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  1. It's been nice chatting with some of you on various threads.    I'm getting excited about coming to Indy this weekend.

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    2. Gramz


      It was actually a bit humorous now that I think of it...   Here we are at a Bengals/Broncos game, and I bring my Peyton Manning COLTS quilt.  haha   The Security Guard looked up at me and said, "That's cool, but Peyton is the only one here that will care about it".  My response was  "Peyton is the only one that matters"  haha   Got a laugh out of the Security Dude.

    3. alawai


      When I met PM I was dumbfounded, star struck with my jaws down to my knees!  My friend had to do all the talking, he had to ask if PM if we could take a picture, also told me to stand next to him and even had to say thank you for me.  I guess I really looked dumb!

    4. Nadine


      cool that you got a picture @100GFB

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