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  1. Thank you both for reading and responding. Just a few days after writing this, I was listening to Gil Brandt on Sirius Radio (a must buy for fans of the NFL). The question was asked about the comparison of players size and ability from different eras. Mr Brandt said that in 1979, the largest offensive lineman was 279 pounds in that years draft. Last season, the smallest offensive lineman drafted was in the mid 290's. They are indeed changing.

    I do have Sirius Satellite Radio & I love it. I often turn the sound down on my TV & listen to Bob Lamey give play by play analysis during Colts games. It's almost like being at Lucas Oil Stadium.

  2. I like this blog a lot. I am not a Star Wars guru like you my friend, but I did grow up loving and watching the trilogy. I won't forget watching it for the first time. Shoot, this series is (IMO) what made Harrison Ford...of course other would say Indiana Jones...to which I would probably admit it was a combo of the two series. Anyways, I digress.

    Lucas seems to be a typical once what an idealist who fought for what was right and against 'the man' but once he achieved success and became wealthy he sold out all his ideals for things that only benefit him and make him money. I think perfect evidence of this is the prequels released not so long ago. I too agree these movies where horrible and could not even make it through the first one let alone watching all of them. They sickened me because they (to me) where not anywhere near what Star Wars is or should be. Poorly written (IMO).

    No one will ever forget seeing Darth Vader for the first time on screen in the original Star Wars trilogy or the confident, illegal contraband, space smuggler Han Solo who shoot Gweedo, the green sea horse mercenary in the bar on Luke Skywalker's home planet of Tattooine. They were an integral part of my early adolescent upbringing. You don't make unnecessary film additions that drag down the plot or radically alter the entire movie IMO.

    Your George Lucas connection of a transformation from an idealist to a corporate overseer corrupted by money & complete control fetish is a good point actually. During the course of this film other film makers & friends of George Lucas like Francis Ford Coppala claimed to feel sorry for George because the Star Wars saga was so successful for him that he became beholden to a Star Wars pigeon hole type casting & was so identified with this film sequence that he can't really direct anything else in his lifetime. According to Francis, the world was deprived of other Lucas films he can now no longer make.

    What a minute...Excuse me, while I burst out laughing okay. #1 Lucas cannot write, direct, or story board effectively at all so no real loss on future film making there, #2 Even, if by some miracle he created another box office film trilogy again, he'd mess up the masterpiece 10 years later with awful new scene additions again, & #3 The Star Wars trilogy & brand name made him a billionaire. Let's see who would a rather be a person struggling to get by or a wealthy man many times over...Hmmm...Not a tough decision there in my book George...Stop belly aching Lucas. Cry me a river buddy. You live a pampered life now okay. Enjoy it. I sure would if I were in your shoes.

    Thanks for your reply CP11.

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  3. Nice blog SW! This is a pattern and a condition that has bothered me for a while now, and I'm glad someone finally brought it up. Brandon Marshall brings up a good point (which you highlighted and I think that was so important)--men are taught from a very young age that they are not to show emotion of any kind because if you do you are considered weak. How sad is our society that we put that pressure on our kids? Crying is not weakness. Admitting you are injured or something hurts is not a weakness. (sometimes) Being cautious is not a weakness. [*Granted, there is a difference between a woosie (sp?) and being strong enough to show emotion. Most all of us know where that line is.]

    I also agree that help should be available to retired pro NFL players who struggle from this condition and other conditions caused from their playing days...by the same token, they should have to pay for the service just like any other normal citizen should...just my opinion. I don't make millions of dollars each year and if I get injured and my insurance doesn't cover the entire medical expenses, I have to pay the rest. So should our pro atheletes...fiscal management is big in my book. Now someone could use the argument that if I get injured at work, then workman's comp covers me. True, but then I am not in a profession where I know that I am risking my health each time I go to work. Injury and possible medical conditions are part of the contract when a football player chooses to play (esp in the NFL)...

    Just my two cents buddy!! Like I said, nicely written!


    Thank you CP11 for you kind words about my CTE blog. I value all my Colts Forum friends opinions & I really appreciate your profound thoughts on the subject matter of physical toughness & a person's mental wellbeing. Crying can be extremely healthy for men. Keep anxieties, fears, & frustrations bottled up & buried deep inside your psyche can lead over time to feelings of despair, helplessness, & sometimes tragically suicide. This outdated theory of Machoism needs to change & gradually overtime I think it will as people acquire more knowledge about depression & how to counteract the symptoms.

    The debate on NFL insurance coverage among retired NFL players is an interesting one. There are 2 schools of thought here. 1 camp says considering how all former players made this game great, pushed for more player rights/higher take home compensation, & played in different eras where racism was rampant & safety wasn't a top league priority no former player should be asked to contribute any money out of their pocket. Why even have a CBA or players union then?

    The other camp says if everyone contributes something out of their own pocket, it reduces the overhead costs & fees on everyone else. States require everyone to buy car insurance without exception. No one gets a "free pass" there. Perhaps, a fee scale can be implemented based on your income level & people certain outside percentages on their overall bill. The problem with this idea is what if a former NFL player is financially bankrupt. What do you do then?

