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  1. The chaos this is going to generate
  2. Unfortunately, I feel like you can almost guarantee that it will be used as a point for both arguments. Most importantly, I'm happy to hear he is feeling alright and is asymptomatic! Hope you get back sooner than later coach. With new rules, since he is vaccinated and he's asymptomatic he should be good to return after two negative tests or something right?
  3. Definitely understandable. I was never sick and am a relatively healthy 30-something. Survival rates aside, the variability in a person's immune response to COVID19 and the unknown long-term impacts were two of my biggest drivers. Both the long-term impacts (if any) of COVID19 and the vaccine are not fully understood at this time. It'll be easy to play Monday Morning QB in 10-15 years to see how things pan out. Right now it's up to each person to educate themselves and make the decision they feel is best.
  4. As a science oriented person, I trust the information that is published by scientists, doctors and epidemiologists. Most of whom, have strong opinions on getting vaccinated backed up by their knowledge and findings. I don't disagree that the high survival rate is a strong argument against but that is simply one variable in a larger equation. There are so many other factors. Like vaccine efficacy and unknown long term impacts of both COVID or the vaccine. e.g. the potential long-term impacts on respiratory health for someone who was infected, the disparity in impacts across blood types and ethn
  5. Transparency: I am vaccinated and a very science oriented person. This is a bit surprising, especially since the culture and emphasis on "family" is discussed here often. It really is so interesting to me how polarizing of a topic this is for people. Getting the vaccination is without a doubt a choice but I'm genuinely curious about an individuals reasoning on not doing it. Not for judgement but to simply better understand their perspective and where they are coming from. A couple of my friends are against it but their reasons seem more influenced by social media rath
  6. I understand your reasoning and don’t disagree that it’s tough for Frank to be objective but this wasn’t his decision. Sure he had influence but both Ballard and Irsay are bought in. I honestly don’t think Ballard would’ve made this move if he wasn’t confident that it wouldn’t make us as good or better than last year. There’s a chance it could go either way but I think under the circumstances there is a great chance for it to be positive.
  7. A few friends and I usually make our way out to Indianapolis once a year for a game, usually the Jags game. We haven't purchased tickets yet but really hoping we can make it this year. Last year was the first time in ~5 or so years I wasn't able to get out there for a game.
  8. Pretty sure he meant the team owning the AFC was a power struggle between the Colts and Pats. Getting AV definitely helped put us over the top after the whole Vanderjagt debacle. Will always remember him in that Baltimore game.
  9. Bowen and Holder are my favorite as well. Honestly feel like most of the time the other guys are piggybacking off these two. I don't mind Chappell as well.
  10. Just finished. This series gets me so pumped for the season.
  11. All of the interviews about him not "needing" football in his life and he could step away and be completely happy give me Andrew Luck vibes way too much. I want a guy who lives and breathes football to be the QB of this team. I know we all hate on Tom Brady (me included) but the dude LOVES the game. Matt Stafford is another player that comes to mind.
  12. Pretty indifferent to the Reich/Wentz relationship but if it makes both of them more successful then I welcome it. Best part of the episode for me was TY. Guy has been a stud for us for so many years and to see him excited again makes me happy. He was crushed when Andrew left and his production obviously suffered but I really do believe him and Wentz could do some fun things. Will be exciting to watch, let's hope for a fantastic year! We are certainly setup for it with the talent and front office support this team has.
  13. Pat had a video clip on his Twitter summarizing his and TY's conversation. Made it sound like TY was really fired up and excited with how the session went. Mentioned right away he felt like they had chemistry and that Wentz has a cannon.
  14. Allen’s actually struggled more against Zone D this year.
  15. Pretty sure this is standard, especially because it’s a Saturday and an away game. If it was an away game on a Sunday we probably would’ve had one additional day of limited contact. I don’t think we should worry. They are still practicing and going through reps.
  16. Sadly this took me a minute but once I realized it gave me a good laugh.
  17. The Bills have been playing great most of this season. I think they did the right thing keeping their starters in the last game to keep the flow going. I expect them to be a tough matchup. However, I feel comfortable about the Colts chances. We have a talented defense that ebbs and flows a bit, we just need them to get hot. Turay is starting to come on, Buckner and Leonard will make plays and Kenny Moore has been flying around. There is a lot of talent on that side of the ball. TJ Carrie and Rhodes have even been pretty good. It also looks like we are getting Khari back which I th
  18. JT balled out. Let's not crown Veldheer as next year's starter. It's one game against the worst team in the league. He played well but this really isn't the best sample size to decide if he's going to play LT for us next year.
  19. BUF & KC are probably the two best teams in the NFL right now, it will certainly be tough. However, BUF isn't unbeatable. They've had some really close games this year to teams that are far more questionable and when Colts actually want to play they can. We beat two great teams in TEN (handled BUF) and GB (NFC top seed). I could see us making it a game if we play with some better consistency. KC on the other hand, they are so explosive. We beat them before by controlling the clock and running the ball down their damn throats so IF we get there, I could see us doing it again.
  20. A bit worried about PR throwing the ball in the colder temps but just ride JT all the way to the SB.
  21. All solid points! Nice review! Only one I disagree with is Bad#4. Obviously 20/20 because we still got the FG but I loved the aggressive play call there, Especially after we gashed them for 10+ on the same drive with a similar call. A FG there only put us up by 6 if I recall correctly. Getting the TD and putting us up by 10 was definitely worth the risk of the FG IMO.
  22. This was the guy that everyone felt was very Jack Doyle esque, correct?
  23. Maybe this coupled with AC for 2 more years means AL is coming back for the SB run.
  24. His retirement and transition to his daughters maybe?
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