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  1. He absolutely should be mic'd up for the Denver game. That's entertainment in the making.
  2. Now that Brazil is suspended for 4 games, I wouldn't mind seeing Collie again. I loved him. I was also in the stands at the Philly game where he suffered his first concussion. Happened right in front of me, while decked out in full Colts gear. My heart sank, the stadium got super quiet. Was a very scary moment. My first Colt's game too.
  3. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap1000000216667/article/indianapolis-colts-2012-draft-could-be-one-of-nfls-best Favorite Quote: " Despite awful pass protection, Luck still was entrusted with making the most difficult throws in the league. Unlike Robert Griffin III and Russell Wilson, Luck was outfitted with neither training wheels nor a gimmicky offense."
  4. I admire what the NFL is doing. They are taking action as a prevention rather than retaliation. I'm sure there are some events that have led up to this but nothing major. I know this may be a huge inconvenience to many, but overall I think it will do much more good. I can't speak for ever feeling safe/unsafe at LOS as I've never been there, but being from NJ I've been to Lincolon fianancial and medowlands, this only will make my experiences there a bit better
  5. As a Colts fans, there will be regular season memorable games for me. Moral victories, comeback wins, epic blowouts. But from an outsider looking in, to quote "if you lose the last game of the season, nobody gives a crap." The goal is a Superbowl wins, and that's what fans crave for. So yes I do think expectations get to a point where simply postseason birth isn't enough.
  6. I wouldn't choose to have learned it any other way, good things became of it. =)
  7. I loved what I saw from Allen all year long. And loved what I saw from Fleener at the end of last year. No doubt Allen had the better year but don't underestimate Fleener. His size is incredible and he used it very well after he came back from injury last year.
  8. Just because a corner isn't a "shutdown" corner doesn't meant he's not capable of being a "#1" CB. Vontae has the skills and the physicality no stay with WRs and make plays. He's also very capable of covering his man allowing his other teammates to do their jobs. With a mix of our new CB talent, and our Dline hopefully we won't need shutdown CBS to be successful.
  9. I'm very excited to see him play and contribute. However, I think some of you guys may be over estimating how bad our run defense was last year...I recall holding quite a few awesome RB's (Peterson included) to some pretty low yardage. The run defense stepped up when it needed too, but I think Chapman will only make that unit better, and allow us to play more freely in any formation we desire.
  10. Here is the link to the Colts.com article, http://www.colts.com/news/article-1/JOSH-CHAPMAN---TNT-/3847eed7-5d40-4b2b-a70b-227011623de2
  11. If anyone in their right mind thinks this forum is bad on any moderate level they are surely mistaken. You might want to go check out a Philly sports board. Being from NJ and as a huge advocate of the flyers this board gives me the fresh air that I need. Usually for the most part there are constructive arguments and opinions without things spiraling out of control. You even get rival fans making constructive posts (qwiz). This is a pretty nice mix of old vets as well as the young bucks which collaboratively all bring a variety of perspectives and something useful to discuss. Pure class is al
  12. RBs are things of the past and dime a dozen. We have a good running back in Ballard who showed promise. We will be fine when we get a better o line. We can use our picks elsewhere.
  13. Well Ryan Fitz will probably start in Tennessee now. I can see their offense actually being kinda dangerous.
  14. I mean he's absolutely right. But wow.. If the reports were true that Brady specifically restructured his contract for this purpose and was strung along he has every right to be mad. Overvalued? He was their best most consistent receiver for years. I love our Colts. Just remembering that interview with Reggie where he talks about the time Chuck calls him and says hey man, we really need you.
  15. Fall through as in not happening? Or fall through as being released to the public.
  16. Id be happy to give up a 1st or 3rd for fitz...some of you may forget what he can do when he has a qb....
  17. This mystery team was infact the Titans, not us. Shefty said it on NFL network.
  18. Irsay tweets @JimIrsay: We like Castonzo-Cherilus OT bookends n with #98 Mathis going 2 RT OLB pass rusher,his perfect fit,Walden coming n2 hold the edge at L.OLB @JimIrsay: Great 1st day in FA!Spent 90 million dollars yesterday!Won the Cherilus right OT bidding,which makes him the 2nd Highest paid Right OT n NFL
  19. They are signing quality players at positions of need. What more can you want other than a big name?
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