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  1. In your example, the guy didn't win the draft. So did he win the league? At Some point the guy moved up and wasnt in last anymore. But I can see where the waiver pool can dry up by mid season. I still don't consider the waiver pool really that my g of a strategy. If you're having to hot tyke waiver pool a lot, then your strategy isnt working. If you're not using it, then that's not really strategy, it's just a place holder in case one of your guys goes down. Which, if you're waiting mid season already to use it, then you have missed out and it's already drying up on you. If you use it in the first few weeks, then that's it and you mice to the bottom and will not likely see first for a few weeks if others are active. However, at least you get to see first at some point. I can agree with rolling waivers.
  2. Now who's being argumentative? I asked you to pm me. Instead you falsely try to call me out again. Have you already forgotten what you said? You can go back and read it. You directed your delusional comment at me personally before I called you selfish. It was in response to my generic application of what I deemed unsportsmanlike. If you're going to try and argue, at least keep up with what you said.
  3. That statement makes no sense. When there is a disagreement, both people are arguing. You were as much a part of this as I. In this instance, are not both argumentative by your standard? I am not going along looking to argue with people for no reason at all. Was that supposed to be a jab? Now this could be taken as argumentative, but I will not stand idly by as people try to passive aggressively insult me for no reason. I will return things in kind, much like our delusional/selfish back and forth. Of which you started. If you would like to continue this, please feel free to PM me.
  4. Meh, I'm dropping to Joes league anyways lol
  5. Ah, I see the double standard now. A high waiver spot is not needed as much for those with a good record and no spots needed to be filled. A high waiver spot is not needed as much for those who are in the top 3, 4, or even 5. A high waiver spot is needed for those who are struggling to salvage their season. Your preference is neither equitable nor equal. It helps to keep those who are down, remain down, and those who are up, remain up. That is your prerogative, I simply disagree.
  6. Well for one that person isn't giving up any spot, because again its from the get go. So you can let go of it now. As people do better and better and go up in rankings, it is highly unlikely that they will do anything with waivers. If you're winning, do you really shop around the waivers that much, each and every week? Not likely. Meanwhile, those who are losing are trying to salvage their season from various things that caused their bad season. Waivers may not help them, but at least it gives them a better opportunity to be more competitive. Because you are the one arguing for the setting. Anyone who likes your setting, to me, is a bit selfish. You want to allow people who are winning to have high picks when they don't need them. When it does nothing to help them. Rather than allow those who need the most help to have it. That is a perfect example of selfish. Idk what else to call it. Sorry if you took offense, maybe its just me being "delusional" again right? I would rather allow those that need it most, to have the best chance to improve their situation. It increases competition and increases interest and engagement. If you believe in trying to have the most competitive league possible, and help those that need it most, then it makes total sense to allow those who are doing the worst, to get the first pick. I'm sorry, but do you know how the NFL does their waivers? You might want to take a look at that and come back and tell me it makes no sense. Then you can write to the league and let them know they are crazy too.
  7. I know that your choice hurts people more than it helps them. Some people don't "do good" because of a slew of injuries that occur that are beyond their control. Noone is getting punished because it's all the same from the get go. You're treating this as if it is a mid season transition from your setting to my setting. If it's from the get go, the worst people will always be near the top regardless, so no one is getting punished. Clearly one of us isn't understanding how it works.
  8. Sorry if I want a fair competition between teams and to keep people active. If I'm last place, be it injuries or whatever, and I need help but can never get it to remain competitive, then what's the point in playing. I'm going to lose anyways, so might as well quit. That's why people stop playing. By giving first pick to those that need it most, helps in leveling the playing field and creating competition. Have you always been this selfish?
  9. Exactly, you're doing absolutely nothing. If youre not using it, then you're not stopping anyone from getting anything. You're wasting it anyways. There's no strategy for doing nothing if you don't need anything. What you are doing is helping to prevent those who need help, from getting it. Is it fair for a last place person to be last in the waiver? No. It's more selfish and elitist than anything. You're just standing by either waiting for something to happen, which gives you any over other owners who have the same thing happen, or you're intentionally trying to hurt another team. There's competition, then there's straight unsportsmanship.
  10. Yes, but that only applies to the first week. After that it's rank based. At least that's my experience with all my espn leagues. Maybe I'm wrong.
  11. If you're winning, then what does it matter? It is more equitable to do it based on rank. Obviously if a person is last, they are already having plenty of problems and need all the help they can get. There's some things you can't predict or even account for. You can't handcuff every player, there's not enough spots on the roster. You can only have so many people on your roster, so there is no hoarding. There's no reason for them to pick someone up unless the need to. You have to drop someone you wanted in order to pick another up.
  12. See i think that's completely unfair. Once you get the #1, why do you have the right to hold onto it forever? Its most beneficial for those whip end up with a good team and then when someone goes down at any point, get first dibs. I think it's better to have the waiver based on ranking as it gives the teams that had completely fluke instances mess up their team. I remember right off the bat I had 3 of my starters get injured for the season, and nearly every week my players would way under perform. In your set up, if I end up near the bottom, I'm kind of left up to waiting in others to use theirs so I can move up. This basically ruins any chance of me getting someone I want for a few weeks because I'll put in a claim but it might get taken because I'm at the bottom. It could be several weeks before I find adequate replacements for my injuries, meanwhile I'm still losing every week and at the bottom.
  13. Sorry, been busy moving to England. But I'm in.
  14. Did you disregard the whole second half of my post.  We don't care if they benefited or not.  Its the fact that they did it at all is the issue.

