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    I never saw the need for Instant Messaging Myself. Instant gratification through a keyboard or texting is overrated in my humble opinion.
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    Enough questions already. I feel like I'm being interrogated man. Big Brother is watching you too. Just Kidding!!! Add Alfred Hitchcock suspense music here.
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    Asking people sarcastic questions like this one:
    Do you know why adults always ask little kids what do you wanna be when they grow up? They are looking for ideas about possible career choices themselves. HA! HA!
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    Some things must remain private these days.
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    Yeah, I have been known to get longwinded sometimes. Just Kidding!!!
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    Sounds like a parachute free fall base jump to me. Now do I pull the red chord first or the yellow one? Decisions, decisions, decisions...Hmmm

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  1. Since RR7, JPPT, & BR-549 have dropped some musical gems recently, I figured why not throw my hand into the fray with SW1's Jukebox. Basically, whatever musical mood strikes me at any given moment. If you wanna category, let's just classify it stuff that never gets old to me...


    Any up for a tour guide or "Midnight Rider?" Because Zack Williams is...Nice cover of an Allman Brothers classic. Check this out...



    More to follow. Please feel free to add at your leisure...

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    2. southwest1


      You know that 1 girl in high school who you had a crush on & she never gave you the time of day? 


      I bet you her name was "Amanda" wasn't it? Sigh...Still a fantastic power ballad at least...



    3. southwest1


      Excuse me, do you have change for a $1? Sorry, all I have is "Brass in [my] pocket." 


      Please, I'm in no mood for players or "Pretenders" right now. Wink; Wink. 



    4. southwest1


      I know I have posted this number before, but it's really good & I play this 1 a lot on my computer. 


      Not too be confused with NW Morocco in Africa, the band Tangier does a nice job with the track "On The Line."




      I'm always stunned that this group never reached super stardom in the 1990's. Major bummer.  

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