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  1. I don't know if I could ever sit quietly in Lucas Oil Stadium. I get pretty animated when I watch the Colts on TV...HA! HA!

    In all seriousness, I would be well behaved in public though...Unless the referees/zebras made a really, really bad call against my Colts. :)



    I wonder how much windex it takes to clean & shine all the windows in Lucas Oil Stadium? Gotta avoid streaking on the glass right?

    Forget the Jerry Jones Billion Dollar Playpen in Dallas. I prefer the Jim Irsay crowned jewel in INDY myself.



    Schemes, formations, & execution...When it all clicks & comes together, it's a work of art. "Simple Me Complicated You." Blitz baby blitz!!!



    I should have placed my banner complement here first. Oh well.

    To this day, I wish we would have recovered that onside kick from the NO Saints...We could have a 2009 Championship banner up there in the rafters too. Bummer. That's how the cookie crumbles I guess.

  2. Since Andrew Luck studied Architecture in school at Stanford University, he could probably meet with the city commissioner on Tuesday, his day off during the regular season, to discuss ways to improve INDY's intrinsic appeal. HA! HA! Just a thought.

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