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  1. For @Lollygagger8, because the guy just rocks, he passed a difficult work related exam recently, & since it's the almost the 4th Of July, I wanted to leave my brother from another motha with a decent celebratory BANG of my own...


    This guy named Josh Steffen & he plays Lars Ulrich to perfection man!


    I idolize drummers like this who make their presence both heard & felt...This dude is amazing! My kinda fella. LOL! 



    Proud of ya Lolly! Enjoy the fruits of your labor man & drink a cold one on me tomorrow. That's an order. Okay, more of a polite command really. You earned it my man. :thmup:


    To all my other amigos on the forum, have a blast on Wednesday & try to keep all your fingers & toes attached. 

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    2. lollygagger8


      That video kicks *! That guy is really good! 



      Oh, and cold ones were had :)

    3. southwest1


      Hey there Lolly, 


      I'm glad you had a chance to celebrate your exam results with some refreshing suds brother! I will write you back eventually [PM Forum reference].


      Yeah, I prefer my drummers to have more than 1 screw loose when they play. LOL! Josh can rattle a drum set pretty good. 


      Last night, flipping thru my TV channels, I stumbled across Mel Gibson's film "Brave Heart." The part when the Scottish rebel William Wallace got executed for defying the English Crown. That picture still kicks caboose so many yrs later. The battle scenes are so vivid & raw with swords, horses, bow & arrows; & sheer brutality. Good stuff! Not the violence in real life of course, just the grittiness of the award winning flick itself. 


      After watching the decapitation of Mr. Wallace, I came across a Medieval heavy metal band with the perfect primitive name: 'Unleash The Archers' on my computer.  Love that name. Checkout this song called "Apex':



      Yes, I know the track is over 8 minutes long, but it's top tier material. Trust me. 

      The lead singer is a woman named Brittney Hayes from Canada. I enclosed the lyrics as well since this genre can be difficult to decipher the words occasionally hearing the tune the first time or go round. 



      "Hello mountain, remember me
      Child of your womb
      I return from a perilous place
      To the warmth of your hollow
      Embrace me
      Steady giant, monolith
      Lend me your heart
      I am weakened again, tired
      Mend my scars


      As your power, it sinks into me
      Your roots take their hold
      My body as one with the earth
      My blood as the stone
      The mountain, my home


      Heavy walls enclose me; cover me in endless warmth
      And now the dreams will come
      Lucid freedom takes me, to a world no longer run by the laws of relativity


      Fly out beyond the stars, where the wind takes me
      Away and leads me through the dark, defying gravity



      Can you follow me? Follow me to apex


      Through a meadow running, feel the sun upon my face
      And the air in intoxicates
      Rushing like a river, toward a waterfall that takes me out beyond reality

      Away, you lead me through dark, defying gravity


      CHORUS x 2


      Brother mountain, now we sleep
      For a thousand years
      I will see you again
      Something is coming…
      Coming for me…"


      I just like when metal bands remember to harmonize on the chorus hook. I also like female lead singers with range who can slice thru guitar riffs & still let the percussion lay down the foundation at the same time. 


      I like all kinds of music, but I have a soft spot for quality metal overall. I just figured a fellow rebel like yourself would get a kick out of it. @TheRustonRifle#7 & any other brother from another mother might enjoy it too. 


      Here's a picture of the band members below: 




      Something remarkable must be in the Vancouver water up there. Just saying. 


      "Freedom!" Sorry about that. Every time, I see that William Wallace "Brave Heart" classic, I end up yelling that line at least once. LOL! 

    4. lollygagger8


      "You know I love ya....always have" *in my best Scottish accent*

      Braveheart is one of my favorites!!!! 


      That was really good! Very dynamic, and had bits of everything! Heavy, melodic, acoustic, the drummers kicks *....good pick my man! (plus that chick isn't hard to look at) :)

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