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  1. Cook has been fortunate in the TD dept. But you cant count on that. Jax is weak against the run with kamara getting only 5 less carries a game on average but is more productive in the passing game. Eagles are pass funnel defense, so although Cook gets his carries, that game is going to be won through the air. If kamara is healthy, go kamara.
  2. Ah contextual confusion then, my bad. I was under the impression the other guy was talking about JB. Luck should definitely go for a couple first rounders and then some.
  3. So is that you're thing, just saying wrong without contributing anything else? Any comparables that you bring to support your claim that I'm wrong? Just cause he's worth more to you doesn't mean that's his market value. Keenum traded for a 7th rd pick, so I'm sorry but JB is not 6 rounds better than Keenum. Colts are a much better team than the Redskins, so if Keenum can do what he's doing on the Redskins, he'd do just fine with us. I may be wrong, but you're clearly the farthest from the mark.
  4. Who's going to pay two #1s for brisset? A single second is the best we'd get for brisset
  5. Not even in the realm of possibility, even for a qb desperate team. Two #1s?!? You'd be lucky to get a single 2nd rounder.
  6. Nope. Not sure I'm interested in having him back after the stunt he pulled.
  7. Dang, that is a tough one. I know Williams is taking over and it should be a high scoring game, but breida could easily do again what he did last week against a weak rams defense. Dude that's a coin flip. I think you can trust breida more, but Williams might have a higher upside.
  8. WR: Kupp vs SF, Thomas at Jax, McLaurin at Mia, Diggs vs Phi, MVS vs Det, Anderson vs D RB: Cook vs Phi, Dam. Williams vs Hou, Mixon at Bal Currently stuck on Mixon vs Williams, and Diggs vs McLaurin vs Mixon/Williams in flex.
  9. Coleman's clear 3 way split backfield coupled with Gallup's super high ceiling and Ridley's matchup that should be a big scoring game. If you want Coleman he should get in the teens, but Ridley and Gallup have the best upside.
  10. Here's a trade idea: QB: Cousins, Winston WR: Kupp, Thomas, Diggs, McLaurin, MVS, R. Anderson, G. Tate RB: D. Cook, Mixon, Dam. Williams TE: Waller, Everett (only because of bye) I am looking to grab Josh Jacobs as another RB and the guy wants Thomas in a package and has thrown out Allen Robinson. I am thinking Jacobs, Allen Robinson, and Dak for Thomas. The guy is running 3 QBs. His other WRs are Amari Cooper, OBJ, and Christian Kirk. I had to drop Gore for a TE this week, so I may pick him up again, but there is literally NOBODY on waivers. Gore, Burkhead, Mattison, Mostert, Pollard, Samules, Ito, Malcom Brown, Bernard, Hines, and Justin Jackson are the best available. I am solid at WR and decent at RB, I have the #1 and #3 WRs and top 3 RB. But the rest are weak. I am hoping that when Green comes back, Mixon will open up and I am encouraged with Damien Williams getting significant snaps and carries over McCoy. My week 9 and 12 are what is worrying me right now due to byes. Week 9: Kupp, Thomas, and Mixon are on bye. So I am looking to start Tate (vs Dal), Anderson (at Mia), and Diggs (at KC over McLaurin whos at Buf) for WR, and start Cook and Williams (vs Min) for RB. That looks horrible. Robinson gets the eagles for week 9 and Jacobs is vs Det. Plus Dak is at Giants over Winston at Sea and cousins at KC. Week 12: Williams and Cook are on Bye, leaving me only Mixon and whomever I grab off of waivers, most likely Gore. I would be starting Kupp vs Bal, and Allen vs NYG and Anderson vs Oak over Tate (at CHI), Diggs on bye, and McLaurin (vs Det). For my RB it would be Mixon vs Pit and Jacobs at NYJ. Allen, probably a sell high candidate, has a mostly positive schedule for the remainder of the season: NO, LAC, @PHI, DET, @LAR, NYG, @DET, DAL, @GB, KC, @MIN While Jacobs is middling: @GB. @HOU, DET, LAC, CIN, @NYJ, @KC, TEN, JAC, @LAC, @DEN -Dak is Dak but better than anything I've got. I feel i need to diversify my RB situation, but I can't get anyone to bite on Diggs or McLaurin. I think my team as is should be fine. -Week 9 I go against the worst team in the league who barely scores more than 80 points a week so far, so I should survive that. His scores so far 87.96, 118.38, 81.6, 87.06, 70.14. Plus he has Devontae Freeman, Brandin Cooks, and AJ Green all on bye. -Week 12 I will probably lose regardless of what I do because it's against probably the best team in the league. His players names don't pop out, but they just keep putting it together for him His probable Week 12 Lineup QB: Rodgers WR: M. Evans at Atl, Golladay at Was, Gallup at NE, T. Williams at NYJ, Thielen Bye RB: D. Henry vs Jax, J. Conner at Cinci, A. Jones at SF, M. Sanders at Was, R. Penny at Phi, D. Johnson vs Ind TE: Fant at Buf or Engram at Chi -In this league, if you can score in the upper 120s and 130s, you should win. -Honestly, I should just probably ride it out and hope I don't get any injuries. Oh and sorry, this turned out more than I expected.
