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  1. Ran across this over the morning and thought you would find it interesting. Seeing as I just spent most of the year binge watching through Miami Vice, I had to go back to Michael Mann's film work and see how it holds up against the bulk of his prime show.



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    2. southwest1


      Plus, Michael Mann understands that payoffs never work i.e. climaxes unless you lay down foundation first early Remember, Jamie Fox as the taxi driver in "Collateral" when he 1st meets Jada Smith, the high profile district attorney prosecuting the drug lord who's former associates flipped on him?


      Mann creates sparks & chemistry between this attorney so that by the end we root for Max to save her from Tom Cruise's hitman clutches & we pray that they hook up socially & have kids later on. We have all been there too where we wish we would have asked an attractive person out & never did. Regrets are the worst. You know--the what might have been stuff that you kick yourself over & Mann gives Max & everyone a 2nd chance to be happy thru his eyes. Cool. That's what I mean by payoff. 

    3. southwest1


      The reason why "Heat" still holds up today is 2 fold: 1. Both cops & criminals finish what they start like an unwritten honor code meaning all double crossers will be dealt with harshly & you don't kill unnecessary civilians who were just at the wrong place at the wrong time & 2. Mutual respect & admiration among rivals at the opposite ends of the spectrum. Too many films wanna convey a thematic message of hero vs villain & they don't honor the intelligence of the bad guy at all. 


      I just like that both De Niro & Pacino are kind of like 2 nomadic personalities wandering thru a hazy wasteland with instability in their lives & the only thing that matters is the next score or thwarting the attempted robbery attempt because both guys get a kick out of being underestimated & coming out on top once the dust settles. 

    4. southwest1


      The guy is right though. In every Michael Mann film I have seen, all the characters are proficient at defensive driving, operating a weapon under attack, not panicking when situations unravel, being intellectually curious following up their own leads with or without approval; thinking on their feet; & knowing when to go into full assault & take down mode without batting an eye. 


      Even when De Niro's crew takes down the bank, they are calm, cool, & collected even when giving orders they are professionals. I just like the firefight in the street because the audience knows exactly what's going on with no dark shadows or blurred vision shots on camera. "For me, the action is the juice." I just like how the 1st bank robber in the car slaps the driver on the shoulder, laughs, & then when the crap hits the fan; he smashes a window, fires his machine, & yells get the car moving. 


      De Niro's crew knows when to chill & cut loose & when to go into assassination mode & get the hades out of dodge. 

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