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  1. Hey there RR7, 


    Just wanted to let one of my favorite posters & music enthusiasts around that SW1 has been laying low for awhile due to a health situation regarding my mother etc. etc. Slowly but surely, my presence on the Forum will increase. 


    I merely wanted to drop a line to you & all my friends [You all know who you are] how much I appreciate your presence here, your humor, & your overall coolness in general folks...Thank you. I hope all is well with everyone. 


    Let's start out with a nice tribute to Blind Faith shall we...



    Darn that Rachel Price from Lake Street Dive can sing. You go girl. Nice darling. Very nice. :hat:


    Any of mi amigos can reply to this thread the way. The more the merrier. All are welcome in my musical corner. Come one & all folks. 


    I'm doing my best to drop a line to my best friends that always crack me up. If I haven't left you a message yet, I will soon AKA @lollygagger8 & several others...


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    2. southwest1


      You wanna hear something funny? Ironic funny; not humorous funny that is. 


      I can't whistle worth spit, but I love anybody that can do that in a song though. 


      Checkout this sweet GNR tribute. Not too shabby man...



    3. southwest1


      Man, oh man, I do love some me a killer power ballad baby. I always have a soft spot for quality ones no matter how old I get. 


      I grew up on stuff just like this folks...Never ever gets old to me.




    4. southwest1


      Jesus, Beth Hart can make any song feel like a life changing experience. She is an artist who makes a career in music seem like a noble endeavor as opposed to a fickle profession at large. 


      If I was down to my last dime, I'd pay to see her live. Beth is amazing. Simply incredible. 



  2. For @Lollygagger8, because the guy just rocks, he passed a difficult work related exam recently, & since it's the almost the 4th Of July, I wanted to leave my brother from another motha with a decent celebratory BANG of my own...


    This guy named Josh Steffen & he plays Lars Ulrich to perfection man!


    I idolize drummers like this who make their presence both heard & felt...This dude is amazing! My kinda fella. LOL! 



    Proud of ya Lolly! Enjoy the fruits of your labor man & drink a cold one on me tomorrow. That's an order. Okay, more of a polite command really. You earned it my man. :thmup:


    To all my other amigos on the forum, have a blast on Wednesday & try to keep all your fingers & toes attached. 

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    2. southwest1


      Thanks my man. Back at ya boss. Between seeing Wallace pulverize Great Britain's tyranny & listening to that song, one can't help but be driven to plunder, pillage, & place a foe's head on a spike just because it's Wednesday night & Preseason Football games haven't aired yet on NFL Network. 


      I bet your Mel Gibson accent is spot on too Lolly. :thmup: One of the best films ever made. Fire, steel, stone...And then, the English do something beyond the pale & slice the throat of Wallace's love of his life. Uh oh...Now, William is very, very angry with you & when William gets upset heads literally roll. Exactly man, BraveHeart is a great picture. I always knew you had superb tastes. 


      I just found it ironic that after watching the final act of William Wallace on screen, a band called "Unleash The Archers" happens to be on my You Tube account page. I figured it was a good omen man. LOL!


      Yeah, the lead singer Brittany Hayes does have some nice pipes indeed along with more than a few other pleasant features no doubt. She can spin her long hair around in the ultimate head banging mode. I'm always amazed when an incredible voice comes out of a person you could bump into at the grocery store just running ordinary errands. And then she opens her mouth, sings a couple of stanzas/verses...And you wonder how in the hades did she pull that off? Darn. Okay, you say darn because she's so easy on the eyes at first. Then, she blows you away with her voice & you say darn once again. Followed by the silent thought--I wonder if she's single or not? As my old man always says, "You stop looking when you die." 


      Yeah, Brittany Hayes is pretty hot even just chilling away from the stage or on tour during her downtime before she sings for her supper.  




      She has a natural beauty about her. Like somebody who works as a CPA, librarian, or even school teacher who just happens to entertain for a living. 


      Anyhow, I've babbled on long enough.  Take Care buddy. And don't forget to yell Bike! every now & then just to keep your technique fresh & new. haha


      So many sports pundits think both the Colts & Luck are finished. Well, as Wallace would say, "Well that's something we shall have to remedy isn't it?" Abso-bloody-Loot- Ly. 



