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  1. Maybe agholor over Williams. Id pick a receiver to drop. Maybe cowboys or packers for D
  2. Before I even got to the end, I was thinking Jackson over Carson. It's hard to bench JuJu.
  3. 1. Curtis Samuel: He may turn into Allen's #1 2. That's about all you can do is monitor the injury status. 3. Difficult to say because they are trying to establish he run, but when you look at his remaining schedule, he has seven favorable matchups.
  4. Jones isn't available but I'm grabbing Kyle Allen. Stuck on defenses. Pit vs Cinci Sea at Ari Colts vs Oak
  5. Half point ppr. I scored 137 while my opponent got 146...Mike Evans got him 41 points. I was highly unhappy And idk what happened to Garrapolo, who screwed me. I haven't had a QB get over 16 points so far: Cousins, Carr, Garrapolo. Going for Brissett this week and probably going to snag Haskins after the Bears game when Keenum gets benched. Best QB's available are Winston @LAR, and maybe Minshew. So going with Brissett for now. Going to try and snag W. Gallman of the Giants since Barkley is likely out for 6-8 weeks.
  6. Do you ever feel like the fantasy gods are out to get you, or that if you didn't have bad luck you wouldn't have any luck at all? Past two weeks, the only reason I lose is because they had a player on their team go off for 40+ points...at least 25 over their projections.
  7. The only question mark I have is on Chris Carson. With his case of the fumbles and NOs run Defense, being on par with Pitt, I would think about taking a flyer on Deebo against the soft Pass D of Pitt. With Ben out it is a downgrade and may not turn as much into a passing game as one might hope, and Pitt will definitely run it more than they will pass, which can slow up the game. But again, SF is going to find their success through the air and not the run game. SFs middling pass D will still give the Steelers opportunities to go big. I think Garappolo throws quite a bit in this game and goes for over 300 yards. That's why I am starting him.
  8. There's no-one else I'd drop but him. I'll tell you what though, I've never felt like I've struggled more than I have already this year.
  9. .5 PPR RB: Cook, Gore, Mixon, D. Williams, J. Jackson WR: Thomas, Kupp Diggs, C. Samuel, T. McLaurin, MVS If Singletary is out, starting Gore would be the way to go. It's either flex Diggs or Mixon and I think Diggs has the better matchup. Also thinking of dropping MVS and grabbing Tate before his suspension ends. However I've only got one move left and Penny is there for free, so grab him instead and drop Jackson, then grabbing Tate next week. @chad72 @Jared Cisneros
  10. Grabbed him and dropped Carr. Someone dropped Cam, should I grab him and drop Cousins? I'm pretty much streaming QBs.
  11. Start one Jimmy G vs Pit (5th) Famous Jameis vs NYG (3rd) You like that Cousins vs Oak (8th)
  12. Mosterts schedule is most easy doing the time Coleman will be out. Could at least be a trade bait that you use after week 6. I wouldn't think anyone its going to pick up duke even if you drop him.
  13. That's what I thought, but with their RBs they only need odb and boyd. So it would hurt them really.
  14. WR Trade thoughts: My current WR Roster: Kenny G., Watkins, M. Brown, Gallup, Kirk, D.J. Moore Opposing Teams WR Roster: OBJ, T. Boyd, R. Anderson, Westbrook, G. Allison They have their RBs locked up with DJ, Freeman, and D. Henry. As well as TEs with Walker and Howard. I am targeting OBJ. Would offering Watkins and Moore be too much, fair, or not enough? Should I offer Watkins and Kirk? @chad72 @Jared Cisneros
  15. That's some next level forward thinking right there.
  16. Jacoby was definitely holding the ball for awhile, but I don't think it had to do with the plays all going deep. The Titan's coverage was strong.
  17. Even if Gordon comes back, ekeler is still going to get his. As long as there are others to pick up like C. Thompson or R. Mostert (prefer Mostert in this case).
  18. Idk, I think it may turn into a passing game with the tempo Arizona wants to play.
  19. Week 2 line-up. Full PPR RB: Elliot, J. Jacobs, Cook, M. Brown, R. Penny, J. Jackson WR: Watkins, Gallup, Golladay, Kirk, M. Brown, D. J. Moore Half PPR RB: Cook, D. Williams, Mixon, J. Jackson, C. Thompson WR: M. Thomas, Kupp, Diggs, C. Samuels, MVS, T. Mclaurin For full ppr, I'm considering swapping kirk in place if Gallup as Norman may not shadow Cooper and Arizona's up-tempo, he could see a lot of targets. For half ppr, now that guice is out, I can see Thompson getting lots of snaps in the passing game as they will be playing from behind, which has me thinking of flexing him instead of Diggs. But not as much as I'm thinking of my full ppr league. I'm feeling pretty good about my RB situation in this league. @Jared Cisneros @chad72 And anyone else who wants to chime in
  20. I could flex Dalvin and just swap Brown and Gallup. Gallup may likely have a drop this week against the Redskins cause Norman may not shadow Cooper. On second thought, I'll just keep what I have and give Brown another week. But dang that Arizona matchup.
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