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  1. Right?! I miss Jack but out of all of our injured positions I feel he's missed the least. I'm not saying he wouldn't be helpful/productive, especially with run blocking but I think Ebron/Swoope have filled in nicely.
  2. Wonder what's up with Doyle & Geathers. We could certainly be 4-4 going into our bye week. I'm going to the Jags game after the bye, would love to see that game get us to first in the division.
  3. I think we win this one and AL has a BIG game. I think our DL will play really well and get a lot of pressure on Wentz. 31-17.
  4. 11-5. Team has more talent and upside IMO then any other team Andrew has had around him and they have an even better more seasoned Andrew Luck. Why not 11-5?
  5. I want to see the hit. Is it in this video? At work, can't view.
  6. I think this mantra is great. I don't think it's intended to be a stab at Pagano but it's certainly been an issue with the past Colts teams and tons of other teams in the league (Pats vs Falcons SB ring a bell). An obsession with finishing games out means he wants constant effort. Foot on the pedal and get the job done. Honestly, I love it and think we really have a good coach on our hands.
  7. Missed the game and can't find any of the highlights that have the hit. Anyone have a video link or gif?
  8. For my birthday (later this month) I just bought tickets to see my second game @ LOS. Nov 11th vs the Jags with my college roommate (Jags fan). Indy & St. Elmos here I come!
  9. I agree, I read this is as he's ready for more intense practice but I don't necessarily think he's game ready. I don't know if they'll even rush him into 7v7 or 11v11 at this point.
  10. Completely agree, except I think we win at least 10 games. This roster is more talented on the lines, better balanced overall and IMO will be better coached than any of Luck's previous years.
  11. Luck himself said in an interview a couple weeks ago that he still has "soreness" but that it's much different than the "pain" he felt last year. I think this is just words being regurgitated to generate views and not being close to the situation. He's been throwing for several weeks now, ramping up his intensity. Give his body some time to get used to it. His shoulder is fine.
  12. Love the confidence here. It's not like he's been completely away from football, I'm hoping for quite a leap in the mental aspect of his game. I feel like he often gets overlooked as a confident guy because he's not the most vocal but I like the fiery attitude he subtly brings. I'd be interested to hear his locker room talk.
  13. Seems we’re looking at some safety help or a body for some reps.
  14. With Luck we are easily 10-6. Strong line play, 12-4.
  15. I think it’s very telling that the Colts didn’t elect to keep him for 6.5 and the Raiders only have him a 1 year.
  16. You’re telling me those championship winning Patriots and Colts team from the last decade were solidified with talent in all positions? We have a good QB and plenty of other talent. Sky is the limit IMO.
  17. Lacanfora is only one reporting that other guy. Maybe he’s just mixed up.
  18. I think this is going to turn out really nicely for us. Welcome back, Frank!
  19. I hope so. Coming back to the 4-3, why not have one of the best ever to do it help teach it? Guy bleeds blue and can relate to the players. Draft us some Chubb and let's see what they can bring.
  20. Shefty is reporting Dan Campbell from the Saints is also in the mix.
  21. Wonder if Eberflus/Ballard will retain Mathis as a consultant.
  22. Loved Ballard's reaction/comments when asked about Jim's reaction to hearing the news. I wish I was a fly on that wall.
  23. Ya know, during both the AFC Championship & SB I thought to myself "Wow did CB do a nice job unloading some average talent and got decent return". Gronk goes out, DA does nothing. Cooks goes out, PD does nothing.
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