    3. lollygagger8


      Unleash the archers! Killer name boss! 


      My buddies and I were waiting at a concert once and the place wouldn't open the doors on time, and the crowd started to get rowdy, and I yelled out TODAY......WE FIGHT FOR HONOR!!.......HOLD!! HOLD!! We all were cracking up pushing on the doors. They opened them immediately! 


      Oh man Brittany....boing!!!  :) 

      You're right man, she is naturally beautiful. Plus she can sing? Double boing! 





    4. southwest1


      That's what I like about you Lolly. You can play along with my foolishness [William Wallace banter] & roll with it even further--"We fight for Honor" comic rant. You have clout, reverence, & sway buddy. A natural born leader. Cool story.


      You'd be a great dude to see a concert with because you knock kick caboose metal & rock n roll. Plus, you formed a few bands too so, you get both sides of it: how to entertain a crowd & give them good musicianship on top of it. I also know you appreciate all genres too. Not just hard & heavy stuff. Musicians are typically well adjusted dads too. Great for raising kids with a sarcastic sense of humor. 


      Yeah, Brittany Hayes even looks hot in glasses...Going for the naughty intellectual look. Beauty, braun, & brains: A lethal combination. 




      I will leave you with UTA's other most memorable single: 'The Matriarch.'


      Not as good as 'Apex' that's true. However, still ominous, menacing, & stuff that makes your parents wonder if you're going off the deep end like good metal is supposed to. 


      A fan on their You Tube page with the call sign: Baby With A 6 pack wrote: 


      "Where's my horse, sword and armor? I must feast on the blood of my enemies!!.. also,. has anybody seen my falcon?" LOL! 



      They also wrote a decent song called "Test Your Metal" when they were perfecting their sound as a band. It was just at the point when UTA was about to breakout & become good. You can tell they had talent, but that hadn't learned how to craft a well known single yet like Metallica before "Master Of Puppets" was released. Not comparing the 2 bands or claiming Unleash The Archers will reach the same plateau BTW. I just mean that UTA keeps getting better with each new album. They evolve. 



      You can tell that Brittney is legit, her supporting cast is darn good, & her voice is no studio gimmick. 


      Take Care Brother. This is the kind of metal I grew up on. Hard, heavy, & real. 

  3. I just felt like compiling a list of solid covers just as good as the original itself or slightly surpassing it. No judgements here folks because imitation is the highest form of flattery & recognition right? Quality is quality. Feel free to add at your leisure of course. All genres welcome naturally...



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    2. southwest1


      MJ, the King Of Pop, lays down the classic "Billie Jean" below. 



      Chris Cornell shows us all how to make a signature track his very own. Is there anything this man couldn't do? My God man! Unbelievable...



    3. southwest1


      The song "Apologize" originally done by One Republic has been covered a lot, which tells you how good a track really is...



      Here's my personal favorite straight out of Germany from a band called All Ends. The dual female vocalist treatment gives it some teeth. My kinda jam baby. 



      Country singer Luke Bryan also lays down a decent version of this number as well. [Not displayed here.]

    4. southwest1


      Everybody has heard the GNR original, therefore, let's change things up a bit with a speak easy jazzy version sung by Casey Abrams instead just for fun shall we...



      Checkout a band called Thunder & Rain dropping "Sweet Child O' Mine" Bluegrass style on ya. Not bad. 



  4. Since RR7, JPPT, & BR-549 have dropped some musical gems recently, I figured why not throw my hand into the fray with SW1's Jukebox. Basically, whatever musical mood strikes me at any given moment. If you wanna category, let's just classify it stuff that never gets old to me...


    Any up for a tour guide or "Midnight Rider?" Because Zack Williams is...Nice cover of an Allman Brothers classic. Check this out...



    More to follow. Please feel free to add at your leisure...

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    2. southwest1


      haha Checkout this amateur band doing a pretty darn good cover of Pure Prairie League's 'Amie.' 


      Their name is Foxes & Fossils. Cute. 1 of the best live versions I've ever heard. 



      It takes a minute or 2 to get started, but it's well worth the wait. Seriously, I'm very impressed. 

    3. southwest1


      One last one before I wrap it up for now, here we have the Lynyrd Skynyrd classic 'Simple Man.' 


