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  1. 20 hours ago, 2006Coltsbestever said:

    @southwest1, never a dull moment in here on this thread. We talk about everything.  The Original Series Spock GIF by Star Trek if Kirk Cousins doesn't beat the Cowboys ,happy star trek GIF - don't worry after all I am Captain Kirk.

    I really do appreciate your humor. You're quite funny @2006Coltsbestever. It just irritates me that the Cowboys gets so much praise from NFL booth pundits on TV. Can Dallas at least play in an NFC Championship Game in this century first? LOL! 


    Yes, you guys do cover all the bases in this thread don't you? lmao

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  2. 20 hours ago, NFLfan said:


    Me too. I love that movie. 

    If I remember correctly, 'A Bronx Tale' is another favorite film of yours as well. A nice coming of age flick about honor, responsibility, love, & making your parents proud by maximizing your potential for the greater good in this world.


    I like the relationship dynamic in that film as well. Amid political & racial turmoil, a guy & a girl from 2 different worlds defy conventional wisdom in order to be together & see where their union goes in an environment looking for a multitude of reasons or social norms of the day to tear them apart at every turn. In many respects, a thought provoking; watershed flick that is relevant now more than ever. 


    You are a fine, motion picture critic in your own right @NFLfan. 

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  3. On 8/7/2018 at 9:58 PM, PrincetonTiger said:

    I go to Evansville at least once a week

       My Dad went to University of Evansville(East Side) and I went to Univserity of Southern Indiana(West Side)


        @BrentMc11 almost went to UE

    Brent, now there's a poster I haven't heard from in quite some time. Darn nice guy too. Hope he's doing alright. Radio Girl his wife has been absent for a long duration as well. Nice people.

    On 12/23/2018 at 6:55 AM, NFLfan said:




    Btw, I am concerned about the friend of yours in Wisconsin who has not been on the forum for over two months. @HOZER and I have been concerned about him. If you know anything, PM one of us. Thanks, Jay.

    I think this post was about me. If it was, thank you for your concern & wellbeing. If not, I apologize for overstepping my bounds & being mistaken. Appreciate it. :hat:

    On 12/23/2018 at 7:09 AM, 2006Coltsbestever said:

    If I tried to ride a Harley I would probably break my neck, I have never rode before :lol:. I would be taking pics of myself in a body cast :banana:

    I had a good chuckle over your reply CBE. Never personal injury of a friend of course. :thmup:

    On 4/11/2019 at 11:10 PM, 2006Coltsbestever said:

    For craps and giggles Shawshank Redemption got 4.5 stars keanu reeves thumbs up GIF

    Morgan Freeman should have won an Oscar for playing Red. Such a miscarriage of Academy justice. Tremendous flick indeed. Kudos my man! Kevin Costner in "For The Love Of The Game' is a wonderful picture. @Jaykirk: Uh huh, Clint Eastwood in "Trouble With The Curve' was very good. Amy Adams is easy on the eyes too. Another story for another day. LOL! 

    On 4/11/2019 at 11:13 PM, NFLfan said:


    My favorite movie!


    stephen king best movie ever GIF


    Yup, every time I see Red read that letter next to the rock wall with Andy's voice over dub "I'll keep an eye out for & the chess board ready...Hope is a good thing Red & no good thing ever dies" I almost cry on cue like a classic conditioning bell going off. 

    On 6/27/2019 at 3:57 PM, HOZER said:

    That was one of the best seventh inning stretches ever!!! Cookie Monster slayed it!!!!!






    Speaking of 'Sesame Street,' an upcoming film review will feature a breakdown of 'Mr. Rogers Neighborhood' soon. No, not the upcoming Tom Hanks movie, but the documentary on Fred. A tough critique to write for me since Mr. Rogers played a vital part in my upbringing as a child. Just giving a heads up that's all. 

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  4. 13 hours ago, throwing BBZ said:

    7 one and dones in the Playoffs. Were talking Playoffs. 
       He PROVED time and again HE couldn't get it done passing us to the SB.

    Look, I'm gonna be honest with you BBZ. Manning's early struggles post season did bother me for awhile. But, then I realized something. Playing in 4 SBs & winning 2 of them is a remarkable feat in & of itself.


