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  1. I too am hoping that he remains a Colt. I just can't fathom him in a different uniform and I feel certain he is gonna play, so let's hope he's still in "our" Blue and White. GO Peyton, Go COLTS
  2. Love all his videos. Thanks for posting.
  3. Subvet, nothing like spending time with the grandkids.... my favorite thing to do these days. and Maureen...we can't keep everything, especially when we continue to add to the lot, but having said that, my grandkids love playing with stuff that belonged to their parents... this past weekend going through all the books we have Kyndall found some books that belonged to her daddy when he was 3, she is now 3. cute to watch her, and read to her the same books I read to her daddy at the same age.... Also have some riding toys my boys had growing up that the grandkids are now using.... some thin
  4. ^^^ Agree, Kayla. I'm sure the Forums and Blogs will be more interesting after the Draft and nearing the start of the season. I do enjoy the daily status updates from all of you and staying in touch in the meantime.
  5. Am I responsible for some of those laughs, and smiles, Brent...???
  6. Right there with you.... I havn't gotten in to the Forums or Blogs so much yet, but do enjoy the banter with our friends from colts direct that are here now.
  7. Ditto what Maureen said.
  8. It seems today that most people can find something "politically incorrect" about just about anything anyone says.
  9. And, for the record Ken, I would love nothing more than for Peyton to finish out his career in Indy.....
  10. ^^^^ It is a "health" issue, AND a $$$$ issue. If Peyton was 100%, and if there wasn't so much $$$ involved in the decision, there wouldn't even be any disscussion here.
  11. Whatever happens, NOTHING erases the fact that Peyton is one of the BEST to ever play the game. He's an incredible athlete, leader, and human being. Imo, he has always strived to do and be the best that he can be, and taken the high road and done the right things. This is a health issue, it is unfortunate that he's had this injury and multiple surgeries, and I, like so many others, feel like I am his #1 Fan, and would like nothing more than for him to remain a Colt, but I also understand the business side. Kayla, I too still hold some hope that they can somehow work this out. Whate
  12. FUN Thanks for posting. If I could figure out how to share some of ours, I would.
  13. very cool. I wanna hear more....
  14. I agree with Maureen. I always watched the Pro Bowl when it came after the Super Bowl, it was one final game of the season, and kind of fun to watch all the festivities. The past two years I never even turned it on...........
  15. I wish we could have gone. It all looked and sounded like such FUN. Great Job City of Indianapolis.
  16. I am doing my best to figure it out.... slow going for me.
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