      A woman named Kappa Danielson drops a gorgeous acoustic track of this remarkable song. 



      Darn lady you have a gift. Amazing! 

    4. TheRustonRifle#7


      Take your whiskey home is one of my favorite by VH.....I think it is more about alcoholism and how it affects our loved ones.  Just my perspective...doesn't make it correct?


      Blackfoot's "Train Train" is one heckuva great tune as well.


      Thanks for the tunes man and it was nice to see Chrissy again!

  5. Just a quick note to say that if you e-mailed me on the forum, gave me words of sympathy/encouragement[ & I haven't responded back to you yet, I'm not ignoring you. I just need more time to process a recent family tragedy that's all. I will reply eventually. I just have no idea when that will actually be. 


    I still watch all the Colts games of course. My heart just isn't consumed with NFL commentary right now. 


    If I  was ever in one of my stubborn moods & got into a scuffle with anybody on the Colts Forum, I apologize & sincerely regret my actions. Part of me wonders if I'm paying some sort of penance now for bad behavior in the past on my part. I know it's not healthy to think that way, but I do. 


    You still might only see movie reviews for me for awhile & that's it. I need to lay low right now for my own self preservation. 


    No need to leave me any feedback. Thank you. Just keeping my friends apprised & updated I guess. 



    1. Gramz


      I think of you often and everything you've gone through.   Hugs, my friend.  

  6. As a favor to RR7 for doing a Ronnie James Dio medley or maybe just a way to say thank you for his exceptional music tastes, I decided post some of my favorite Scorpions songs. There's just something about Germany that produces great singers in rock & roll & remarkable frontman. Let's take it from the top Berlin boys...


    [Sidenote: I will email both you & NFLfan back soon. I've just been sidetracked with other matters recently. Thank you both for your patience.]


    A 1, 2, 3, 4...




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    2. southwest1


      "She'll make your heart break
      She'll give you fever
      She'll tell you everything but don't believe her
      A perfect stranger
      She knows the game
      She'll promise heaven on earth
      But don't believe her" 




      It's a little rough around the edges, but has a gritty charm to it. Never heard "Rock Me Like A Hurricane performed by a female lead vocalist before. It gives new meaning to the lyrics: 


      "My cat is purring, it scratches my skin
      So what is wrong with another sin?"



      Meow. I mean, not bad...The band is called Kings & Queens BTW.

    3. TheRustonRifle#7


      I always liked them....I remember watching a video back in the 80's of one of their concerts.  They rattled out a bunvh of German words...then quickly said..."There's no one like you" and proceeded to sing it in English.

    4. Synthetic



      Love Ronnie James Dio. 


      I seen him live on his 'Master of the Moon' tour and despite playing on a small stage, he was incredible. One of the best Metal shows I ever seen. I think he was in his late 50's at the time, but no one could really tell. Dare I say he put up a better show at that little club than when I seen Ozzy on a big arena stage....

  7. Hey there JPPT, 


    I like your profile page & it always baffles me when bad people target innocent kids & fans at a concert. Look, I know why they do it. To instill fear & panic. But, why tarnish societies love of music? Or provoke a stampede? Parents should never outlive their children in most cases not like this anyway. 


    You're a very caring person & it shows. I apologize if I embarrassed you JPPT. You're fascination with history & song trivia is pretty cool too. :hat: Keep doing what you do. 

    1. JPPT1974


      No apology needed my friend. Keep up the good work. As really you are a caring and understanding person my friend. Thanks a lot and always will.

  8. One of my favorite TV shows to watch on Showtime on Sunday nights is called "Billions." I say that because the premise of the storyline revolves around a greedy, WallStreet hedge fund CEO & the Attorney General in the Southern District of NY City. Money vs Regulation; Unlimited fiscal resources vs a tight federal budget. 


    The other segment of the program that I really enjoy is that the musical score pays homage to classic metal bands like Ratt & Metallica in previous seasons. I will demonstrate my point in a second. Thank you for your patience...

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    2. southwest1


      "Hate is nature's most perfect energy source; It's endlessly renewable" --Bobby Axelrod


      Delicious villains make for captivating television. 



