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  1. 1 hour ago, teganslaw said:

    Apple juice is overrated; wine goes better with preseason games. Preferably zinfandel or maybe a nice chardonnay. 

    Good to know. Thanks TS. If I ever need a wine recommendation, I'll know who to reach out to now. :hat:

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  2. 1 hour ago, 2006Coltsbestever said:

    The kind with Vodka in it so it's easier to laugh at people getting bent out of shape over Andrew playing Badly in a meaningless Pre-Season loss :funny:.

    Yeah, it's way too early to believe the sky is falling yet.


    Vodka you say, reminds me of that  Smirnoff commercial where Ted Danson says, "I have a lot in common with this brand. We're award winning, been around since 1864, & we're both surprisingly cheap. Wait. What?"


    I guess I remember Ted on "Cheers" as Sam Malone in his heyday as a love em & leave em character on NBC & it's funny to see him mock his sex symbol status now.


    By week 4 or 5, Luck should have the cobwebs worked out. Enough to calm folks down anyway. Not predicting any grand transformation or anything, just a sense of we're gonna be alright moving forward regarding Luck.

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  3. 1 hour ago, NewColtsFan said:

    Red for victory and white for a loss?


    Not sure?   I don’t drink.


    That makes sense to me. God forbid there's a tie game in the Preseason. What then? You mix both apple juices together & chug it warm as opposed to chilled or cold? Just joking!


    Uh huh. I'm not a heavy spirit man myself NCF. To each their own, I guess.

  4. Look, I have perspective here meaning that Preseason games are designed to iron the kinks out for everybody including the refs or officials. I accept that this season will be a wash & that we in all likelihood won't reach the playoffs. There's no crime in that. Just build unity, cohesiveness, & prove to ourselves that INDY can win some games, gain confidence, & not be viewed as a left for dead franchise anymore.


    Luck will reassert his QB prowess again just be mindful of knowing when to let something go as opposed to letting the ball rip with reckless abandonment hades bent for leather. Yeah I know. He believes TY, Doyle, or his guy will come down with it. Just remember what Qtr you are in, if your D can stop anybody, & when we are within the 20, what does the situation call for? Take the FG or no guts no glory baby?

  5. 26 minutes ago, 2006Coltsbestever said:

    Favre had over 20 INT's 6 times in his career and had 29 one season. The most INT's Luck has had in his career is 18, that was his rookie season. In 2014 Luck's best season he had 40 TD's and 16 Int's, when Peyton won MVP in 2009, Peyton had 33 TD's and 16 Int's as well. Luck isn't near the INT machine people think he is. Favre smokes him by a mile in that category.

    If I created the false impression that Luck would transform into Favre, that was not my original intention. Any OC or QB coach will tell you it's not how many picks you throw; it's when & where on the field you throw them throughout the course of a game. Favre would throw picks at the worst possible times & kill momentum just when GB was about to score. He was notorious for this. Always thinking he could beat any cornerback with his arm & eyes regardless of how tight the coverage was. Luck has a knack for doing the same thing more often then he should.


    It's not the number of picks that matters; It's when & where you throw them. If we had a smothering D with elite pass rushers on both sides we could overcome this, but we don't as it stands now.

  6. I wonder if virtual reality googles would help? You know, where you simulate situations just like pilots do in the military without demolishing a real plane. Put a person in artificial scenario where you retrain the mind what to do over & over again without any injury prone consequences.


    Yes, I know. There is a danger in removing a QB's killer instincts if you drill it in their head to give up at the slightest sign of pressure in their face a la Sam Bradford.


    I'm not blaming Luck here. But, to quote Yoda from "Empire Strikes Back":


    'You Must Unlearn What You Have Learned.'


    Discard bad habits thru repetition of good decisions where they become almost a reflex of positive results.


    VR could also teach Luck not to chase after & tackle DBs on interceptions too without messing up his shoulder, kidney, or other body part as well.


    NFL teams are starting to use VR technology to train new QBs how to handle blitzes in some cases. I saw a special on VR uses once in sports, in rescue operations, & SWAT Team applications. It was pretty fascinating.





