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  1. @chad72 @Jared Cisneros My two Defenses in my money league: Which weeks do you play which team, or try to find another? PIT BAL Wk13: CLE SF Wk14: @ARI @BUF Wk15: BUF NYJ Wk16: @NYJ @CLE Best Available for each week: Wk13: LAC @Den, PHI @Mia, GB @NYG Wk14: PHI vs NYG, GB VS Was, HOU vs Den, IND @TB Wk15: KC vs Den, PHI @Was, NYG vs MIA Wk16: CIN @Mia, MIA vs Cin, NYG @TB, Was vs NYG
  2. Outside your top 3, such is the TE life. Waller has the best upside over anything out there.
  3. @chad72 Also half tempted to start Guice in flex over T. Willams, especially with Flowers, Hand, and Walker out.
  4. Sit one in half ppr Moore @ NO ODB vs Mia Crowder vs Oak Already playing Darnold.
  5. Lol, idk how I posted this so far from the other topic. My bad.
  6. Bo Scarborough is available, drop Guice or McLaurin for him? Or not at all?
  7. We essentially need to win out. Even finishing with one more loss at 10-6, we will likely miss the playoffs to the Steelers or Bills.
  8. Winston @Atl or Darnold vs Oak Winston is pretty much a guaranteed 20 pt minimum, but Darnold may have the higher ceiling. Jets have a run game though while the Bucs don't. I would have to drop Winston.
  9. Really smart move. Not sure if Alshon was the best choice, but also probably not much else you could get. NJ
  10. I run one TE for the most part. Especially now after byes, running 3 defenses is too much. You're rosters are solid btw.
  11. Who would you sit in half ppr? Guice vs Det (1st in PA) Hunt vs Mia (6th in PA) Samuel's @Cinci (5th in PA) From there, would you start the person you sit over T. Willams in flex?
  12. Ah it's 1 am for me here, i read it wrong. I still trust the Ravens D.
  13. After what the steelers did to the Rams, idk if you can really not want to play Baltimore. It's also GB at home after a bye.
  14. Current line-up this week. Half PPR: WR: D. Adams @SF, M. Thomas v Car, T. Williams @NYJ, G. Tate @Chi, T. McLaurin vs Det, Diggs (BYE) RB: J. Samuels @Cinci, K. Hunt vs Mia, Cook (BYE), Mattison (BYE), Mack (IR), D. Guice vs Det (Waiver Claim in), J. Williams @HOU (Waiver Claim in) Def: Pit @Cinci, Bal @LAR Looking to get D. Guice and probably flex him in over T. Williams. Currently starting Pittsburgh D, but Ravens might be the better option here...idk Full PPR: WR: Hopkins vs Ind, D. Moore @NO, J. Crowder vs Oak, ODB vs Mia, Gallup @NE, Tate @Chi RB: Elliot @NE, D. Johnson vs Ind, Cook (Bye) TE: Z. Ertz vs Sea, Olsen @NO Def: Bal @LAR, NE vs Dal Again, starting Bal Defense, but NE is NE. Also, Bo Scarborough (@ Was) is available on waivers. Thinking of grabbing him and starting him over D. Johnson.
  15. Yup My opponent has Kelce left and I'm beating him by 34 (he had Woods starting and JuJu in his flex). Helped get my win. However for next week. My week 12 lineup was looking like RB: Mack @Hou, J. Samuels, @ Cinci, Hunt vs Mia, Cook bye WR: Thomas vs Car, Mclaurin vs Det, T. Williams @ Jets, Adams @ SF, Tate @ Chi, Diggs By now do I drop Mclaurin or Williams to pick up Jonathan William's, or just roll with Samuels and Hunt? Also, I'm benching Adams because of SF, but they are showing signs of vulnerabilities, would you play him instead?
  16. Ya, draft was unfortunate. But you are up there in points against.
  17. Diggs vs Denver Or T. Williams vs Cinci I feel Diggs can get shutdown, but Oakland is just going to run so much I don't think willams has much of a ceiling or floor.
  18. So how about the polarity in the league this year? Five strong teams, one middle, and then four....giving it their best, lol. How's everyone feeling about their teams? I feel good, but my schedule here near the end is about to get bumpy. I just made it past team Hulce, but now i face @Btown_Colt who's 8-3, and then against the Points For leader, @Matthew Gilbert, but finish up against @WarGhost21 and @BPindy, both spoiler teams. Although @BPindy needs to set his roster for this week before he gives someone a free win! Looking at the other teams schedules, I think I could finish 9-5 and NOT make the playoffs, how crazy is that?
  19. man i hope not, my opponent has them and I only got 5 from Steelers D last night.
  20. Ugh it's never easy. I was going to drop Jaylen Samuel's to pick up Williams, now that Conners is hurt again, leaving Jaylen Samuels as replacement for Cook next week vs Cinci. Hunt is an option to drop, but he faces miami next week and could be a better play than Mack who faces Houston. Leaving Alexander mattison as my last option to drop, but he's my Cook handcuff...lol Maybe just drop Tyrell Williams as I'm only playing him next week vs jets over D. Adams who plays SF.
  21. Will fuller, but clearly it's a risk with his hammy injury. He's the better option imo but if you have nothing else and he doesn't go, you've basically handed the game over.
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