      "You know the only enemy more dangerous than a man with unlimited resources is one with nothing to lose."--NYC Attorney General Chuck Rhodes. 


      The clashing of bravo & intellectual spears always fascinates me. An eternal battle between sins & virtue like a greek tragedy baby. Great stuff! 


    3. southwest1


      1 last quote: "Walk away."


      "I should. But, then again, what's the point of having bleep you money if you never say bleep you right?" 


      This quote illustrates the allure of money, but it also leads to a false sense of security like those who have it are untouchable or indestructible. They're not. Like Icarus who flew too close to the sun & his mythological wings melted....Overconfidence leads to underestimating your adversary & your eventual downfall & death spiral. 


      I minored in Literature as an Undergrad so SW1 has a soft spot for metaphors & deep, universal truths I guess. haha

    4. TheRustonRifle#7
  9. For some reason, I can't add this to the status update you sent me earlier. Let's try another crack at it. 


    I really like this song called "Grey" CC1. 



    Cody has a nice voice & this song has a surreal Spanish vibe to it. Life is black n white just various shades of grey right Mr. Jinks? I like it. 

    1. crazycolt1


      I think he is kinda new but he has that outlaw sound and delivery. 

      Has was a lead singer for a grunge band before deciding to find himself at something he seems so natural doing. He has a way of sounding old outlaw country but with a modern twist.

  10. Hey Ruksak,


    Nice to see you leaving your commentary in threads again. I was going to respond to your post in the NFL ratings topic, but it was closed for obvious reasons. 


    I always find your take on things intriguing because you know how to frame your argument & back it up even if I might have a different perspective on it. 


    You're smart, speak your mind, sarcastic [a plus BTW], & you don't care about being popular or flipping over the apple cart when necessary. Welcome back! 


    Just like Bogie, I like you because you tell me what you think, why you think it, & you make no apologies for it. A rare quality in modern day society. I respect that. 

    1. ruksak


      Had to take time for an old friend here  :thmup:


      I really want to get back to loving football, but I'm struggling to with all the changes in the NFL atmosphere. So many things about the state of the game have utterly turned me off. Most of you know that i'm no casual fan, and even I, after nearly forty years of being a fan, have stepped away from following football. 


      I still lurk here, and hopefully someday I can embrace the game as I once did. Take it easy SW1. You're a good dude. You haven't heard the last of me. 

    2. southwest1


      Good. I'm glad to hear that you aren't going away anytime soon. I respect you because you know how to stand your ground, you don't care if others think an argument you are making is flawed in their eyes, & really all you wanna do is compel people to defend their positions in a dignified manner. 


      I admire individuals that aren't intimidated, don't concern themselves with always having to be right, & they know when to pick their battles & when to let pointless stuff go. 


      Yes, I will admit that NFL games don't contain the shine & luster they once did for me either probably because of the league's over commercialization of it's product & some protests that take away from just enjoying a football game. Sure, players have a right to voice their frustrations over unnecessary treatment of citizens by authority figures absolutely. However, can't we just enjoy a game for it's own sake once in awhile? 


      No need to reply back. I just hope you are doing Okay ruksak. Never lose your twisted sense of humor BTW. One of your best assets in this crazy world of ours. :hat:

  11. It always bothers me when women aren't respected as musicians like they are incapable of hanging with their male contemporaries because they are more than just T & A or just another pretty face.


    To be honest with you, I just wanted an excuse to post songs from the spectacular band Heart because I revere Nancy & Ann Wilson & those timeless riffs & melodic melodies they created. 


    Oh, they can bring the house down too make no mistake about that. Am I about to go "Crazy On You?" Absolutely...LOL! 



    These ladies know how to strum their guitars, connect with an audience, & create vivid imagery with their lyrics & that's not as easy as it looks or sounds. Trust me. 


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    2. TheRustonRifle#7


      I have never felt the need to express my feelings on how Women should be treated, as I was seemingly taught differently than some that should know better.


       I too posted a tribute to the Wilson Sisters with the heading of, "Yes, girls can rock too!", a few weeks ago.  These songs show that despite anatomical differences that we are all in this together...