  4. Great post. Player safety......to the extent it can be accomplished should be the goal.

    Thank you Maureen for your kind words about my CTE blog. I seldom have concrete answers on topics, but I do realize that proper change often starts with asking the right questions. If enough people ask the same questions, positive change usually follows for the eventual benefit of everyone down the road. There can be a balance between profit & safety where everybody wins from the fan, to the player, to NFL headquarters IMO.

  5. It's a troubling situation indeed. I don't think advanced helmets are the answer for a few reasons;

    1) they do not stop or prevent the brain from internally hitting the skull during a hard impact. It does prevent the outside object from an external injury, but what people seem to be missing is that the brain also impacts the inside of the skull on a hard hit, and this can go forward and backward until it comes to rest and this can cause extensive injury.

    2) So it's the nature of the hit itself, not just the outward protection that needs reviewed and altered. I think the helmet advancements just make guys want to throw themselves even harder at their opponent.

    It would also help if players themselves would play the game right, and not make unusual or launched hits with the sole purpose of earning a bounty or some other personal gain not related to the game or stats. This has added a dangerous dimension to the game that needs to be removed entirely. If not for safety, then out of respect for ones colleagues.

    I certainly hope research continues and that those who may suffer from injuries do come forward and seek help and treatment. It will be very important to see what comes to light with regards to high school sports and youth sports.

    Could go on for days on this topic, but go for now.

    You made some great points there MCF. Yes, a concussion is still have having a player's brain slam into the skull & no helmet will ever prevent that from happening that's true & high school & pee wee football leagues must teach younger players the proper way to tackle or take down someone without using the helmet, shoulder, or arm as a battering ram or lethal weapon. New rules are adopted or modified every year in the NFL. Everyone must learn to adapt & flow with the changes.

    The other dilemma is that players are well compensated to "unleash pain & instill chaos." If you don't make the tackle, stop, or impress the coaching staff, you get cut from the roster & no nice game check anymore. If you get hurt & sit on the bench for too long, the next man up at that position strolls in & takes your spot. For that reason alone, players often lie about dizziness, concussions, or the true state of their physical & emotional condition. How does the NFL break this vicious cycle when they directly profit from the sale of NFL DVDs about the best hits? I don't have an answer here either MCF.

    You are an exceptionally bright woman MIColtsFan & I really enjoy debating a variety of topics with you. Thank you. I love women who love football especially defense!!! You're A Okay in my book MCF.

  6. Very interesting SW1.. you know your Stars Wars . I am not qualified to give any opinion here. I only know I have wonderful memories of watching the movies at the theater as a kid and it was very exciting. My brother filled his room with stuff. I tried watching a few of the newer movies and did not care for them at all.

    Another irony here: If you look at the other global science fiction franchise known as Star Trek beginning with William Shatner & Lenard Nimoy [Captain Kirk & Spock], this film juggernaut respects tradition, characters, & plot lines without 2nd guessing the intelligence of its audience.

    To George Lucas, the Star Wars saga & his initial vision may seem like his baby, but eventually all baby's grow up & evolve & that can only happen if you cut the umbilical cord, listen to outside fan feedback, & adjust the storyline accordingly. Total jurisdiction & control over anything from entertaining films to landmark governments are seldom embraced or beloved by the masses.

  7. That South Park "Free Hat" episode was actually right on point, funny, & clever HCF. Thanks for posting it.

    You are right though. When a person creates an iconic film, why mess with it? It's like plagiarism by obstruction or deletion. You wouldn't remove original stanzas from a Mozart masterpiece or William Shakespeare play & call it a new, enhanced version would you? Of course not.

    Just like there are early drafts of the Declaration of Independence prior to the final 1776 adopted version. You don't discard all previous versions in favor of 1 super updated version. The provenance of an original movement, movie, or milestone must be preserved, protected, & cataloged for the posterity of subsequent generations to come.

  8. I'm a firm believer in clean slates with both players & coaches. I cannot speak to Manusky's reputation good or bad. Let's see what his teaching style is & how guys in the locker room respond to it first.

    How does he discipline guys on the sidelines? Does he chastise them publicly or encourage them to shake off a blown coverage & get back out there on the field? How quickly can he dissect the opposing offense & implement a measure to counteract it? How swiftly does Manusky adapt on the fly?

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  9. Dancing shows per say aren't exactly my cup of tea either, but the ability to slide, glide, spin, & jump in unison with a partner is a unique talent that the vast majority of us will never personally posses. 2 left feet often dictates the demise of a person's Fred Astaire dreams right then & there unfortunately.

    But, on the plus side, usually those who can dance typically teach right? Just Kidding!!!

  10. "Blue suede horseshoe" was inspired by Elvis Presley, and is intended to express our team's quality and novelty."

