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  1. Thank you to all of the veterans of past, present and future wars for their service to this wonderful country.(Service in war and peace time) Thank you Pops for hitting the toughest beach ever attacked in Normandy! Prayers for all who have lost friends and family members while helping to keep us safe. May God Bless You all,and may God Bless the United States of America!!!!!

    1. Jay Kirk

      Jay Kirk

      You have that right Brother a big Thanks to all who sacrificed

    2. southwest1


      No argument there fellas! Gotta love all those military personnel who faithfully served the Red, White, & Blue regardless of which generation served where or when. :D

  2. Heading to Indy for the holiday....with loved ones....gonna spend Thanksgiving with Mom and Pops......I am pumped.....Christmas shopping coming up...my first time for kids. Can anyone spare a dime....:) Go Colts....I have faster internet up there...life is good!!!! Loading my avatar up now :)

    1. southwest1


      Santa Brent eh? HO! HO! HO! There Chris Cringle & Secret Santa...Have fun shopping for your fiancee's kids for the 1st time buddy. Just remember the most important commodity you can give them is time together or a gift certificate to their favorite place to shop. Your gonna do a spectacular job my friend! :D

    2. Gramz


      Hope you had a nice Holiday.

  3. Looking forward to 6-0 tonight for the Pacers!!! Got tickets.....going to be a physical game. Lets go radiogirl!!!

    1. IndyScribe


      Yeah! Let's go Pacers!

    2. BrentMc11


      Great night at the game...great seats...waitress service...cold beer...and a Pacer win. Mor in the Pacer thread on the game coming soon.

  4. Thanks Nadine.  

    Not sure what happened to RG Jay.  All I know is she showed on your page last evening.


    I would like to know how to delete notifications...no delete all.

    1. Jay Kirk

      Jay Kirk

      Shes on there Brother

  5. See my PM to you.....thanks...:)

    1. southwest1


      Be right Back buddy...

  6. Sparse crowd on today. Track? Work? Getting read to lay out by a pool? Going to be 74 later today in Indy. Lovin it.

    1. alawai


      I quit swimming as it got boring but hopefully I'll start up again by the end of summer! Actually it wasn't boring just needed a break.

  7. Gonna sign off...have a moon sized headache...HA HA!  Will dig in on this tomorrow.

  8. Happy Birthday to my Nephew Aaron!!! And sadly....Mom would have been 83 today...I will always miss you Mom!

  9. Going to play wait and see as to the roster. More to come. DL will be addressed.

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