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  1. Sorry but I can't agree with it. Not saying you're wrong, saying I disagree with that way of officiating. Especially in playoffs and especially when they are so blatant.
  2. It wasn't even, bit even if it was, the penalties on us hurt more than those on the Chiefs. It was more about the non-calls.
  3. That has nothing to do with officiating.
  4. True, but those change the game entirely. If those were called, maybe we could have played our game.
  5. First one on Cox when the defender used him to platform up to block the ball and then in the 4th when the defender didn't turn his head and hit our receiver before the ball got there. Lastly the hold on pascal in the endzone in the 4th.
  6. Then you didn't watch the same game. Did you say the same thing in 14' when we were down by 28? What happened then?
  7. We'll you're coach was wrong. How do you score when the defense is allowed to pull and interfere the entire game? How are you able to stop them from scoring when the refs allow false starts and call it on the defense when they react? How does the defense stop them when they make up a penalty to give them the ball back such as the running into the kicker that should have been roughing at worst. Refs can negate a perfect game if they so desire.
  8. What happens if we get those two endzone PIs? You dont think we run it in instead of missing a FG or punting? That makes it 27-31 at least. Little more fair calling and it should have been a game. I don't put it solely on the refs, but its 60-40 refs to me.
  9. We deserved a fairly officiated game. One thing does not exclude the other. Meaning no matter how bad we played, it shouldnt affect the way the game is officiated.
  10. Now to be fair, this isn't the first time I, or others, have said it. I said it before he was out for a session and a half.
  11. I think you could free up more space, double down on some 1st and 2nd rd picks for two years and have a QB with something to prove, accuracy, legs, and arm strength.
  12. How do the Chiefs go from being the most penalized team in the NFL by 14 flags, to only getting what...5 this game? Hill was penalized in the rams game for giving a peace sign while running by a defender. Guess what he did in this game. They had the most in passing downs with 16 holds, 14 PI, and 2 roughing the passer. Did they get a single one this game? No, but we all clearly saw at least two if not 3, in/near the endzone. Even Collinsworth said so, and that takes a lot when it comes to him and the Colts. There should have been a late hit on Luck, but no. So much for the league "strictly enforcing" illegal contact line they stated preseason. What's the point if you don't enforce it in the playoffs. Plus other penalties like holds and false starts that should have been called. Nvm the running into the kicker that wasn't. Now clearly our offense was off, bit that's two 1st and goal on the 1, that we got shafted out of. Now I like to think the NFL is fair, but this really makes me doubt and confirm suspicions. Its been a long a time since I've seen officiating so atrocious.
  13. Because we didn't need them. Our receivers couldn't catch or luck just couldn't throw, more so the latter. You dont need trickery when you execute well, and if you dont excuse the basic, how do they expect to execute the advanced?
  14. Reich was not out coached. The plays were there, they just were not executed well at all. The defense stepped up and was managed well. You can't necessarily run much when your down 17. Luck is not what he was, and he has never been a great post season qb. We will have the manning years all over again. Plus I think we've seen the best of Luck. I've been worried for a bit that we wasted our best opportunity with him. He throws too many short balls on both deep and short routes. He's different and its permanent. I really would not mind trading luck and keeping brissett. Extreme I know. But we have something in him.
  15. Luck is a qb like manning, can't show up in the playoffs. He's not what he was.
  16. Yes our offense was off. PI in the endzone cost us points, giving them first downs that should have been false starts, mahomes shaking his hands like Michael J. Fox back there. Holds where we should have had a tackle, non-pi call that puts us within 10 yards. It should have been a game. Running into the kicker that wasn't gifts them another set of downs.
  17. Forget these refs, seriously. Was saying early this week the refs would decide this game. NFL cant have chargers host. Its things like this that make you think 'fix.'
  18. You were saying? 3 sacks including a strip sack...and the game isn't over.
  19. So seriously, idk how anyone can deny refs not in the bag for the Chiefs.
  20. They call those PIs, especially in three endzone, the score would be different.
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