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  1. I hope our o-line plays better than what I'm seeing form Carolina. Man Denver's D is bringing the heat on Cam.
  2. I have Sanders and McManus in a couple of leagues tonight. That INT was unfortunate last drive but at least it looks like Siemian likes Sanders.
  3. Cam complaining already, was a fair hit.
  4. He was just signed to the PS. Hightower cut.
  5. Completely agree with this. If TJ is playing at DROY level they aren't taking him out of the lineup.
  6. I saw this and wondered as well. 2 years ago everyone was incredibly high on Kruger. What happened? Curse of the Browns?
  7. It made me smile to know that I understood this reference.
  8. I hope additional tests confirm this. Great, great news!
  9. cjrulli

    Joey bosa

    Is he able to be traded? I thought I recall something saying he was unable to be traded. EDIT: AH, he cannot be traded anyways. He has to play for SD or for no one. http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2016/08/09/window-closes-on-potential-trade-of-joey-bosa-in-2016/
  10. Redzone execution & good RB play, one of them really needs to step up.
  11. I'll be happy to see him back. Kid was a stud in the games he played last year. Would've received some talk around DROY if he stayed healthy.
  12. There actually is Home/Away sides in most NFL stadiums. For the London game Jacksonville is home, so if you can find out the Home/Away sides in that stadium you should be set.
  13. I think this is most likely, especially with the OL being banged up.
  14. First post in quite awhile! Hello everyone! This new rule will definitely encourage more teams to take a knee but there was already a ton of that last year...If anything won't this also encourage teams to not kick it as deep? We won't see Hesters but maybe we'll start seeing the emergence of more skillful kickers that consistently place it just short of the endzone.
  15. No worries, really pulled for the guy for three straight years. Physicality with him is not there. Can't break tackles to save his life.
  16. literally just did before I saw your post. Sorry for the scare everyone, thank you for the information.
  17. Just saw this on Twitter, haven't seen anything else yet.
  18. Maybe fantastic was a bit of a reach, but in my opinion they would have easily been top 15 if our offense actually helped out.
  19. To be honest our defense was nowhere near as bad as many of you are making it out to be. Go back and rewatch every single game...If we had any kind of help from a dead offense the entire year our defense would have looked fantastic.
  20. Grigs is in the press conference also, I think they're both staying.
  21. On Twitter it was said Pagano already met with the players and that the players were saying they did not have any indication on Paganos future upon their exit of the locker room.
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