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    I never saw the need for Instant Messaging Myself. Instant gratification through a keyboard or texting is overrated in my humble opinion.
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    Enough questions already. I feel like I'm being interrogated man. Big Brother is watching you too. Just Kidding!!! Add Alfred Hitchcock suspense music here.
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    Asking people sarcastic questions like this one:
    Do you know why adults always ask little kids what do you wanna be when they grow up? They are looking for ideas about possible career choices themselves. HA! HA!
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    Some things must remain private these days.
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    Yeah, I have been known to get longwinded sometimes. Just Kidding!!!
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    Sounds like a parachute free fall base jump to me. Now do I pull the red chord first or the yellow one? Decisions, decisions, decisions...Hmmm

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  1. As a favor to RR7 for doing a Ronnie James Dio medley or maybe just a way to say thank you for his exceptional music tastes, I decided post some of my favorite Scorpions songs. There's just something about Germany that produces great singers in rock & roll & remarkable frontman. Let's take it from the top Berlin boys...


    [Sidenote: I will email both you & NFLfan back soon. I've just been sidetracked with other matters recently. Thank you both for your patience.]


    A 1, 2, 3, 4...




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    2. southwest1


      Would could all use a little supernatural assistance in the romance department right? 




      Life & relationships sometimes feel adversarial with a high likelihood of human casualties under "Crossfire" don't they? 



    3. southwest1


      [Obviously, I meant to say we could all use a little supernatural assistance in the romance department above instead of would. My bad.] Oh the humanity! 



      What was that about EU longevity again? Uh oh, does this mean the Scorpions are on their last leg too? I sure hope not. haha


      Hit me with some "Big City; Big City Nights" would ya? Ah, that's better...



    4. southwest1


      "Sly" is often used as a devious, diabolical, or nefarious term. Can't it just mean clever, high bow, & sophisticated like this vocal cover by Big Bemers?



      See what I mean...


      Time to travel "Across The Universe" without the Liverpool Lads folks...




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