  7. 1 hour ago, GoColts8818 said:

    I will agree the forced INT rather than taking the field goal has nothing to do with his injury or rust it’s the same poor decision he has made his whole career because he doesn’t want to give up on a play.  


    I remember Peyton saying the hardest thing he ever had to learn, and he learned it from Dungy, was punting wasn’t the worst thing that could happen.  


    Clearly this wasn’t a punting situation but the overall point is there.  I hope someone can teach Andrew this and get him to understand it.


    1 hour ago, Jared Cisneros said:

    This is completely different, but I had to do the same thing when competing in Madden tourneys. When I started playing talented people instead of the computer, I had to take field goals instead of going for 4th downs all the time. Sometimes, you just have to take what is given to you and make it up throughout the game. Hopefully Luck learns to throw the ball away and/or take what is given to him. You won't always score a TD, but a FG can be the difference sometimes in a game, as was the case here. Treat every decision important.

    When people compared him to Brett Favre in the gunslinger mentality, it always used to infuriate me, but you guys might be onto something here. I need to watch this game in it's entirety to fully comprehend where Andrew is truly at right now. He's got get a better handle on picks & just live to fight another down.


    That's the problem with save the franchise draft selections: When so much responsibility is thrust on you, it's not easy to go that play is over take the ball out of harm's way, especially since your tenacity/determination is what got you where you are today--A member of the National Football League. How do you teach a QB that surrendering the down is the best move longterm in some cases? Unless you equate it with sliding feet first vs head first in order to avoid concussions & stay competitive through the 4th Qtr.


    How do you instill into a guy that it's okay to shut down those competitive, all or nothing juices occasionally? I wish I had an answer to that question because #4 never learned that vital lesson either & I really don't want Luck replicating that tradition either.  Great points fellas.


    I used to dismiss concerns like this a lot, but I'd be lying if I didn't admit that turnovers are still a major problem for Luck or as GC said, poor decision making in critical situations. I'm not paralyzed by it, but I can't dismiss it as easily as I once did before. It's a problem that can hinder & derail Championship runs.

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  8. 2 hours ago, jvan1973 said:

     It's the second preseason game.   My goodness,  the panic in this forum is hilarious.   Dez isn't coming here.   Luck is rusty.  It's a new offense and coaching staff.  Good Lord,   hold your mudd.   I hate to see what happens in your life when real adversity happens

    Exactly Jvan. Considering that Luck is still getting his football legs under him after over over 500 days from a meaningful game, I expected Luck to be less than stellar. You were right about Frank Reich being the right call for our next HC based on Peyton Manning's recommendation over Josh McDaniels too. When I'm wrong & somebody else is proven right, I give credit where credit is due.


    Don't be too hard on Jared Cisneros though. The person you were replying to. He wants INDY to be successful & he's well aware we can't waste any more of Luck's championship yrs. I respect that he has the balls to say what many here may consider unpopular because our AFC South competition is getting better & INDY cannot afford to slide backwards. I get it. I get a kick out of dust ups between you two because you guys want the same thing: Another ring for the Colts.


    Look, you're both right. Chewbacca sucked tonight by his own admission & there's plenty of time to improve. I don't see us in the playoffs this season just build chemistry with your WRs, TEs, don't be afraid to throw the ball away more often, & gradually hone & perfect your long throws as the yr progresses.

    1 hour ago, Indyfan4life said:



    I’m staying out of this one. 

    Ah come on, where's the fine in that? haha


    "Greetings, Prof. Falken,...The only winning move is not to play. How about a nice game of chess?" --War Games (1983)


    I get both sides of the argument. With only 16 regular season games, Luck can't come out of the gate misfiring vs Andrew is actually playing football again something he even doubted ever doing again. Let's take a deep breath & not expect greatness overnight shall we...Next season, not this one will be the time to judge Andrew's prospects & test whether he's back or not.