    If this is true, does that mean that owner Jim Irsay will start selling peanut butter & banana sandwich at the concession stands on special Colts occasions too? Just Kidding HCF!!! [it was rumored that those kind of sandwiches were Elvis Presley's favorite snack.] Another nice article my friend.

  11. I would have commented on your blog earlier CP11, but in my defense you posted the article on my birthday so that has to qualify for a "Get Out Of Jail Free Card" right? HA! HA!

    Everyone inside the organization, at least on the management side, was warned multiple times to stop paying for induced injuries on the field of play. It was management's job to inform their players & they obviously chose not to do so.

    Everyone in any profession has boundaries or rules & regulations they must follow even outside the NFL. If infractions are committed, a penalty must be paid without exception. Part of good sportsmanship is playing the game without cheap shots or breaking well established rules of conduct. There is honor in how a person carries themselves both on & off the field IMO.

    A nice piece of prose there CP11. Good work!!!

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  12. "There is a fine line between keeping the game a big time contact sport, and keeping players from killing themselves...keeping a balance between the improving human player and love by fans for violent contact."

    A well written blog & your central thesis stated above is a noble goal to strive for especially as the medical community & football consuming public is becoming more familiar with the devastating nature of concussions & their impact on a player's brain & quality of life once their NFL career is over.

    In my view, I just wish the NFL commissioner would eliminate red tape & allow all former football players open & equal access the surgeries & medical & psychological treatment that they need without denying it outright & mandating years of legal fees just to receive the care they are naturally entitled to IMO.

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  13. Nice birthday shirt from the grandkids there.

    Now, the real question: Which attractive female celebrity jumps out of a cake & serenades you Marilyn Monroe style to JFK? Sounds like a feisible birthday present to me anyway...Just Kidding CM51!!! Happy Birthday Buddy!!!

  14. I agree HCF. Our 2012 draft seems offensive heavy & defensive light. Next year's draft must focus on our secondary IMO. Let's see what our squad looks like in preseason & hope that the success there translates into regular season good fortune too.

    "A decent CB is still a need at the team." Well said HCF, well said. Has the season started yet?...

  15. "Into everyone's life a little rain must fall," but no one deserves to be deprived of competing in a Special Olympics event especially when they train for it all year long. Pizza is a small consolation prize from my perspective. The story is optimistic & touching no doubt, but failing to reschedule this event is highly inappropriate in my book. To a lot of these kids, this event is their athletic version of Christmas designed to showcase their unique & hard earned talents.

    As a person born with a physical disability myself, the hosts of this event must allow all athletes to shine & show their talents on a different day. Despite the logistical glitches here, every effort must be made to permit these athletes to put their talents on full display for everyone to see, hear, & feel. No, I never competed in similar events myself & I never had any desire to do so, but for many of these athletes this event is a form of expression, joy, & independence that symbolizes a right of adult maturity & a rite of passage that several disabled children seldom if ever get to experience personally. I know this for a fact.

    Nice blog Gramz. You have a compassionate heart & I love you for that. Thank you. The concerns of the disabled community are vital to me & I will fight for autonomy for my disabled brothers & sisters until my dying breath.

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  16. HCF, I like what you said regarding Jim Caldwell, good QB coach & a lousy head coach. I wouldn't be too quick to believe the press & praise on Andrew Luck either. Now, I'm not saying the kid isn't talented. Heck, his dad played backup QB for the Houston Oilers. Luck understands the ebbs & flows of a season & the significance of locker room chemistry. Just be realistic about his rookie season Colts fans. I see us at 6-10 or 7-9 at best. Within 3 years, we will be in the Playoffs hunt again. It takes time to get the right pieces in place.

    Are we "Under Pressure" as you suggest? No, not really right now we are attempting to lay down the running & defensive toughness mindset for the next decade.

    Another well written blog HCF...Keep it up my friend!!!

  17. Another nice blog HCF. Yes, toughness has now returned to my beloved Colts once again with the hiring of Coach Pagano & his coaching staff. A stout defense, a reliable running game, & special teams play that can actually provide good to excellent field position...imagine that? Amazing!!!

    The sleeping giant has now awoken & she is famished...Time to eat..."Simple Me Complicated You." What's on the menu tonight D? Opposing QB boys...I love an all you can buffet myself. [insert Vincent Price diabolical cackle here.]

  18. Nick sounds like a good man subvet. Any man that asks the bride's father for permission to marry his daughter is a person of significant honor & integrity in my book.

    I wish Nick & Jackie many happy years of marital bliss together. Thanks for sharing such a life changing moment & congratulations to you & your family subvet!!!

  19. Another good blog HCF!!! Perhaps, once you retire, you can become a freelance writer/blogger in your spare time.

    Draft predictions always crack me up. Unless you have a family member that either was or is in the NFL, "potential" isn't synonymous with "guarantee."

    Yes, you are correct HCF; we are very fortunate as an organization to land 2 high caliber QB's back to back 14 years apart i.e. Manning & Luck.

    If both QBs had to decided to leave college early & enter the draft, Manning might be a NY Jet. Glad to see Brent has returned as well.

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