    3. southwest1


      I must have missed your Wilson sister tribute awhile back. My apologies if I stepped on your creative toes brother. It was not my intension to undercut you or minimize your tribute to these 2 iconic siblings in any way my friend. I will go back & check it out. A lot of mesmerizing musicians come from Seattle AKA 'Emerald City' BTW. 


      It's cool I get it. When you grew up dictates your vocal treatment of women either thru actions of politeness & kindness or speaking up publicly about the mistreatment of the opposite sex. Yes, I know every guy has commented on a female's attractiveness as they perceive it thru the eye of the beholder. The difference is that unlike 1 Presidential candidate most men I know would never view a woman as a personal possession to mock, ridicule, humiliate, & abuse overall. 


      Anyway, thank you for your thoughts RR7 & thank you to all who are gracious enough to put up with my music & movie fetishes. Much obliged. 

    4. TheRustonRifle#7


        You could never step on my toes my Brother!  I hope all is well!


        And you have my support Sir......I have held women in my arms that felt comfortable enough with me, to have reincarnated the travesties of times past.  It was hard not to want to react because actions caused this dilemma...kindness and understanding were needed. Strength is measured in character...and you are one of the strongest people that I have ever had the fortune to call my Friend!  

  12. I just finished watching Ron Wolfley, AZ Cardinals booth announcer, do color commentary in a preseason game vs the Oakland Raiders. I love these freaking guy man. He's absolutely hilarious! He's like those 2 old senior citizen puppets on the Muppet Show was I was a little munchkin. Translation: You never know what the dude is gonna say. He's priceless baby. haha

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    2. Coltsince4


      Wassss up SW1!!!? Not actually sure what your talking about here but one of those guys the one from Cardinals or Oakland announcer when I watch NFL Game Pass, He sounds like  

      Jesse Ventura the X wrestler Now that's weird...     

    3. southwest1


      Hey there Cs4, Nice to hear from ya brother. Ron Wolfley sounds a little bit like the former Minnesota Gov. & co-star of "The Predator" movie when he gets excited over a fabulous LB collision on the AZ field sometimes.  


      I only mentioned him since their HC, Bruce Arians, coached the Colts in 2012, while Chuck Pagano received cancer treatments. I usually follow a lot of former INDY players & coordinators etc. etc. I hope you are doing well my man. 


      Here's a picture of Ron Wolfley BTW: 



    4. southwest1


      I usually like off the wall play by play commentators because they don't care what fans think of them. They just wanna amuse themselves, laugh at their own shortcomings, & rave about their favorite team as often as possible. 


      If I was in Wolf's shoes, I'd be the exact same way. LOL! He knows football though. You can tell. 

  13. Hey M-432, 


    You're 1 of the guys that always makes me laugh man. I mean that in good way not a faint praise kind of way. Anyway, nice to see you posting again. 


    Okay, I'll shut up now. Love your sarcasm. Keep it up! 

    1. Malakai432


      Thanks SW and I always appreciate the friendly comments!  I haven't been posting much besides of late but I've definitely still been checking in on you all and see what's new.  I can't wait until we get this season under way buddy!

    2. southwest1


      I hear ya. I haven't been posting as much as I normally do because of a family situation I addressed in the thread "Musical Mecca Has Arrived Again: SW1 Reviews the 2016 Rock N Roll HOF under Misc. topics. Sorry for the shameless plug from yours truly. My bad. haha 


      Seriously though, it's my best commentary yet on the HOF. That's probably because secretly I wanna be a record producer for a major label. It'll never happen, but I can dream can't I? Just Kidding! 


      I pride myself on telling my audience when something is spectacular or something sucks. You can read my reactions like a darn book man, but I digress. 

  14. I just finished watching the 2016 BET Awards on TV from my DVR. Here are my impressions overall: The producers & presenters paid tribute to Prince, Mohammed Ali, & actor Samuel L. Jackson received a lifetime achievement award. 

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    2. southwest1


      Found it. Yes! Hands down the best Prince performance of the night. "Nothing Comes 2U"



      This is a textbook case on how you deliver a killer cover.


      Shelia E. played with Prince for crying out loud & this is the best she can do? SMH. 



      It was sloppy percussion playing & just not good at all IMHO. 

