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  1. Popping in to say Hello.  I hope you're all doing well.

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    2. Gramz



      @southwest1 that Steve Miller concert experience is certainly a memorable one.  Front row seats made for a great time. And yes, I feel very fortunate to have such a great venue in my backyard,  so to speak.  @bababooeyHappy to hear you set the date.   Our summer is going greatso far, thanks for asking.@bababooey

    3. southwest1


      Thanks Bababooey for your additional info on Steve Miller my friend. There are days I wish I still had my Sirus XM Satellite Radio to hear so many genres, interviews, & comedians on it on a daily basis. 


      I had a feeling that there were politics & grievances real or imagined being played behind the scenes at the Rock N Roll HOF, which always upsets me. Good musicians & songwriters should be judged on their ability to play their instruments well, other artists they influence globally, the catchiness of their hooks, bridges, & choruses, their mass appeal over decades, gaining a following either underground thru bootleg demos or mainstream radio play, & record sales. 


      I was watching Dan Rather's show called "The Big Interview" on Axs TV channel last night & he was talking to Ann & Nancy Wilson from Heart on. Ann was talking about the sexism they dealt with for 3 decades by male journalists, executives, & Public relations consultants. Stupid nonsense like "Gee Nancy, For such a pretty girl you play guitar well." Talent isn't defined by a zipper in your pants you fool. Sigh...Or they expected both sisters to wear skimpy outfits in videos to sell more records. SMH. They never say to male lead singers, "hey tubby, lose some weight, step on a treadmill, & try on this girdle to hide your pot belly would ya? We're trying to increase your sex symbol status man not scare small children & mortify women dude." LOL!   


      I have so much respect for Ann & Nancy as performers & songwriters that it always infuriates me when some men assume that women cannot be tremendous musicians & trail blazers in their own right. 


      Anyway, thanks for the insights on Steve Miller buddy. A great guy, tremendous lyricist, & gifted on the guitar too. 

    4. southwest1


      Happy for you & your lovely fiancee BTW Bababooey regarding the condo purchase & nuptial plans in your immediate future. 


      Hey Gramz, I know I tease you a lot regarding your close proximity to a great concert venue. The truth is this: You appreciate how lucky you are to be so close to exceptional live music & you & your husband perform & entertain others yourself with compelling covers & high caliber original songs I'm sure as well. 


      I also like what you told me about Steve Miller frequently bringing a gifted amateur guitarist with his band whenever he goes on tour. That is so cool! And very gracious & kind on Mr. Miller's part. 

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