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  1. 17 minutes ago, Surge89 said:


    lmao I'm the offender here huh?  The one supporting the actual event and not the people enjoying the circus that has nothing to do with the NFL. Yea it's totally these young kids fault for a couple of organizations making their most important day a sideshow for their own publicity.  Lol always trying to blame the victims in this society is ridiculous. 

    WT...  Mayock is now making people think he was kidding. The dumb---- does not know a chimp from an orangutan. 


    Not sure he knows players that well either. 

  2. 12 minutes ago, Surge89 said:

    What a big eye roll.  Get over your self and your everyone is against Indy mentality.  I actually completely agree with Mayock that the use of the Zoo is a big ol fat middle finger to the kid being drafted.  Biggest day of this young mans life and people are paying more attention to damn zoo than the prospect.  The air time should be for the players and their special moment of entering the NFL something they have been working on for a large portion of their lives.

    You are being a total ***%#+*!!!!!  Mayock was too!!!!

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