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  1. You act like thats a hard accomplishment? ;)
  2. I just bought the pre-season live pass, only $20 to watch all the games I want not a bad deal to me at all. I can't wait to see all the guys playing.
  3. That has been one of my favorite Colt videos , always gets the song stuck in my head. Marvin wrecking the pats always gives me a warm feeling inside as well.
  4. I saw this video the other day http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DSkPmAmsLEI and heres a great Collie one from awhile back http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Inl0bEJHUU. There are so many more though of other players like Clark and Manning. Literally on rainy days at work all I do is watch Colts videos .
  5. Saturday audibles into the annexation of puerto rico.
  6. Those who say Addai isn't a vital part of our offense, know absolutely nothing about the Colts.
  7. I think it would bring a tear to my eye to see Dungy present it to his team.
  8. When we don't have a terrible offseason transaction wise, and when we don't lose all 4 preseason games is when km gonna worry. ;)
  9. @ruksak I was under the impession that Peyons cap hit is only 16 mil this year. Why does everyone think hes taking up 23 mil of our space?
  10. Little cap room? heck im expecting us to have a decent amount of space, unless they plan on giving more to Wayne and Mathis this year.
  11. +1, Irsay wasn't saying this year Peyton was getting 23 mil, he was saying that Peyton made it very cap friendly by getting it knocked down to 16 mil from the price of the tag (23 million). With the signing bonus split among the years, Peyton will actually receive 24.8 million however only 16 counting towards the ~123 million cap. =)
  12. Wow. 16.4 cap hit for the first year...With Diem, Hayden, and this I wonder how much cap space we have.
  13. Who is to say he hadn't spoken to Condon about this sooner? I mean up until a few days ago we were still in a lockout, where technically he couldn't speak to anyone from the Colts organization. Couple that with the fact he just had twins, and neck surgery he would be dumb to prematurely go out and say he wants less money. The struggle to re-sign players is also now directly in his face, and he knows a lot of the weight on who they sign relies on his contract, so even if he's just making the decision to say less money its still admirable. Now if he said it after his contract was signed, I'd call that a PR move, but hey that's jut not Peyton Manning.
  14. I should have also stated that he is due what like $9.5 million? + what ever we would have to give up to get him. Not worth it IMO.
  15. Dirty player, don't want him in Indy.
  16. , please feel free to watch this video on NFL.com. I had a thread before the boards switched about how much respect I lost for La Canfora, well this video even goes further into why this guy just talks out of his butt. Good for Manning though, he truly is a caliber person, and easily my most respected athlete. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/09000d5d82112f59/article/manning-willing-to-take-less-money-to-do-deal-assist-colts?module=HP11_headline_stack
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