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  1. I agree with the premise of your argument but gas prices "skyrocketing" (from $3.05 to about $3.50 here in Greenwood) would impact a 200 mile round trip in a typical family sedan (30 mpg) about $6. Hardly even noticeable in comparison to the cost of a single bud light at the stadium
  2. Getting tired of this topic being posted all the time. The Luke is much louder than it gets credit for by fans watching on TV at home. Denver and Seattle were defeaning at times. I didn't have a voice for near enough a full week afterwards. Also these threads just make it worse. You think Seattle and Kansas are getting louder naturally? No! The media talk about them being loud and then the fans make it a point of pride how loud they are. Continually complaining about it being quiet just makes others nervous to change the perceived status quo. Also here's a fun fact - the two loudest stadiums in the NFL have the two best defenses. What a surprise?! Who knew that fans were more likely to cheer for good defenses than by ones that continually give up 3rd downs and deflate the crowd noise?! I have no idea if Seattle fans are even that loud - their stadium is designed to be noisy. As Bill Burr said their 12th man is the architect who designed the stadium.
  3. How quickly will I be able to get a refund (should we not get two home games) if I don't want to renew my Season Tickets for next year?
  4. Just checked - $493 invoice for my two seats (Yellow Section - $690 regular season ticket price). Not sure I can afford that with Christmas coming up. I guess that's for all 3 games (wildcard, division, conference) being played at home.
  5. I used to get mad when players didn't make it but now I kind of hope they don't. The fewer that do, the easier it is on our cap situation when they renegotiate.
  6. I honestly sometimes wonder if it's just the microphone placements in the Luke. I've been to every game since we drafted Luck and the stadium has been absolutely rocking during close games (which was most of them). I was partially deaf after the Seahawks game last week. And yet, every week we have someone on this forum complaining about our quiet fans. It's weird.
  7. Not really. We were making a decent amount of noise. What tends to happen is the crowd gets a little deflated when the other team keeps making big plays during 'loud' downs. Also Seattle were killing us in the first quarter.
  8. That was the loudest I've heard the Luke get (up there with the Packers game last year). I'm sure that noise level helped our D out a lot on the final drive. I can barely speak right now for all the yelling during the game. Anyone else at the game, what was it like in your section?
  9. I personally think he is better than Redding & RJF. Kind of over it now but I think we'll regret cutting him.
  10. Pretty exciting stuff right?! I got one and have two season tickets.
  11. Anyone listen to Pat on the Dan Dakitch show at lunchtime earlier? Dude is hilarious, I really hope he hangs around for his career.
  12. When Peyton was in his prime you were lucky to get a ticket for under $200 to any game if you weren't a ST holder. I saw Denver tickets going on ticketmaster for $350 each and I must admit I was a little tempted to pay back the cost of half my season ticket, however my brother is flying over from the UK for some games this year so figured it's worth it for the experience.
  13. With that money we'll need to sign: Heyward-Bey Bradshaw Vontae Davis McAfee Angerer Bethea Plus we have about 20 lesser players becoming FAs.
  14. Wow this post really took off! I think I'd like to come back to my fundamental objections in concise form: This is an inconvenience for a large number of people even if you aren't one of them- Packers fans, women with purses who don't particularly want the world to see their sanitary items etc.This will make us less safe in general because thieves will know cars are much more likely to have valuables left in them (can't take them into the stadium) and break ins will increase.This is a cash grab for more snack sales.ST sales will decrease (even if only slightly) as less stuff to bring in = less comfortable = the comparative enjoyment of being at home on the couch is higher.I have a fundamental anger at how scared this nation is running from terrorism. I mean especially in Indianapolis which has to be the least likely terrorist target in the US.If a terrorist wanted to hurt people, they could just as easily do something while people are trying to get into the stadium (while thousands of people are trying to get through the North gate) as they could inside the stadium.Any bags big enough to get Boston Marathon style bombs inside are already checked on the way in. I'll still be there, and honestly it won't inconvenience me personally all that much, however it is kind of stupid.
  15. What do we all (ticket holders) think of this? http://sports.yahoo.com/blogs/nfl-shutdown-corner/nfl-bag-policy-definitely-ruffle-feathers-especially-among-134351237.html This seems crazy if true: For those too lazy to read the article, the NFL is bringing in a new bag policy which means we will no longer be able to take any bags into games beyond the size of clutch bags for women and any bags men take in must be clear. This seems like total overkill to me. I like to have a backpack to keep my hoodie/warm clothes in so they aren't touching the nasty ground in the stadium on days when it's cold outside/warm inside. Also my wife is going to be pretty mad about not being able to take her purse into the game. Serious question: Have any of you ever felt unsafe at an NFL game? I know I certainly haven't and the paranoia in this country about safety is getting insane. I spoke with some Packers fans about it and they are pretty mad - you need to bring a kit of supplies with you to Lambeau in the winter and a small clear bag just doesn't cut it. Here's another link to the official policy: http://www.nfl.com/allclear
  16. No week 4 home game is a big plus - only weeks 1-3 are worth attending.
  17. Packers fans are laughing at us. Crazy way to blow our cap on a player barely worth vet minimum.
  18. $1400, but mutliply it by 67,000 fans and you get $47m, enough to sign some players
  19. Other people's money nothing! My season tickets were $700 a piece.
  20. All home games! The silver lining of our 2-14 season will forever be the season ticket waiting list shortening down enough for me to get tickets.
  21. As someone in the Yellow section I'm both delighted and feel a little guilty that all the rest of you got saddled with the excess costs. I'm guessing mine will go up next year instead.
  22. I think this is a good trade: Huge upgrade for our secondary, still young, cheap contract, was a first round pick - so we're not paying more for him than the fins did originally. Also to people complaining of us not having many picks next year - remember that we have A TON of cap space to sign cover for our other positions in FA.
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