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  1. I predict 12-4 And the AFC south crown goes BACK to its rightful owners Super Bowl in 2014
  2. The way to beat the no huddle is DEPTH on the DL...... Guess what? We are building that too Some folks would complain about the dirt on the inside of the muffler of the Porshe they were just given.......
  3. Optimistic.... Yes But if you really think about it..... There is no stretch that this team is better than it was this time last year by a long shot.
  4. There is much disagreement on this draft. Some people are in dispair..... Fear not...... This team IS better than the 11-5 team from last year...... Can we agree to that? I believe, barring many injuries we made some big steps Our OL is MUCH better Our DL is MUCH better Our Rookie QB, will be settling in on an offense that he exceled at in college. Fleener will suddenly be a bit better after going back to an offense he also flourished in The timing between the WRs and the QB should be much better with an offseason to work with The RBs may actually have a hole to run through now....... We have
  5. I think my chances are good! ............ ... Of course...... JK I like the draft. I think we improved an 11-5 team a few notches..... Not quite ready to be a favorite to go to a Super Bowl.... But we got better... Thats whats important You can bet that people arent counting us as an easy win, on their schedule I live in Dallas, but I can hear some knees knocking in Houston
  6. I wouldnt cry about it, but really think he will be there at pick 40 We need to get an extra pick to move
  7. Brent........ You have low expectations of your dreams....... Lol
  8. Maybe....... But, the real measurement is 2-3 years from now...... Just like draft ratings 10 mins after the draft closes are *ic.....
  9. I want to trade to get more picks, not move up, if we trade at all.....
  10. Jarvis Jones, if he slides to us, would be my ultimate pick That guy can play If that doesnt happen, AND Cooper and Warmack are gone, In order of my preference.... 1) Trade the pick for mid to early second and get Warford 2) use the pick on Deandre Hopkins) if the rams dont take him) 3) take Jessie Williams 4) take Datone Or. Lastly 5) Kenan Allen I am happy if I wake up friday morning and we have picked up any of these guys
  11. Thanks for putting this together I didnt realize be was so close!
  12. You NEVER trade up for a boom or bust pick in the first round
  13. I would love to have Jarvis and Barret Great work...... Lets see what happens...
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