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  1. Most definitely did not overpay either of those guys. Have you seen the talent around this league lately....If anything he got a discount.
  2. I think Luck or Hass play. We haven't signed a QB yet and considering the playoff implications of this game I think there must be some definite confidence in the FO if they are going to have one of them. I know many will say well Whitehurst would start we don't need a QB. But I think just because of the scenario if you are that unsure if you were going to have at least two healthy QB's you'd sign a backup ASAP.
  3. If we win this weekend, and HOU loses against NE, and then we win against HOU next week, We clinch.
  4. You mean Dorsett and Thornton? Freeman is still not practicing. We are thin at ILB, I hope Sio Moore can produce and stay healthy. Excited to have Dorsett back and it's nice to know MH is practicing. Maybe Dorsett can give our O a little spark.
  5. Game is a win-win for us. Either Texans lose and help us in the playoff race or the Pats lose LOL!
  6. We play the Texans prior to the Dolphins. Irsay is anticipating Luck back for the Texans, at that point Miami would already know.
  7. I think we may need him sooner. MH is playing great, but he has a huge test to keep up with Pitt's offense and Houston has been playing very very well.
  8. Ben is healthy, so this may turn into a little bit of a shootout. If Hasselback has to sling the ball 50 times so be it.
  9. I wouldn't say Luck regressed. I agree that it definitely had to do with personnel and injury, but mostly to do with coaching. The play calling was consistently awful early this season. He definitely made poor decisions, but you change that OC out sooner and this team and Luck are almost instantly right on track. I'm not sure Chud is the answer but his adjustments and calls are leagues above Pep.
  10. And has also fumbled numerous times this season costing them wins. Case in point, the game against us. He was a big reason they lost.
  11. They kept saying during the broadcast three weeks. I hope he comes back sooner.
  12. Jim like everyone has skeletons, all of which I'm sure he isn't proud of.I do however love Jim as an owner, he is passionate, motivated, dedicated to winning, and interacts all the time with the fanbase. I don't think you could ask anything more from an the leader of a franchise.
  13. Yesterdays game made me appreciate Chuck even more. Watching those is what incredibly evident how many of those players were just quitting on their coaches during the game, mostly in that Philadelphia game. Chuck may make mistakes but he is learning and his players NEVER quit on him.
  14. Wasn't just for you . This forum gets so sensitive at times and if you aren't obnoxiously clear between fact and opinion people will jump down your throat.
  15. I don't know whether to take optimism from Luck's comments or not. Sounds like he would play tomorrow if it were up to him, but then the quote about him being confident playing again "this season" scares me.
  16. Absolutely do. In my opinion, several people here have an unrealistic view of what a great coach is and what makes them great. My definition of a great coach is a guy that can take 90+ individual skill sets and talents and can drive them to all believe and fight for the same thing. Players love him and play hard for him. I know comebacks aren't a measure of success because it requires you to be consistently out of the lead, but if this team didn't have great coaching and adjustments we would have nowhere near the amount of comebacks that we've had. He learns from his mistakes. Over the last 3 years there has definitely been growth with Pagano. We've seen improvement in several football related areas. People forget we were one of the least penalized teams last year, which I know isn't the case there year but there are several other factors. Tell me a great coach never makes mistakes or has mishaps. Look around the NFL and be grateful for what the organization currently has, specifically to coaching.
  17. Please refrain from speaking on behalf of the fan base. I want Pagano to stay and I'm very adamant about that. There are a good number of people who feel the same on both sides, but when you lay out all the facts, he's a great coach that is still growing. He has total buy in from the players on his philosophy and ideals, those that think differently need to try and be more observant.
  18. Stop at St Elmo's at some point of your trip. Even if it is for a drink/shrimp cocktail in their lounge. Very cool place and one of my favorite parts of the trip to Indy. Also thoroughly enjoyed Cafe Patachou for breakfast. As for the actual stadium, we had a great time partying it up in the little touchdown town area before the game. Drink prices compared to NJ were incredibly reasonable. Only like 3-5 dollars a bottle if I recall. If you can, try and get a tour of LOS. It was relatively cheap and an amazing experience. They take you through the stadium, give you tons of history and you get to go out on the field.
  19. Geathers may have not showed any signs of being concussed. There must've been enough evidence that Freeman was struggling. Does anyone have a gif or video of the hit? I wasn't able to watch the game. Only listen.
  20. I don't see Pagano leaving. You can tell during his speech that Irsay and Grigson respect the hell outta that guy and know the players run through walls for him. He's still a realtively young head coach and look at that command he has of that locker room. That's the hard part folks, the football stuff develops better over time.
  21. Nope, roster is back at 53 with the addition of Smith off IR.
  22. I've thought our special teams has been one of the brightest spots of our team all year minus one Denver play. I guess it's true its always a what have you done for me lately kind of sport.
  23. I can see Smith turning into a Vontae type. Maybe not as great at cover, but he's got some serious tackling ability.
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