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  1. I would agree with this being the reason if every game this year didn't look similar. I hate Cutler more than anyone except Philip Rivers, and still have some sympathy for the guy. They might win five games this year at this pace.
  2. You can take any elite player at any position other than QB and put them on a mediocre team and their stats will suffer. Calvin Johnson already has 9 TDs this year, when he only had 12 last year with his "average" team. His QB is healthy this year and he only needs three more to reach his last year's total. He may do it next game. Does that make him an overrated receiver? Was he not as talented and dominating last year? Not understanding what point you're trying to make here number28...Seems to me like you're stating something obvious. As to Welker, he is without a doubt the best slot receiver
  3. I am now a Lions fan. And enjoy the color red just a little bit more.
  4. Yes and the point of your posts previous to this one certainly weren't intended to get a response................. OK. Oh shucks, you don't care about my opinion. I'm gonna go cry now. Several people have already attempted to end this thread. Some people are keeping it going. Which one are you? Oh, and more than one player in the NFL wears a #12 jersey so don't jump to conclusions without thinking. Last three threads about the Pats specifically....1883 views, 1334 views, 1793 views. Must all be Pats fans. Quit fueling the fire and complaining of burns.
  5. "Are you serious? You are blaming Cutler for getting sacked every other play? How about blame that god awful offensive line. I am not a big fan of Cutler, but comon man, blaming a QB for sacks is ridiculous" Settle...no one is blaming the QB for taking the sacks. It is a combination of the O-line and the routes taking too long to develop. The language doesn't even point the blame at anyone except the Bears in general.
  6. If you "aren't going to be convinced" and are bothered by these postings there's an easy way to solve that. And please do post things about PM in the general section on the Patriots forum. If it makes you feel better about the Patriots fans posting here, or at the very least keeps you out of the general section here, I am all for it.
  7. That's a good point wholeshow about Martz. I am sure it is his ego that gets in the way of changing his system. This team needs to get Forte involved more. It was downright depressing to watch them struggle through their offensive possessions and consistently only get him involved with a 3rd down screen or a 2nd and 25 draw. Just pathetic. Plus, he is on my fantasy team and having negative rushing yards for three quarters is not cutting it.
  8. I can't believe companies exist that come out with "reports" that stadium food is bad for you. What's next? The beer is too expensive? Spend a few million studying that.
  9. We talk all the time on here(I will let you guys guess what about) about offensive line and what it can mean for an offense and a QB. I hate Jay Cutler. I mean HATE. He is a whiner and a loser and a bad sport. He left one of the best situations that a QB can find himself in with an elite WR and an excellent offensive minded coach in Denver, quite possibly the easiest place to throw a football in the NFL with the obvious exceptions of domes, for easily the worst place in the NFL to throw a football, and no good WRs (though admittedly decent ones) just because he was being a giant baby. That bei
  10. Okay GoGoColts, what's more pathetic? The Patriots fans that come here to have discussions about football which inevitably turn into Brady vs Manning on EVERY SINGLE post about the Patriots in the NFL COMMON AREA, or the Colts fans who use their numbers to overwhelm them with their opinions on their own site, and in a board not even dedicated to talking about their team? Their fans need "social proof" their QB is good? I think they get plenty to proof year in and year out that he is. Peyton is too, before you snap. And stop it about SpyGate, you're only making yourself look bad. As someone who
  11. New article on ESPN's website states that congress has been communicating with league officials about the HGH testing agreement in the new CBA. Anyone else think that congress needs to shut their stoop-id mouths about this crap and concentrate on actually doing something useful for our nation? Honestly, it's no wonder we are in the shape we are in. How is this even a topic of discussion for our nation's leaders? And people wonder why nobody votes anymore.... "We are therefore disappointed that the testing has not yet begun," said the letter, which was sent by the Professional Sports Caucus. "I
  12. That's a good point ShakeDown, regardless of your views on legalization.
  13. And I want to know exactly what he was defending Manning from........Obviously not neck injuries. Nobody was attacking PM, which is kind of my point. Every Pats post turns into this eventually on here. If fans don't want to read about Brady being a good Qb, then maybe they should stick to the part of the forum that only discusses Colts football, and stay away from the part which discusses subjects about football, but not about the Colts. Oh, and I didn't tell him to get off the boards, I told him to "leave them alone." It's gonna be a long season if every Colts fan starts getting worked up abo
  14. Yeah Benson is in trouble too, but I believe he is appealing it. These Bengals are *. Pretty consistently too. I wonder if the team has three or four jail cells on reserve at all the local facilities.
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