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  1. Such a weird feeling that the SB is just days away, and I havn't even really given it much thought.  Normally I'm planning a party and making preparations for days.   haha   I'm not even sure I'll watch it. 

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    2. NFLfan


      Same with me, Gramz. I will probably watch it but I am not excited about it as I usually am. I DEFINITELY  do not want to see Brady hoisting up yet another SB trophy. 


      Go Falcons!

    3. southwest1


      "At least Peyton beat him [Brady] before he retired." --2006CBE


      Well technically, Von Miller did the bulk of the heavy lifting in that AFC Championship Game, buddy. But, you're right, Manning make the throws he had to in order to end his career on top so yeah...I'll co-sign that statement as well. :D

    4. Nadine


      Husband got the day off and wants to watch SO.......I'm making french dip sandwiches :)

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