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  1. It always bothers me when women aren't respected as musicians like they are incapable of hanging with their male contemporaries because they are more than just T & A or just another pretty face.


    To be honest with you, I just wanted an excuse to post songs from the spectacular band Heart because I revere Nancy & Ann Wilson & those timeless riffs & melodic melodies they created. 


    Oh, they can bring the house down too make no mistake about that. Am I about to go "Crazy On You?" Absolutely...LOL! 



    These ladies know how to strum their guitars, connect with an audience, & create vivid imagery with their lyrics & that's not as easy as it looks or sounds. Trust me. 


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    2. TheRustonRifle#7


      I have never felt the need to express my feelings on how Women should be treated, as I was seemingly taught differently than some that should know better.


       I too posted a tribute to the Wilson Sisters with the heading of, "Yes, girls can rock too!", a few weeks ago.  These songs show that despite anatomical differences that we are all in this together...

    3. southwest1


      I must have missed your Wilson sister tribute awhile back. My apologies if I stepped on your creative toes brother. It was not my intension to undercut you or minimize your tribute to these 2 iconic siblings in any way my friend. I will go back & check it out. A lot of mesmerizing musicians come from Seattle AKA 'Emerald City' BTW. 


      It's cool I get it. When you grew up dictates your vocal treatment of women either thru actions of politeness & kindness or speaking up publicly about the mistreatment of the opposite sex. Yes, I know every guy has commented on a female's attractiveness as they perceive it thru the eye of the beholder. The difference is that unlike 1 Presidential candidate most men I know would never view a woman as a personal possession to mock, ridicule, humiliate, & abuse overall. 


      Anyway, thank you for your thoughts RR7 & thank you to all who are gracious enough to put up with my music & movie fetishes. Much obliged. 

    4. TheRustonRifle#7


        You could never step on my toes my Brother!  I hope all is well!


        And you have my support Sir......I have held women in my arms that felt comfortable enough with me, to have reincarnated the travesties of times past.  It was hard not to want to react because actions caused this dilemma...kindness and understanding were needed. Strength is measured in character...and you are one of the strongest people that I have ever had the fortune to call my Friend!  

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