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      I don't know, I cant find the personal message, I thought this was it lol. It says leave a message, so I did.

    2. amfootball


      Did you just sent to me or others? I wonder if it is the same as PM or different.


      I respect your opinion and was not trying to bring up DG but just sharing the data given many, many here wanted to see if Brady's performance or the team's fumbles would be affected. I was just posting the data that emphatically says it was not. I did not create a separate thread because I did not want to rehash DG but just give the update on a Brady related thread ...

    3. amfootball


      To be fair, Brady seemed to have a pretty good deep ball this season (I don't have the stats just going off the eye test) as compared to other seasons and a football that has more air in it is easier to throw further with more velocity. He was throwing more deep balls because Edelman was out half the season but IMO his deep ball seemed much better.

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    From the album: random

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  17. Anyone afraid of mass shootings, read this.  http://gawker.com/you-will-not-die-in-a-mass-shooting-1746158444

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      Plus I'm still figuring this out,  but it's a status update on my profile,  not a post on the forums themselves.

    2. 12isthenew18
    3. Narcosys


      Because feelings are so strong and almost synonymous with poltical issues, guns get turned into it quickly.  I was just trying to show there shouldn't be a fear of it.

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  18. I am unable to post.  It will say saving after i click submit, but nothing happens.  It may be just on my end, but letting you know.

    1. radiogirl


      site seems great today.  Not having any of those issues today.

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      Both times it was on my mobile phone, initially I tried to copy and paste a text from an article and the second time I was trying to paste a direct link.  I ended up posting the link by hitting the link button and then pasting it in. 

      It seems to only happen on my mobile phone.

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      Lol, sorry but heres another.  Clicking the "Home" Link at the upper left is returning a


      Sorry, there is a problem

      Cannot find the page you requested

      Error code: 2T187/2

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  19. Dude, you got some 'right wing/left wing' issues that you need to figure out bro. This is like twice in the past week or so you come out railing against some perceived right wing nutcase, when there are plenty of left wing nutcases.  You have your own views, that fine.  But knock the bashing of other views off.  Isn't tolerance the mantra of the left?  Oh wait, thats only for people that agree with you.  That is some definition of tolerance the left has.

    1. Narcosys


      oh, Now I'm the bad guy lol.  Why are you in on this? 

    2. Jules


      Because I can be and I do share many of his views as well. Now again......scamper. Don't make a leftist woman too mad or she can go insane......right?

      So see ya later Narcosys, thanks for your contributions. Much appreciated. Buh bye.

    3. Nadine


      We all need to be more mindful that this is a diverse board.

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  20. He really wanted out. That and to try for a ring.
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    There it is

    From the album: random

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    slow clap

    From the album: random

  23. From the album: random

    This is all my colts gear. Most proud of the Autographed Maning, Adam V, and Cheerleaders photos.
  24. Now i must go ahead a prologue this post by saying I am in no way supporting the shooter. What he did is terrible. But the media is exaggerating some of the details, and it only serves to further the gun control issue. They keep saying that he had a 100 round magazine. Here are images of his weapons at the scene. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2176377/James-Holmes-Colorado-shooting-Gunman-used-drugs-killed-Heath-Ledger.html If you look at the 6th and 8th set of images, you will see the rifle. Now the next link is an actual image of 100 round mag. They are NO WAY the same. Here again you have the media changing the details to further their own political agendas. http://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=http://www.defensereview.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/12/SureFire_MAG5-100_HCM_High_Capacity_Magazine_100-Shot_AR-15_M16_Box_Magazine_2.jpg&imgrefurl=http://www.defensereview.com/dr-exclusive-surefire-60-shot-and-100-shot-ar-ar-15m16-5-56mm-nato-box-magazines-for-infantry-combat-and-tactical-engagements-meet-the-surefire-mag5-60-and-mag5-100-high-capacity-magazines-hcms/&usg=__VE07WfIZjkpQ7PMN5iDF3rd99rA=&h=774&w=1500&sz=73&hl=en&start=19&zoom=1&tbnid=zLbBXUAkv6nzZM:&tbnh=77&tbnw=150&ei=-kkNUJmRDoXO9QTOm6y9Cg&prev=/search%3Fq%3DColt%2BAR%2B15%2B100%2Bround%2Bmagazine%26um%3D1%26hl%3Den%26safe%3Dactive%26sa%3DN%26rls%3Dcom.microsoft:en-us%26tbm%3Disch&um=1&itbs=1
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