    3. southwest1


      Laila Ali gave a nice eulogy to the memory of her father. She talked about how her dad taught all 11 kids to love themselves & their neighbor regardless of their gender, race, income level, & religion. That we all need to spread more love than hate. It was really quite touching. 


      Spike Lee gave Samuel L. Jackson his introduction & lifetime achievement award. Sam thanked his wife, daughter, & grandmother for his tenacity, drive, & work ethic. He did theatre for a longtime for peanuts before "Pulp Fiction" made him a household name. Sam doesn't mince words. He's short, sweet, & very funny in his own suave way. 



    4. southwest1


      It should also be noted that special attention was devoted to the significance of the Black Lives Matter movement & exercising your right to vote in the upcoming election too. I found the show quite good even though hip hop, rap, & R & B aren't exactly in my wheel house. It's always good to try new things musically out of your comfort zone though & I'm glad I did.


      Maxwell & Stevie Wonder brought down the house IMO. While every other tribute toward Prince felt insufficient to me. To each their own I guess. 

  15. Hey there Gramz, did you just change your username recently? No need to justify your reasons for doing so of course. 


    It's cool. Maybe you just feel like hibernating for awhile or sitting silently like a bird chilling on a telephone wire soaking about your surroundings. :hat:

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Gramz


      and to clarify,  sometimes I feel like :wall: when trying to communicate with certain people, because they only understand things the way they "want" to understand.  Thus the reason for the name change.    

    3. radiogirl


      I love your new name!  HA!

    4. southwest1


      I get it Gramz. Some people just can't be reasoned with or they prefer clinging to their POV until their final breath. Some people call that devotion & others an alternate universe where their field general can do no wrong. 


      True, you're a strong woman that never hides from anyone or anything. Timid is not the adjective to describe you Gramz; brave & comical are. :D

  16. Hey Gramz, 

    I can't believe Christmas is fast approaching already. Wow, when I was a kid, it took an eternity to get here. Anyway, Merry Christmas early just in case you need to fly across country in a week or so. 

    I hope the jolly old fat man brings you lots of loot & goodies. No Ron, the fat man reference was Chris Cringle not you BTW. haha

    Happy Holidays to you & your family Gramz...

    1. Gramz


      Aww, Thank you SW1.  And the same to you. 

    2. southwest1


      I just appreciate my friends now more than ever this year in particular. Thanks to you & my other forum friends for their kind words of support & encouragement regarding my nephew. I can't thank you guys enough. God bless all of you. You know who you are. 

  17. Hi Yehoodi, 

    I sent you an PM or e-mail telling you how to delete a post say for instance if you quote the wrong one for example. Nice chatting with you today as always. :thmup:


  18. Hello Nadine, 

    Thanks for your useful guidance as always. Anyway, I was talking with Yehoodi on a forum topic & the subject on deleting a post came up.

    What's the proper way to remove a post or say for example you quote the wrong post, want to delete that 1 & quote the reply you originally intended without leaving the actual thread?


    1. Nadine


      If you hover over it you should get a popup that says right click

      the right click menu gives you the option to delete

      also I believe on a mac you can hit cmd/delete

      on a pc it's control delete

    2. southwest1


      Thanks for your help again Nadine. I e-mailed Yehoodi your instructions too. Have a nice day. 

  19. Hey Nadine,

    Is there a way to display You Tube clips in my movie thread again rather than just the link itself because I can only access the updated forum site in my Firefox browser now. My Safari browser built specifically for MAC computers doesn't work with your new upgrade at all. Grrr!

    Anyway, is there something your IT staff can disable or unlock in order to display You Tube videos properly via metadata coding in my seen any good movies lately thread?

    Thank you for your cooperation. It is immensely appreciated.

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    2. BrentMc11


      I am on Chrome.

      I am not getting any of PT's posts as notification unless he replies to me.  Radiogirl, Jay, and PT have the same problem.  For example, PT has the Hoosier Hysteria thread.  I follow the thread and I never get notifications on the post.  Sporadic on Pacers and the MLB.  Thank you for checking into it .

    3. Nadine


      @BrentMc11 you are not following the Hoosier Hysteria thread.  

      I turn on this setting for you in your notification settings 

      Someone I am following makes a post

      Since you are following Princeton Tiger now you should get notifications when he posts

    4. BrentMc11


      It had been on...maybe I need to check all that I follow to see if they moved over.  Thank you.

