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  1. is it acceptable for me to say Go Lions here?

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    2. MAC


      Funny Barry.

      I've always had a soft spot for the Lions simply because I love their uniforms (and cats). :)

      Other than that, they've never been easy to like though. This group is turning me off too.

    3. MIColtsFan


      you are all funny guys... I'm still a fan.. 30 NFL player arrests over summer, not all thugs reside in DTown...Berry was "released", shown the door and I appreciate how the org. dealt with that. Also looking forward to see if a hometown 2008 grad. will be on the field kicking for the Bills tonight! I just love football! And not every team can be as classy as the Colts :)

    4. southwest1


      Absolutely, MCF root for your Lions. We all have more than 1 NFL team that we follow. I just hope keeps his cool in critical game situations this year. Yes, the Colts exemplify dignity, honor, & class certainly, but we don't exclusively corner the market on decorum either. :)

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