  9. 1 hour ago, Cynjin said:

    Has ESPN lost so many subscribers that they can't afford to show replays?


    1 hour ago, PrincetonTiger said:

    Get use to it

      NBC, CBS, and Fox will do the same thing

         Not trying to show up Officials 

    I can't really comment with any authority on this game since I only saw about the last 9 minutes of the 4th Qtr. tonight. However, I do agree with CJN & PT. The lack of replay usage tonight was very bizarre. I've seen more replays in golf & tennis than what ESPN displayed tonight. With lucrative broadcast deals, networks shouldn't be pinching pennies man.


    Maybe it's just a Preseason issue. I hope so. Fans finally grow accustom to seeing a controversial call slowed down with regularity now & for some reason, they decide forget the replay & get the game over faster instead? Cut down on commercial interruptions not penalty oversight remedies please.

  10. 1 hour ago, JlynRN said:

    It's raining here, so my directv feed is out, grrrr.  LOL.  Looks like we are on the board tho, wooohooo !!!

    I'm laughing with you not at you JRN because whenever it rained my reception went on the fritz too. I won't miss that aggravation anymore since I dropped DTV & went back to Dish Network. Hang in there. I know exactly how frustrating that is. Trust me.


    I forgot we played on ESPN tonight, but my DVR will record the game tomorrow on NFL Network at 3 PM CST.


    Not much else to say other than I miss Gruden in the booth. #Spider Y Banana Withdrawal. haha



  11. 3 hours ago, IinD said:

    The fall for RB's is QUICK, that's what's scary. When they slow down, they're toast quick.


    I still believe Polian was right when he said 2,000 carries is the expiration date for an effective running back. He's right if you look at guys stats over the years.

    That's where I feel bad for backs though. They take so much contact & their careers only last 4-6 yrs on average. LBs can usually play 8-12 yrs. QBs close to 15 yrs in many cases. While a RB gets a tiny window with a rookie slotted bracket & only 1 lucrative contract if you're lucky.


    Look at Adrian Peterson. The man in Minnesota for awhile who had a short stint in Louisiana who is seeing if the Redskins wanna take a flyer on him now. 

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  12. 5 hours ago, Fluke_33 said:

    get a premium pass rusher first.  RBs can be found.

    Well said F33. That does seem to be the consensus in today's game I agree 100%


    Not every back can catch the ball like a TE or be superb on blitz pickup for Big Ben though. INDY won't make a play for him. I just think Bell isn't appreciated like he should be that's all.

  13. 2 hours ago, NewColtsFan said:

    He just turned down a 5 year, 70 Mill dollar deal with about 33 Mill guaranteed from Pittsburgh.  

    That deal sounds nice on the surface, but when you look at the fine print, it was extremely misleading on what was actually guaranteed money in Bell's pocket had he signed on the dotted line. The last I heard the deal was closer to 10 million guaranteed.


    I haven't seen NFL Network today. Perhaps, this offer is new to me. I'm not doubting your information NCF. I just don't trust Pittsburgh because they are kind of a frugal franchise who doesn't reward playmakers outside of their QB, WR, & LT normally. They are just ticked off at Bell for refusing to sign his franchise tag & get into camp.

  14. 4 hours ago, Superman said:

    As per Le'Veon Bell's agent...

    Yeah, that's what I more or less suspected. Bell's agent throwing landing spots out at random.


    I like his running style. He doesn't fire thru creases. He stutter steps & waits & then makes his move. He catches the ball well & has good hands. He wants too much money. He will probably end up in Detroit or a team that is an afterthought. A place that will overpay him because they are no playoff contender.


    I like our backs. No need to bring Bell in.

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  15. The other thing in that video that made me laugh was this: No test whatever the hades you call it, is going to predict a guy's intelligence, aptitude, or future success. I suck at standardized tests, but if you give me situations & allow me to answer in essay form, I do perfectly fine.


    Life is not answered in fill in the dot exercises or mathematical equations. Intelligence comes in many forms: Book smarts, street smarts, the ability to work a room, the ability to detect someone is a con man or full of hot air; a problem solver/unite people under one common goal; & knowing what your weaknesses are & hiring competent experts or accountants to protect your money & investments etc.


