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  1. I find it so amusing that others care so much about attempting to define the term "fan." If you enjoy football and specific teams, awesome! A fan is a fan is a fan. It doesn't matter whether you've watched them for 20 years or 2 weeks. It doesn't matter if you root for one team this week, and another the next.
  2. 31.6 average as well. Tebow played great football today.
  3. Paul Lowe, Ryan Grant, and now Arian Foster. They are incorrect. Dominic Rhodes did this in our superbowl victory. You'd think they would get these things right.
  4. I'll still root for the Colts and be a fan, but I'll definitely follow Peyton the rest of his career and possibly favor him. The guy is fun to watch, period.
  5. I'm pretty curious. Not sure if there was a prior commitment with the station or what. It would definitely be interesting
  6. We're obviously playing for field goals and not touchdowns. Play calling is way too conservative. I don't want us to win this so we get the #1 but at the same time I'd like to see more competency from the coaching staff. It's obvious they need to go, including Clyde "I get talked up because of Peyton Manning" Christiansen
  7. I hope the Polians are relieved of their duties as well. I'm not sure what the original intent of the Bill Polian show was, but it has done nothing but make me dislike the guy.
  8. Surely 1-15 won't be considered alright. http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2011/12/14/report-caldwell-will-be-fired-if-colts-go-winless/
  9. Rebuild the TERRIBLE team the Polians built in the first place? LOL
  10. That was EPIC considering it said "Gronk" on it lol
  11. Is absolutely ATROCIOUS! I hope Clyde is gone at the end of the year as well. And why would they not put Carter in on the goal line? All because he has 2 fumbles this year? Seriously....
  12. By consistently putting poor talent around him? I think so. Poor offensive players whose names are known only due to Peytons abilities. Mediocore offensive lineman who have earned a paycheck due to Peyton being able to get rid of the ball so quickly. Poor to medicore defenses at times. Even historically bad defenses. God awful special teams any given year, nearly all. The guy has succeeded and made the Colts and household name with basically no talent. Could you imagine how many rings this guy would have under an organization with proper coaching and drafting?
  13. I was banned on a previous version of the forum for speaking out against Bill Polian. The guy is talented but lacks what it takes to win it all. He is 100% the most losing GM in SB History. He taught us that you don't play to win the game. The fact that he is a part of the competition committee is absurd after throwing what would have been a perfect season by benching starters. The team hasn't been the same since. I can't wait to hear comments from players post-retirement. That aside, this guy is incredibly rude to the fans and blasts us for having an opinion.
  14. I have an eerie feeling he will never play again. I wish I would have been a few years older when he was first drafted. Football will never be the same for me without Peyton on the field. Not only because I'm from Indiana, but because he is by far the most entertaining QB I've ever seen play. The way he recognizes coverages and does generally whatever he wants. The way only a select few have been able to give him a hard time (Chargers, Samuels, Warren). It's unreal. This guy is like my hero. I will NEVER forget the comeback in the Pats playoff game or the infamous regular season game where Bel
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