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  1. Hey there Gramz, did you just change your username recently? No need to justify your reasons for doing so of course. 


    It's cool. Maybe you just feel like hibernating for awhile or sitting silently like a bird chilling on a telephone wire soaking about your surroundings. :hat:

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    2. Gramz


      and to clarify,  sometimes I feel like :wall: when trying to communicate with certain people, because they only understand things the way they "want" to understand.  Thus the reason for the name change.    

    3. radiogirl


      I love your new name!  HA!

    4. southwest1


      I get it Gramz. Some people just can't be reasoned with or they prefer clinging to their POV until their final breath. Some people call that devotion & others an alternate universe where their field general can do no wrong. 


      True, you're a strong woman that never hides from anyone or anything. Timid is not the adjective to describe you Gramz; brave & comical are. :D

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