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  1. Well, I will let it be known that you are wrong. Hughes played DE at TCU and had his hand on the ground as much as Frathis do in the Colts system (read it was strange to see him play with his hand off the ground). I really don't need to prove this to you because it is the truth, but just use google and start by watching this highlight video if you don't believe me: Won't debate with this vid. I know I had seen clips of him up, but I guess that was not the morm...thanks Larry.

    Now, maybe he is better suited to play OLB in the NFL (I have no idea, but it is worth a shot for sure), but don't say he played with his hand-up in college because it is a bold faced lie.

  2. Hughes was a DE at TCU. He rushed with his hand on the ground more often than he did standing up.

    He was stand up....that is Hughes...hand down he is done...If I am wrong...let it be known...he is stand up...not strong enough...footage I have seen he was stand up. I guess that means he is done here. Cut him now. HA!
  3. always a pleasure, as direct colts is closing April 1st, I imagine will comment here more time being allowed due to personal responsibilities forever takings up more of my time Re Moms health, even without considering mine

    so expect more comments here and there\\

    editing back in this

    Oh its u Brent, making the move a bitt at a time too, didnt even realize till first posted this & looked at post

    I am on it my friend! I wish we had news....waiting stinks...ok sucks!!!
  4. IMG00245_normal.jpg

    Alex Marvez

    Gary emanuel to the #colts is confirmed. New d-line coach.

    18 hours ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®



    @alexmarvezAlex Marvez

    I'm hearing #colts will hire purdue's gary emanuel as their new d-line coach but I have not confirmed yet.

    18 hours ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®


    Gary Emanuel is in his second season as the defensive line coach and his first as the lone defensive coordinator since rejoining the Purdue coaching staff. He previously shared the coordinator duties with Donn Landholm in 2010. He rejoined the Purdue staff on Feb. 4, 2010, and was given sole control of the defensive side on Jan. 3, 2011.

    IT Continues with much more



    Last season the Boilermaker defense ranked ninth in the Big Ten in total defense, giving up 26.8 points per game. Purdue also ranked ninth in the Big Ten in yards-per-game giving up 395.

    In Emanuel's final game, the Little Caesars Pizza Bowl, the Purdue defense surrendered 32 points and 485 yards,

    but also generated seven turnovers

    Just like the Manusky hire, this is a teaching move. This is Pagano's defense. Thanks for the info Bayone.

  5. Based on the talent he produced that translated well to the NFL, and the fact that he will be working with NFL caliber talent, I am not worried. I am more worried about Manusky, in fact. If Grigson gets the right talent, these position coaches should be able to coach them up.

    We hired the Univ. of Pitt. RB coach who had coached Donald Brown in the Big East and DB gets a little more productive. So, these position coaches, they can make their mark but are not the be-all determinant for a team by any means. The OC, DC and ST coaches should be the ones we primarily should concern ourselves with.

    The DC - I still think we ended up picking someone that few wanted after Keith Butler snubbed us. ST coach and OC coach - at least their teams were in the top third in their specialty. Not the DC however.

    I really like your point on Manusky. We missed out on Butler for sure. One thing I will point out is.....this is not Manusky's defense. This is Pagano's defense. Manusky, like Emanual is being brought in to teach. Pagano will not allow a Bend but don't break defense that Manusky is knownn for,,,,very conservative. Pagano will not let this happen.
  6. I am obviously NEVER going to root against the Colts. When many were begging for the team to "S*** for Luck" I predicted we would win the last three.....OK so we were 2-1.

    While this is 'highly unlikely" If Luck/RG3/Whomever leads us to a SUPER BOWL against Peyton: Those of you who said Peyton instead of the Colts earlier...you are welcome back to the Colt's Corral if you chose.

    My answer: Go Colts!

  7. I agree we need some new bigger younger D lineman. I think Mathis could fit into the 3/4 but I'm not sure about Freeney. I want us to have some veterans for the experience. I want to see someone rise up as a leader on the defense and take charge. This defense needs to get fired up and ready to smash some people. I want to see them play with a passion. I am hoping Pagano helps light that fire.

    I am with you my favorite Linebacker!!
  8. While Purdue has put a ton of DL talent in the NFL recently, their defense has been unwatchably putrid for a very long time. I'm not sure how I feel about this and I'm a Purdue guy.

    Since you are a Boiler-Backer, do you think he is OK as a DL coach? What matters is that he is a good teacher. Pagano is going to have his hands all over the defensive calls. Manusky is a great teacher, but not a great coordinator....I still think this is Pagano's D
  9. I will say Emanual has developed some pretty good players at Purdue. Cliff Avril comes to mind, Shawn Phillips and as you mentioned Kerrigan....there are others, but I am still asleep.

    Andy 46, I was a huge John Teerlink fan. I think the only reason he was let go was his son got fired too....kind of like another scenario.

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