    It takes incredible discipline to even get to the pinnacle of football more than once. Plus, Peyton has had multiple head coaches while Brady has had the luxury of Bill Belichick his whole NFL career. You can't dismiss or downplay that fact. Also, mistakes get magnified to epic proportions in SuperBowls. Not all turnovers or change of possessions are equal either. That onside kick by Sean Payton completely altered the trajectory of that SB vs the Saints. It messed with INDY's mojo & to this day, I can't even watch the rest of that game after that play. 


    That Seattle Seahawks SB vs the Broncos was a buzzsaw game I never saw coming either. I knew the Legion Of Boom was legit, but not that suffocating & sometimes, it just isn't your night. 


    I keep thinking of Jim Kelly & the Buffalo Bills losing 4 consecutive SBs in a row in the 90's. Does it tarnish Marv Levy's legacy. Of course not. Getting to the big dance multiple times means something enormous. Yeah, I know rings matter to me, but in hindsight, they aren't everything either. 


    Like most things, once you have distance & time to let history marinate properly, elite NFL resumes like Peyton's & Jim's always float to the top & receive the praise they truly deserve. 

  5. 30 minutes ago, NannyMcafee said:


    I get it. I'm not angry or anything. I think mainly for me it's a large amount of forum members doubting him on every level it would seem. Even when he is exceeding expectations. I think we as fans have become so spoiled by extreme elite level play that anything less than that is considered mediocre when it simply isnt. I'm sorry if I came off rude brother. 

    Excellent point MNFE. Yeah, sometimes standards of excellence get placed so high by our predecessors that it becomes a daunting task for those who follow in their footsteps. Those shadows can loom quite large indeed.  It's difficult for me sometimes to take a step back & say out loud: Now, wait a minute here. Each QB is their own man & I have to give the new guy under center a chance to get his feet wet & grow into the gravity of that position & all the perks & worts that come with it before I hold Jacoby to a plateau that isn't fair to him this early in his career as a starter. Point Taken. 


    Part of the problem is that he had success in NE as a QB so, I expected him to be dropped into INDY & hit the ground running. You know, Brissett gets the expectation bias from both sides: Filling the shoes of Manning & Luck in INDY & being mentored by Bill Belichick in Boston briefly. The kid gets squeezed on both ends from 2 franchises that are accustom to playing winning football late in the yr. Your job Jacoby is not to mess it up. Talk about pressure. LOL! 


    We're cool man. You didn't do anything wrong. No worries bro. It's all good. 

  6. 10 hours ago, NannyMcafee said:


    I believe we can win a SB under JB and I didnt hesitate. Oh the value of opinions. 

    That's the beauty of the forum & threads like this one NMFE. Everyone gets a chance to chime in & drop their 2 cents. Nobody really knows the future of Mr. Brissett beyond this yr & next season. He does seem to be well respected in the locker room & among the coaching staff. Also, to his credit, Jacoby does get rid of the ball quickly & once he decides where to throw the ball--It is gone & he doesn't hesitate. All admirable traits on the field. Even I must admit, he's a pretty good scrambler when he makes the decision to run & he knows when to get down avoiding unnecessary hits. 


    Other posters on here have stated Jacoby needs better offensive weapons. I don't know. Doyle, Ebron, Pascal, Rogers, & Funchess once he's healthy again seems more than adequate to me for judging how well Brissett moves the ball thru the air at this juncture in the season. 


    The question with any starting QB is what's their learning curve in terms of processing information & when a play breaks down or the wheels fall off say for a quarter or 2, how do they respond to adversity? I need to see more. Eluding Von Miller on Sunday & connecting with TY downfield showed me a flash of greatness..I just wanna see if Jacoby can expand on that as the season progresses. He's a smart field general who can utilize both his arm & his athleticism. There's no denying that. I just got spoiled with Peyton who was so superb at anticipating throws. I wanna see if Jacoby can start to do that. Maybe I'm expecting too much too fast. I'll own that. 


    All our opinions carry equal weight NMFE. No poster has cornered the market on a sure thing at QB. Heck, even HOFer John Elway can't seem to nail that position in Colorado & he knows the intricacies of that spot inside & out on a professional level. 