  20. When I read the line "100GFB started following you now" I laugh because this song always pops into my head...


    1. southwest1


      That line after you start following a forum member "I hope it's okay" makes me chuckle too like does this mean that my email will get flooded with junk mail now too? :D

      Or maybe, I'm supposed to pick up your mail when you go on holiday now...Maybe all liked & followed members do it in shifts depending on which member is geographically closest or their turn to do it in the rotation cycle. Do I need to pick up your dry cleaning too if you are gone on vacation as well? Just being sarcastic.

  21. Hey Brent,

    I thought I started following you on the forum a few days ago. In the battle of man vs machine, apparently machine won in the 1st round anyway. I think I am actually tracking you now. Sorry that sounded like a drown attack didn't it? Just kidding!

    I think I forgot to click on the follow tab the 1st time on your profile page. It should be fine now.

    1. BrentMc11


      Thanks!  Wanted to make sure...:)

    2. southwest1


      Of course, it's fine Brent. You know, I think the world of you brother. I just haven't figured out status updates yet on this new site yet. It's a work in progress I guess just like everybody else in the same boat. Just like the passengers on the Titanic, I have no idea what I'm doing, but I know what song we can sing in unison as a fond farewell before we all drown & freeze to death. LOL!

      My dad always said I had a way with words. Yep, just a sentimental old fool I guess. :thmup:

  22. I was listening to 101.5 WIBA FM yesterday driving home & the DJ on duty was talking about buying a ranch home with a 2nd story tower on it with his wife. He said he goes up in 1 room in there & blares Dio music which according to him "can lure & summon dragons to his residence." LOL!

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    2. southwest1


      I appreciate the complement RG. Thank you. Wait, are you saying I'm nuts? Just kidding. Yeah, I probably do have a few screws loose. Ha! Ha! It's the good kind of off kilter though where you shake your head, laugh, & say SW what are we gonna do with you man? Like that goof ball uncle 1 in every family where nobody really knows what happened but everybody just tags along for the ride which is always unpredictably memorable. :)

    3. southwest1


      I'm with ya Fish. Dio never gets old or goes out of fashion. Touche.

    4. radiogirl


      Everybody has a few screws loose, SW! That's what makes life interesting and fun!

  23. Today, in the mail, I received a notice from my car company asking me if I wanted to expand my power train warranty coverage. The notice came on a card labeled "Personal & Confidential." It arrived not in a sealed envelope, but a card anyone can flip over & read. Way to handle "sensitive" info there Honda. LOL!

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. HungarianColtsFan


      Imagine it hadn't been sensitive...they'd announced it in the radio... :-))))

    3. southwest1


      HA! HA! Good point maybe I will hear about it tomorrow, see it on TV, or have the Good Year blimp display the notice with flashing lights. Thanks HCF! :)

    4. Synthetic


      I've had a few bills delivered like that. No envelope, just a card with the numbers on it. It bothers me too.

  24. I was listening to Steve Miller's "The Joker" last night driving home & this line always cracks me up: "You're the cutest thing that I ever did see; I really love your peaches. Want to shake your tree." Famous rock stars can sing that & be called clever & funny, but if you said that in real life to an attractive woman you'd get slapped across the face. Rightly so. I still like the song though. LOL!

    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. Gramz


      SW check your messages. :-)

    3. southwest1


      Now, you have officially peaked my curiosity Gramz. I need to check my Colts Forum e-mail now. Be right back...

    4. Gramz
  25. I was listening to CBS sideline Thursday Night Football reporter Tracy Wolfson talk about Saints WR Kenny Stills having to "tape up his groin" in the 2nd half & that phrase made me cringe because ankles I get, but tape & a sensitive region of the body doesn't sound all that wonderful to me. Enough said.

    1. Show previous comments  8 more
    2. Coltsince4


      It's New Orleans I'm talking about, not Carolina SW!

    3. southwest1


      Oops! Clearly, I need to work on my reading comprehension skills bro! LOL! Thanks for setting me straight. I need all the help I can get. :)

    4. mom terp

      mom terp

      nice to be back , southwest.nice to hear.that we won.i have been busy.since my husband retired.have a great evening...

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