Yes, we all know that there are drop dead gorgeous women out there who use deception & ulterior motives to gain financial security down the road. However, in many cases, that involves pregnancy/child support payment as opposed to forced sex against a person's will. So, it becomes a battle between searching for a sugar daddy versus treating females like a commodity only existing for a rich man's enjoyment preferences. Empirical evidence usually determines what really happened i.e. consensual or forced. I do agree though that AB's attitude of the world revolves around me & look how great I am isn't doing him any favors or allowing others to give him the benefit of the doubt.
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