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  1. I tend to concentrate on the people I like, and not on those I dislike. Much healthier that way. ;) Just sayin'
  2. Okay, Got it. That's a good pick for you to make, I'll stick with my Guy :manning: ;)
  3. okay so now you've totally confused me. Not that it's much of a stretch to do so... but are you picking the Giants to win, because you think they will, or is it that if you pick them, you think they'll lose...??
  4. Why is everyone picking on poor 'ol Gramz tonight I'm going to do much better in my picks this week... SH ~ Reaching eh...??? I'll take the this week ;)
  5. but of course you do... I've been waiting for this response
  6. I so want to like this, but I'm strangely out of likes, and I'm trying to behave ;)
  7. , Gramz is really glad we get to drop one week.... Geez Louise, What was I thinking with those picks...??? Congrats to Shecolt, can I copy off of you next week...???
  8. oddly enough, I picked the Jets in the PIckem league one of the few I got correct
  9. I picked the Colts, and survived the first week I am however, rock bottom, in the Pickem League. Geez.... Do we still get to throw one week out...??? I sure hope so
  10. it's the head . But did you like the sentiment...?? ;)
  11. I had a response, but then decided to take the high road, and delete it. There's already enough negativity floating around. Let's all just enjoy the Season, can we?
  12. and you're having to comment on everyone's posts continues too, I see. Whatever.
  13. Kudos to you for such a Great Post. I always enjoy your insight, and take on things. Just wanted to let you know. ;)
  14. When our last Forum closed and we all came here, at first glance I wanted to it was SO different than what we were used to. I am thankful for several people on here who helped me with the new format and convinced me to stick around. I enjoy my old and new friends on here.
  15. hmmm :hmm: what the heck happened. I walk out of the room for 5 minutes
  16. Yes, because I picked the Skins
  17. I did pick the Jets, didn't I...?? It's one of the few I got right this week. You stalking me..??
  18. Any Given Sunday, or Monday as the case may be. WOW not what I expected tonight.
  19. FYI if you click it again, it will erase your like ;)
  20. I missed all the posts today.... Not sure I'll even read any of them. A Win's a Win, and We're 1-0
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