    These Wonderlic Tests prove absolutely nothing. They are just a weed out system & another hoop to jump through.


    If I was a player about to be drafted, I would refuse to take it because any questions you have about my judgement can usually be answered in interviews or scout visit to my school or college university. Plus, you're hiring me for my ability to score TDs & game tape will show how well or not I dissect secondaries not a dumb Wonderlic Test or personality exam.

  16. I do wonder how glaring the warning signs on Ryan Leaf really were at the time. I mean was it like if the wheels fall off this dude will explode? Or was it simply, this was the first time Ryan had been manhandled in a football game? I only ask because sometimes top tier athletes get protected & coddled growing & then all of a sudden, their team gets humiliated & they are at a loss because they have never experienced such an epic defeat before.


    BTW, I need to say this: I have tremendous respect for both Brees & Rivers. I consider them both elite field generals that are both tough hombres who scare the crap out of me with 45 seconds left & only need a TD to pull victory out of the jaws of defeat. The Chargers are going to win their division this yr. I just didn't want Charger fans thinking I was cruel pouring salt in their wounds. My bad.

  17. You know, you watch a video like that comparing the biggest boom & bust of all time in the modern QB era & it's still a gamble any way you slice it. There is no Rosetta Stone NFL test to tell front offices who will succeed & who will fall flat on their face. Some guys just can't handle enormous expectations & being drafted by a club that is miserable.


    Peyton's biggest asset was his father Archie who knew exactly what kind of situation his son had been dropped into. Archie understood what being drafted by a lousy Saints team meant & how lean & harsh going to a bad team really was. If anything, Archie was a good sounding board for #18, even if all he did was just listen when Manning needed him too.


    It is kind of alarming how far Leaf fell from a top draft prospect to prison. Talk about stepping off a cliff. I hope Leaf is better now with health & a good head on his shoulders now.


    I do feel bad for Chargers fans because of Drew Brees too. Ryan was addicted to pain killers, Drew messed up his shoulder, & Phillip Rivers, an elite QB has never made a SB appearance. And the 1 SB they played in, Steve Young kicked their caboose. Sorry Bolt fans that's gotta hurt.

  18. 15 hours ago, crazycolt1 said:

    Andrew is a grown man now. I guess he can wear his facial hair the way he wants to.  I have grown my facial hair a lot of different ways over my years. Only two times have I ever been clean shaven since leaving the Army. I have grown a beard of about 10 inches, I have had fu manchus, a regular mustache, some pretty long choppers and not one time have I given a crap about what some other man thought. Just saying.

    Now, I kinda wanna see a few pictures CC1. Just joking my man. You're not obligated to do a facial hair slide show or anything. A soundtrack to go along with a few photos might be nice. Just messing around brother. haha

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  19. 5 minutes ago, 2006Coltsbestever said:

    Frank Reich was also a Good backup behind Jim Kelly in Buffalo. Went to 4 straight SB's under Coach Levy during the 90's. Reich's resume is pretty impressive when including last season with Philly. He still holds the NFL record for greatest Playoff game comeback ever. Bills were down 35-3 to the Oliers (1992) in the 3rd Qtr, Kelly gets injured and in comes Reich. Buffalo wins 41-38! 

    Yeah, anybody who got to understudy with Jim Kelly & Marv Levy is automatically a sharp cookie & no slouch indeed. Still can't believe Kelly & Levy didn't win at least 1 ring together. Not blaming either guy. I just remember the Buffalo 90's run well. That SB stretch will never be seen again.

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  20. 53 minutes ago, BOTT said:

    I will go out on a limb and predict the new coach will be a major upgrade over the previous guy. Not exactly a high bar.

    You have a gift in the sarcasm department BOTT.


    You can't really teach it. You just know it when you see it because it literally drips off the page.


    Well played sir; well played. :hat: I like regulars as messed up as I am.

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