  11. Looking at maybe getting Devin Singletary. Would offer Diggs or McLaurin straight up.
  12. Get an Elite WR with what? Hopes that Bell and Freeman ball out? Either way, you were quick on that reply. I even edited my above post immediately after. See above.
  13. He wont budge. Can't seem to offer anything he would like. His roster RB: Bell, D. Freeman, J. White, K. Drake, T. Cohen WR: Fitzgerald, E. Sanders, M. Williams, B. Cooks, A.J. Green, Demarcus Robinson Says he's not in the market for WRs... Ok man, you keep scoring your 70 points a week. Speaking of Diggs and McLaurin Thinking of rostering Diggs vs PHI again over McLaurin at MIA. Thoughts? Maybe Diggs gets greased this week.
  14. Which would you rather keep, Diggs or McLaurin? I feel McLaurin has the better ceiling, but Diggs has the best 4 game spread up next before week 9. McLaurin has the better schedule after his bye in week 10. But the Offense of the Redskins is not as good as the Vikings.
  15. @chad72 You think Mixon and Diggs or Mixon and McLaurin is too much for L. Bell?
  16. Id say so. Wheeler ekeler should fall behind. And both WR are bad imo. I just made a trade on "speculation" Curtis Samuel for Robby Anderson. I'm trying to get Bell myself. Looking to trade Mixon and a wr, either MVS, Tate, McLaurin, or Diggs.
  17. Ya I understand, ended up not working out so well for me in the end. But wanted to just make everyone was aware cause I don't want it to seem to like collusion or anything.
  18. @WarGhost21, @Bluefire4, @Lucky Colts Fan, @Btown_Colt, @onebad150, @BPindy, @Matthew Gilbert All, So there I transparency and you are all made aware. I have offered a trade to my wife, though she hasn't accepted it yet the trade is as follows: Odell and Robby Anderson for Golladay and Marquise Brown. I feel this is a fairly even trade, but I know some had issues last year with me trading with my wife so I want to make it aware so you guys are given ample notification (other than ESPN) to vote on this trade if it is accepted.
  19. Who's got the higher floor? I want Diggs to break out, but they are having so much trouble it's hard to tell how the team it's going to treat him. MVS did great against Denver, but look at the terrible 3/7 for 47 against the Eagles.
  20. I'm passing on hines. Thinking about MVS Diggs is having some issues. This could be an easy breakout game against the giants or a clear message to not skip practice. MVS won't have to worry about Adams so tons of targets to go around. But its at Dallas. Tagging @Jared Cisneros in this too.
  21. I figure hines would get more targets than diggs because of the focus on passing with the Colts versus the focus on running with the Vikings. Plus rumours have started that diggs asked for a trade. Could mean fewer targets his way.
  22. @chad72 @Jared Cisneros If Mack is out, would hines be a better flex than Diggs?
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