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  1. Player safety was never a problem on kick offs. Especially onside.
  2. There has been at least 2 PI, a hold, and two False starts that have not been called. Butts kicked because the refs aren't cashing the obvious. You can't use someone to push up on, thats PI. People blame cox? You cast out jump someone who's on topthe of you.
  3. So the refs are clearly in the Chiefs pocket. You can't use the offensive player as your base as you list up. But were not going to call PI.
  4. Lol, why have you not visited since 2016. Hello chiefs fan.
  5. Lol, why have you not visited since 2016. Hello chiefs fan.
  6. First down with rick venturi https://youtu.be/lSjINFNBRhQ Espn do your research, teddy bruschi https://youtu.be/7WWOBR5i1ZM
  7. World of sports preview https://youtu.be/CgNm1x_V2xM WTHR with Dungy https://youtu.be/aFIJUFIeaRI Stephen A. Smith show https://youtu.be/c60bHGEcuoY NFL total access tale of the tape NFL total Access: mahomes prep for Colts D https://youtu.be/-kOW5vIQHv0
  8. Zak keefer inside Colts locker room https://youtu.be/-kzb_uHHDS8 Mike tirico on Colts success https://youtu.be/JkAGMCXDO4Q Kurt Warner with rich eisen: starts at 5:40
  9. Nfl live today. Starts at 10:39 https://youtu.be/xhjapJRH8Vo Jalen Rose on Colts/Chiefs ESPN2 Jalen & Jacoby. https://youtu.be/OeRNFQRTnKE The herd with jason mcintyre: starts at 2:55
  10. It means they, kc, will have to run more and we can stop that better than we can their pass. Plus we have a great run game matchup, which is perfect for cold, snowy, windy weather.
  11. Well if luck = peyton and mahomes = brady, then we won't. Unless you're calling mahomes peyton?
  12. Goodness I hope not, another decade of getting beat by the same team in the playoffs.
  13. Betting analysis: Colts ATS and under https://youtu.be/-m8pj-seL8A First take
  14. Skip and Shannon make their predictions:
  15. If they trade him, wouldn't the team taking him take his contract and cap hit?
  16. GMFB: Divisional Picks https://youtu.be/HZc7PcVWZLg
  17. Brett Kollman: Picks against the spread. Same guy who made the good Colts/Houston video and that the Colts could be a playoff nightmare. https://youtu.be/7nvQbJuvvVY ESPN Get Up: https://youtu.be/bjGKwVVWJeM?t=4m44s
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