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  1. 15 minutes ago, superrep1967 said:

    Aaron Rodgers said he thought Fred Warner was the best linebacker in the league. To me the answer is simple it's Darius Leonard but use your own opinion here's the numbers. By the way the maniac is highly motivated for this matchup as you can imagine. 


    Here are the career numbers for Leonard and Warner, both of whom entered the NFL in 2018:

    Leonard: 35 games played, 344 total tackles (23 for a loss) with 13.0 sacks, 15 quarterback hits, seven interceptions (one returned for a touchdown), 17 passes defensed, seven forced fumbles and three fumble recoveries


    Warner: 42 games played, 321 total tackles (14 for a loss) with 3.0 sacks, 10 quarterback hits, three interceptions (one returned for a touchdown), 18 passes defensed, four forced fumbles and one fumble recovery

    Leonard, the 2018 NFL Defensive Player of the Year, was named First-Team All-Pro in 2018, as well as selected Second-Team All-Pro and named to his first Pro Bowl in 2019. Warner, meanwhile, has no Pro Bowl or All-Pro selections.


    I think the answer is obvious the numbers don't lie.  

    He will be introduced to Darius Leonard this Sunday, multiple times.  

  2. 2 hours ago, krunk said:

    This Greenbay Reporter  had the nerve to tell Aaron Rogers that offensively they havent really played any good defenses through no fault of their own. Then he says so what do you think about playing the number 1 unit in the Colts? You could tell Rogers didnt like that question at all. He just kind of laughed it off and gave a few explanations. The guy tried to play Rogers like they werent really as good as their numbers. We will probably get his A game on Sunday. We gotta bring it!



    Leonard is motivated :)

  3. On 11/2/2020 at 12:25 AM, landrus13 said:

    I didn't see a thread anywhere about ND. Don't know if there are any other ND fans on here. 


    Big game this week with Clemson. They won't have Lawrence but their backup is also pretty good. Looked pretty good against BC in the 2nd half. ND isn't BC but that was still impressive. ND has a legit defense. I think the big factor is Ian Book. He's played pretty poorly in previous big games. If he can stay poised and get the ball out on time and not turn it over, I think ND wins a close one.

    I'm a big ND fan :)  I went to one of the Navy @ ND game 2-3 years ago in the VIP section (free food and beer, can't beat that LOL), my mom had vip tickets for the game from her work.  Great atmosphere and great game as well.

  4. 28 minutes ago, csmopar said:

    right, but my point was that teams en masse aren't giving these guys time to learn and improve.  Looking back, it seems to have started right around the 2012 draft. It seems the once Luck came in and blew things up, and we went from 2-14 to 11-5, then RG3 had that great rookie year, as did Ryan Wilson.  Since then, there's been a TON of QBs that have been picked high that have flamed out and been benched quickly. It seems like teams aren't willing to wait around for a QB to develop like they were just 2 decades ago.

    Who's Ryan Wilson?  You mean Russell Wilson?

  5. 22 minutes ago, Shadow_Creek said:

    correct me if i'm wrong but i heard a rumor saying we were trading for AJ Green. Would be a good signing but i dont know if CB would actually go for the deal depending on what the Bengals would offer

    where did you hear that?

  6. On 8/24/2020 at 6:31 PM, Btown_Colt said:

    I was just messing with ya...I do like being in the middle though. Seems every time I get a 1 or 2 pick the player gets injured.

    I think I picked 1st the 1st year I got in the elite league, and then won the championship.  It's pretty much luck hoping the players stay healthy.  I believe I picked Gurley 1st that year, but it also helped that I had him paired with Mahomes that year too.

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  7. 3 hours ago, chad72 said:


    What about the other proposals?

    I forgot to put in my answers for the other stuff :facepalm:


    1.  I like the waiver process proposed.  Makes sense since at the half way point it keeps things balanced.


    2.  Works for me.  


    3.  I don't remember needing 6 add/drops in a week myself in previous years, but with the Covid situation, might be a good idea to increase the max to either 7 or 8.  We may or may not see a outbreak for a certain team like we saw in the MLB, which effects scoring for that team and the team they are playing that week.


    4.  I was thinking Sept. 3rd at 6pm EST since it would be closer to the season opener and gives us a couple more days to see how things are looking (Covid wise) and give us a better look at the depth charts since there are no preseason games this year.


    5.  Having an expanded reserve and bench could help ease the burden of churning rosters with waivers.  I would think if we expand the bench and reserve, would we need to increase the max add/drops per week?


    6.  We could remove the kicker position, possibly replace it with a different position, I see @spoonfish mention IDP, that could be something we could try.  If not, that's okay too.

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  8. Also wanted to add one thing for maybe not this year but for future years, maybe try setting up divisions for example 6 teams per division (2 divisions).  Top two teams of each division automatically get in playoffs, and the last two teams (5th and 6th if the playoffs are set for 6 teams) are based on points scored.  That's how we did it with my other league.

  9. 9 hours ago, chad72 said:

    I have been trying to reach @Rich Cannon and @Statiik82 since the beginning of July 2020.


    I have not heard from them. If I do not hear from them by August 16th, is it fine to move on from them? I would like for the others to chime in.


    Here were some rule changes discussed last year, anything we want to revisit?


    1. There will be a one day waiting period for waivers - Y


    2. There will be no waiting period after trade is finalized - Y


    3. Choose one of these 3 drafting order options: B

    a. Team owners will get to pick their preferred draft spot starting with team #12 and working back to #1.

    b. The draft order will be randomized upon league creation and draft order will be visible to all owners at least a week prior to the draft.

     c. The draft order will be randomized 15 min before the draft begins.


    4. Choose one of these 3 platform's to play on this season (NFL.COM / ESPN / YAHOO) NFL.COM


    5. Waivers will reset weekly based on ranking - Y


    7. The standings tiebreaker will be points scored - Y


    8. Next season we will have keepers - N

    I'm good with the choices.

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  10. 15 minutes ago, EastStreet said:

    Double ewwwwww! lol


    All ND. I like IU too, but only for B-ball. Grew up loving Lou Holtz and The General.


    I was a big fan of Jimmy Harbaugh though when he played for the Colts. Once a Colt, all past is forgiven :-). 


    Just kidding though about the Pacer FB jersey. I'd wear it as long as there's Pacers clearly labeled. It would have to be a #31 though.

    Im a ND fan (football) and IU fan (basketball).  My classmate played for IU basketball.

  11. 23 hours ago, NewColtsFan said:

    Ok...   look at your own post again.   Several points.   Ballard has never traded up in the first round.   In fact he said that while he’d never say never, he said he’s not likely to trade up in the first because it’s WAY too expensive. 

    Second...   in the four drafts he’s done with the Colts, on the handful of times he’s traded up its only like 2-4 spots.   That’s it.   One exception....   we traded two low 4th round picks for one high 4th round pick for Willis.   That’s as close as we’ve come to moving a good distance.   With Pennel, we’d be trading up from roughly the mid-20’s to pick 2 or 3.   Way, WAY too expensive.


    Third,  Pennel is a LT.   We’d draft him to replace Castanzo.  You mention him as a “lg”.   I suspect that’s just a typo.  Pennel is not playing guard for anyone. He’s a pure Left Tackle. 

    I think he's talking about being next to Big Q (best LG).

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