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  1. One of the best posts I've read on this forum, ever.
  2. Nothing would make me happier then going into NE and destroying them. To the OP: This season is a dose of reality and will build character. We have plenty of talent, but execution hasn't been there. Whether that's coaching or on the players or both is moot at this point. We've shown we can play very well on all three sides of the ball. So yes, we get in I definitely think we have a chance to win it all.
  3. Adongo for ST I would imagine. I don't think Robinson is eligible for the practice squad.
  4. Matt is an incredibly capable back up with a new OC at the helm going into the bye week. I'm confident in this team and I'm confident we will see AL in less than 6 weeks.
  5. Two weeks may only mean a game or 2 for us. Matt is capable.
  6. I like Fleener, I really do, but I still think he plays rather soft and doesn't dominate his matchups as you would expect of someone his size. He doesn't look for contact and that's a quality I like out of TE's. Like Doyle, dude doesn't shy away from contact.
  7. I think Adams will be fine, I'm definitely worried about Anderson.
  8. While I agree with your general point of that it doesn't give him a full pass, I still sense a great deal of taking it for granted, managing a cap is just as large of job responsibility as player acquisition. They obviously go hand in hand. Grigson has brought more then enough good players to keep us competitive while managing the cap appropriately. No GM gets everything right and players play differently on different teams with different coaches, can't fault a GM for that. In my eyes we have an above average NFL GM and it could be much much worse. With a better offensive strategy and cohesion this year, Grigs would look like a genius coupled with the rookie defensive talent. We have a very talented roster in several areas, I will argue all day about that. Hopefully Chud will help highlight the talent on this roster. Put simply, the grass isn't always greener and be careful what you wish for.
  9. I don't hate Grigson. I think he's been very adequate above average even and would look much better if the players he brought in were being used accordingly. Lets not forget how great he is at managing the cap...That's a huge asset by itself. Take a look at the defense as it stands now, it's not what it is without him. I'm not saying it's great but I think we are highly under selling them because of the situations they've been put in all year long. Had the offense been good or average, this defense woulda easily got us to I'd argue a 6-2 record.
  10. You guys forget that Grigson helped put together the defense that's actually keeping us in these games in spite of the god awful position the offense has single handily put us in every single game.
  11. You guys don't give Toler enough credit. He is most definitely an above average corner and I feel like he's finally getting his footing and back into playing shape. Let's see how he fairs against two of the NFLs best WR next week.
  12. I wholeheartedly agree. If our offense was able to sustain drives and take some pressure off of this defense I feel they would be much much higher in the rankings. They've been put in terrible spots all year long and have answered the call several times.
  13. cjrulli


    His pass blocking in the last game I'm sure had a hand in this.
  14. The Bills with Tyrod Taylor, no Sammy, no McCoy dropped 30+ on these guys....Why can't we?
  15. They ran bootlegs with Matt through two games, I would like to see some of that low risk stuff with Andrew considering how much of a threat he is with his legs and how accurate he can throw on the run.
  16. It's awesome to watch that video and then go and watch his Indy highlights, specifically 2014 highlights.
  17. I actually think it is Griff that is our emergency QB. Pat was on Bob and Tom a couple of weeks ago saying with this regime he's not the 3rd anymore.
  18. Does anyone notice Brees constantly shrugging his shoulder, almost like it is still bothering him. Every time they zoom in on him it looks like he keeps twitching it, maybe I'm crazy.
  19. Nevermind. After watching Pagano's conference it sounds like they are just being extra cautious. Vontae did practice too. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000556859/article/pagano-luck-limited-but-headed-in-right-direction
  20. I'm not worried about him playing after that tweet...I'm worried about him being our quarterback for the future and his health.
  21. That scares the hell out of me...Is Pagano just being dramatic? I just wanna know what's really going on.
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