    Nice chatting with you. No harm done. :hat:

  7. 11 hours ago, throwing BBZ said:


     Chuckle. Manning had his struggles when he was a multiple MVP winner.
     7 one and dones in the Playoffs. Were talking Playoffs. 
       He PROVED time and again HE couldn't get it done passing us to the SB.
      The same in Denver. A Defense and running game won his SBowls. Haha!
      And WE haven't a Clue how good our offense (Brissett) can be IF we ever get the Weapons Reich was so pumped about having, and they have a season and a half to mature and work together. So why mindlessly Blather about a LIE detector?

    I was merely giving you my impressions about Jacoby right now. Funny, I didn't think I was "mindlessly blather[ing] about a lie detector" BZZ. You make it sound like my entire post was centered around that 1 sentence. It wasn't. I just meant that I'm not sold on Jacoby as a made man in INDY yet. That's all. 


    I've been wrong before. That doesn't bother me in the slightest. I have nothing against Jacoby personally. If he proves me wrong, great more power to him. I'm not calling into question his character or work ethic either just to be clear. Look, I could see us going up against the Texans for the AFC South title & perhaps even facing Houston for a Wildcard spot in the playoffs. I just wanna see if Jacoby can handle NE going up against Stephon Gilmore & not turn the ball over. 


    Regarding #18, yes Von Miller carried him in his final SB victory. I was fine with it since Peyton in INDY particularly during the 2009 season was such a precision thrower late in games that yr. I have no issues with DC Wade Phillips picking up the slack on D in Denver & providing Manning an assist in 2015. It doesn't diminish the Sheriff's HOF legacy one bit in my eyes. 

  8. 16 hours ago, Nickster said:

    I think the outcome bias is staggering.  WE have a good record, but as much as we could have beaten LAC, we could have easily lost every game we've played too.


    Lots of things have had to occur for us to be 5-2.  The QB was a signigicant asset in only one of our wins IMO.  That would be last weeks game.  Other than that I think he is more likely a net negative than a net positive.


    The Houston game is our only impressive win IMO.  But that was at home and Houston isn't great.  In KC JB was a negative in the 1st half and a non factor in the second.  


    The best win besides Houston would have been TENN and JB wasn't great in that one to say the least.  

    We have 5 wins and a net +7 total margin of victory.  We are winning more than would be predicted. 

    Hope it keeps up, but in the long run, it won't.

    I must admit that it took courage to write this post Nickster. An  interesting point about the outcome bias too since most people associate winning with being headed in the right direction. If we were 2-5, this forum would have a drastically different assessment of Jacoby, even if a hypothetical losing streak wasn't actually his fault.


    Midway thru the season where we are now across the league, teams start to ascend or free fall as we are starting to close in on week 10 of the regular season. Jacoby did surprise me eluding Von Miller this weekend & getting the ball to TY Hilton. Just when I think Jacoby is slightly above average, he surprises me. The question is was this a sign of clutch QB growth or just brief happenstance luck unlikely to be duplicated down the stretch? My head says no, but there's a voice that whimpers maybe not. 


    Anyway, I respect the moxy in saying what you said going against the grain of conventional consensus wisdom of the masses. I like rebellion by it's nature going against the grain. That takes guts. Thank you.  

  9. 18 hours ago, Chloe6124 said:

    These guys love them some Jacoby.



    I do like seeing INDY get some positive buzz for once since so many NFL sports shows tend to ignore us or only mention our team in passing like a minor afterthought. It's the main reason why I routinely watch Colin Cowherd on FS1 because he praises our GM, HC, sound structure/professionalism as an organization. INDY knows how to ignore the noise--Go to work--& grind it out yr after yr. 


    Okay sure, there's the chance  that Jacoby improves next yr too. Then, we let him pursue other NFL opportunities & we get burned because we didn't lock him down with a multi-year starting QB deal. It's a possibility. However, you can't live in fear though. If the face of your franchise isn't in your building, keep kicking over every rock until you know. Yep, we finally landed our guy for the next decade or so. 


