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  1. You knew what I meant, he always seems to burn the Texans.
  2. according to the playoff scenario it looks like they have the colts ahead of miami as of now.
  3. this is the mock draft i did on first-pick.com with the current standing (trades with eagles and lions) this isnt realistic but it was fun to play with it: Round 1 Pick 20 (PHI): Love, Julian, CB, Notre Dame (B+) Round 2 Pick 3: Bryant, Austin, DE, Clemson (A-) Round 2 Pick 15: Brown, Derrick, DT, Auburn (A+) Round 2 Pick 20 (PHI): Coney, Tevon, ILB, Notre Dame (A) Round 3 Pick 14: Love, Bryce, RB, Stanford (A+) Round 4 Pick 15: Thornhill, Juan, SS, Virginia (A+) Round 5 Pick 1 (DET): Ridley, Riley, WR, Georgia (A+) Round 5 Pick 15: Ivey, Martez, OT, Florida (A+) Ro
  4. Doesnt TY always go off on the Texans?
  5. I think that was the whole point.... not sure if it was that obvious.
  6. Arent the chargers playing vs the broncos not the vikings? edit: Now that I re-read the post you were responding to, didnt realize allen robinson is playing vs the vikings. my bad.
  7. that's for the big ten conference overall. not just the school.
  8. 2017 - 21 catches 225 yards 10.7 yds/catch thats pretty good for a back up rb. 2018 - he's at 9.33 yds/catch so far with 6 catches for 56 yds
  9. that's wrong. He just had a 49 yard rush today.
  10. Purdue 42 Ohio State 20 Every time ohio state gets within 15 Purdue finds a way to score again. WOW.
  11. Maybe since the game was on Thursday Night, it was a short week, but if the game was on Sunday then he probably would have played.
  12. I think he is still a volunteer.
  13. PPR 10 Team League with Flex (wr,rb,te) [Had the 8th pick] QB: A. Rodgers, A. Luck RB: K. Hunt, D. Henry, P. Barber, J. Wilkins WR: D. Hopkins, M. Crabtree, P. Garcon, R. Cobb, J. Nelson TE: Z. Ertz, D. Njoku K: A. Vinatieri DST: Jacksonville Jaguars Thoughts? Standard 12 Team League with 2 Flex positions (wr,te) (rb,wr,te) QB: R. Wilson, P. Mahomes RB: T. Gurley, L. Miller, K. Johnson, G. Bernard, D. Foreman WR: M. Evans, T. Hill, C. Kupp, C. Davis, T. Ginn TE: K. Rudolph K: W. Lutz
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