    I know; I know. Don't let the pursuit of perfection paralyze you. Every QB has flaws & good is better than being miserable with nonstop loses. Touche. Gotta win in December & right now, if you hooked me up to a lie detector, I don't believe Jacoby can do that. Just being honest. Yeah. I know. Peyton Manning had his post season struggles too before he overcome his post season narrative & became a future HOFer as well. 

  10. Look, I will admit that Jacoby have succeeded my expectations. Luck retired & I thought our season was over & we were toast. However, Brissett gelled in the locker room & gradually got better week to week. He's also been mentored by Bill Parcels which carries a ton of gravity & weight because Jacoby is mentally strong & resilient. 


    Still...Where does that leave our franchise longterm? Translation: Can we win a Lombardi under his leadership? If you hesitate even for a moment in answering that question, you have your answer. Jacoby is like a woman you date for awhile, but not necessarily walk down the aisle with. He's okay for now, but the guy? Not ready to take the deep dive plunge on him as the face of our franchise even with Reich & Ballard guiding him. Sorry. Love the kid personally, but I want rings & that means keep searching in the draft. 

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  11. 17 hours ago, Mel Kiper's Hair said:

    We may not be winning 35-14 but we are winning games.This team is 5-2 and from everything I've seen and heard they love JB and believe in him. I really think he is our QB of the future. QB's with lesser talent than Jacoby have been Super Bowl winners. I love Andrew Luck and Peyton Manning but a QB like Brissett may actually allow the Colts to build a better all around team because he probably won't demand a contract on the same level that they would. A few extra million could be the difference in getting a player or 2 that puts us over the top.

    So, in your mind, Jacoby is the equivalent to Dak Prescott on the Cowboys then? Good, not great. Serviceable if you put enough talent around him--Reliable ground game, stellar o-line to allow him to go thru his progressions, & a D that can prevent 3rd down conversions consistently. I see where you're coming from. 

    14 hours ago, Colts_Fan12 said:

    the team is also winning because the AFC is extremely weak this year I'm not gonna sit here and sugarcoat it. teams people thought would be good are pretty bad and no one had stepped up to take their place either its basically just the Pats Ravens Chiefs and us. the Ravens imo arent that's great either tho and the chiefs without Pat are Terrible obviously we will be a top AFC team lol

    I agree with this. The Ravens don't scare me since Jackson is more of a runner than a pocket passer. Regarding KC, their offense runs primarily thru TE Travis Kielce. Hit him early & often disrupting his routes off the line of scrimmage & the Chiefs just aren't the same high octane team I'm sorry. They're just not. 

    12 hours ago, shastamasta said:


    That's why you draft the rookie this year and develop him for a year while JB is still under contract next year. 


    This is similar to what KC did. Smith was an above average QB for years, but they wanted more at QB. And those plans to replace Smith actually started when Ballard was still there.


    I actually think an Alex Smith type is the ceiling for JB...which isn't a bad thing...but likely not enough to win Super Bowls. 

    That's actually a good comparison. JB can do alright in the regular season--Win division titles, but playoff games when opponents shutdown the running game? I must admit I have considerable doubts here. I can't lie. Good post SMTA. I like Brissett, but can he deliver outside in the cold in Foxboro? No. Jamie Collins & that D is smothering man. 

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  12. 21 hours ago, 2006Coltsbestever said:

    Same here. My mom and step-dad love Facebook and are always on it, not me.

    Exactly, I had to help my mom re do her FB password last night. It was trial & error at first, but eventually the problem got resolved. Those bot things are for real unfortunately. Enough said.


    Back to baseball now. Thanks again Jay for my temporary diversion...

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  13. 14 hours ago, NFLfan said:


    Thank you. I wish I could take credit for "securing Diggs". I'm very pleased. I believe in drafting well and re-signing homegrown players. We have done just that. We have secured many of our top guys through 2020.  I could not be more pumped up. :yahoo: :headspin: :rock: :dance:


    I would say more but this is the baseball thread. 

    Minnesota is gonna do some serious damage in the NFC North this year. Zimmer always gives Aaron Rodgers fits too.


    The Vikings are stacked talent wise across the board. Your team will be good for a longtime as you say NFLfan.  Go ahead & do your happy dance in your chair. You're allowed.

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  14. 2 minutes ago, 2006Coltsbestever said:

    Brewers do have a Good team but when I frequent the ESPN Boards to read their game day comments, some of them are really comical. The Brewers have never won a WS and really haven't been that good up until now during this decade. Cubs just won a WS 2 seasons ago and have been to the NLCS 3 straight years, you would think their fans would respect that. They don't, they call the Cubs, scrubs, etc.. I so want to take them to school but you need Facebook to Post over there and I am not into Facebook

    Great points. When Milwaukee still praises Robin Yount, that tells you how relevant they are right now. Enough said.


    Uh huh. I'm not on FaceBook either. My mom yes. Me? Not so much.

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  15. On 7/14/2018 at 2:45 PM, 2006Coltsbestever said:

    the Brewers fanbase has become beyond annoying

    Cute & yes, I can vouch for that Brewers fans can indeed be very annoying CBE. Your "Running Man" line was spot on too.


    It's cool. I'm no huge Brewers fan or anything. I like the Cubs even though my MLB expertise is novice at best. I just strolled in here to see what the regulars were up too anyway.

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  16. On June 8, 2017 at 8:51 PM, Jay Kirk said:


    Finally, something SW1 can comment on. This classic routine never gets old. "1 base at a time...Left fielder's name. Why. Because I wanna know...What base do you wanna take about?" Straight comedians are the foundation of timeless routines like this. 


    Thanks Jay. "Naturally who gets it" indeed. Still hilarious after all these yrs. 

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  17. 2 minutes ago, NFLfan said:

    You're a robot. A compassionate and :strong: one.

    Yes, that is very impressive GZR working 24 hour shifts, but I suspect that all the regulars on here are capable of rolling up their sleeves & doing what must be done when called upon to do so. 


    Bravo to you all. Take a bow. I insist or a nap on me that's probably more valuable right? I thought so. 

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  18. 22 hours ago, NFLfan said:

    And PT says, " Everything will be Okay"

    Cute & Touche. 


    Which begs the question, if PT said something like, "Well, this is not good", does that mean the world is about to end? Just curious. 


    All kidding aside PT, I do like your slogan for lack of a better word & there is comfort in familiarity I suppose. 


    Okay, SW1 will zip it now. 

  19. 26 minutes ago, 2006Coltsbestever said:

    So, so far regarding predictions we have:

    NFLfan = Indians over Nationals 4-2

    M Colts M = Cubs over Indians 4-1

    Solon = Dodgers over Rangers 4-1

    2006(Me) = Cubs over RedSox 4-3


    Anyone else?


    No predictions on my end CBE. But, if I ever consider laying down any bets for real. SW1 will consult both you & Jules. Seriously, you 2 have a gambler's sixth sense when it comes to predicting high stakes outcomes in professional sports. I'm always impressed how you & Jules have a knack for knowing who the major players/teams will be once games really matter. It's a gift that I sure as hades don't posses. 


    "2006(Me) = Cubs over RedSox 4-3" 


    We know who you are CBE. The "Me" designation made me chuckle. Funny. 

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  20. 8 minutes ago, NFLfan said:

    See bold) Are you trying to send us a message?  ;)

    So, you're saying that M Colts M has all the subtlety of an army tank driving through a load bearing wall or a torpedo from a German U Boat penetrating a submarine's hull? Just Joking NFLfan! SW1 has never been able to shut off my sarcasm switch. It's all good. I only tease people who's company I really like. 


    It's cool to see M Colts M that giddy man along with all the regulars of course. 

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  21. 8 minutes ago, 2006Coltsbestever said:

    LIKE! Yeah I thought after the Badgers took down Villanova they had a great shot at the Final 4. The way they lost to Florida was just awful. Nigel Hayes has been a tremendous player for them. You guys did much better than IU, IU didn't even make the tournament. Anymore Butler is top dogs in Indiana and have been this whole decade.

    Thanks for the Badger props CBE. Appreciate it. Our Program in college basketball is actually respectable. 


    I love when Dick Vitale covered games on TV from the Kohl Center. He's always very complementary of our coaches, players, & fan base as are all my Indiana comrades too. "That a baby bee!" Okay, I'm done now. 

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