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  1. On 6/16/2017 at 5:01 AM, GOZER said:

    Watch the Diaz/Mcgregor fights, Mcregor doesn't have the strongest chin, got rocked then submitted the first fight, and got beat again IMO the second fight that went to decision. He struggles against good boxers, and will miss being able to use his kicks/elbows. If Floyd peppers him up a little then rocks him, it will be lights out for the flamboyant Irishman, and it could be a short fight. I really don't like either of them,  but can't see how Mayweather loses.


  2. 20 minutes ago, dodsworth said:

    He has a slight advantage by knowing Chuds system in his second season over the new guys but did he make enough progress in the off-season is the big question. Our 4th rb will most likely shine on special teams to be able to make the roster whether it's Michael, Ferguson, Crossan or some other udfa that stands out in pre-season. Its going to be interesting to watch.

    I think they simplified the offense this year.  Communication of calls was not even average.  Sometimes it made Luck look clueless. :) 

  3. 41 minutes ago, dodsworth said:


    This is a make or break year for Ferguson. If he doesn't make the cut on our team then his nfl days are most likely over.

    As we all say....these things will likely come down to special teams ability as well.  

  4. 15 minutes ago, krunk said:

    I see Ferguson has added some muscle in the offseason just looking at some of the pictures.

    That was one of the reasons why I thought he might have worked hard this off season.

  5. 1 minute ago, krunk said:

    I have this gut feeling Christine Michael is going to start showing some of the talent he has.  Not sure how his role is going to play out.  Talented enough to be the 2nd RB, but could end being the 3rd or the 4th.  Who knows, we'll see I guess.

    Unless one of the undrafted just kills it I think you are correct.  Also will be interesting to see if Ferguson has caught up to the speed of the NFL:thmup:

  6. 9 minutes ago, TKnight24 said:

    Well, Ballard gave him that money so doubt he's cut at all barring injury.


    Probably keeping 4 running backs. Gore, Turbin, & Mack should be locks. 

    Totally agree.  HMMMM who will be the 4th?

  7. 4 hours ago, Jared Cisneros said:

    My handful of games aren't random. I specifically picked those 3 teams because they are the best in the AFC. The 3 teams that will keep us from getting to the SB every year. If Pagano can't beat them, then we have no chance at making the SB. There's no possible pairing that will let us avoid the Pats, Steelers, and Raiders. See where I'm getting at? The Broncos are irrelevant now because they aren't a playoff team anymore. We aren't facing them in the playoffs because they won't make it. They won't be an easy out for us anymore. The Packers are even more irrelevant because they are in the NFC. Chuck may be able to beat the Packers, but that won't help come playoff time unless we face them in the SB. 


    It seems like you are happy just to make the playoffs and have the possibility of making the SB. You really aren't considering how outmatched we are by the AFC elite and how poor we've done vs them. I'm looking at the probability of making the SB. Can it happen? Will it happen one day? 5 years of stats say Pagano has 0 chance of getting us there. I base things off probability, not a possibility. The NFL isn't a slot machine where you can put your last dollar in and win a million dollars. It's a cutthroat league that's a skill sport, player and coach wise. Pagano has shown he doesn't have the skill, and I want a chance at a SB while Luck is here, not just making a playoff appearance, making squeaking out a game, and getting destroyed by the Pats, Steelers, or Raiders every year. Might be your cup of tea, but it's not mine.

    Name one team that can beat the Patriots with consistency or at all.  You can't so I will just go back to sleep.  :sleepy:

  8. Pritchard said that he is going to spend more than Larry did.  It was Larry's choice to stay under the luxury tax.  I am going to let this play out as we ditch some salaries moving forward.


    I never have seen anything about the 4 number 1's being offered to us for him.....I will look for that.


    I honestly could care less if George stays.  His play is great in the playoffs and he does not play hard against teams we should beat every night.  My preference would be for him to go to the West instead of the East

  9. 2 minutes ago, 2006Coltsbestever said:

    I hope we find a way to keep PG and somehow add another Good Free Agent to help him. Every team needs at least 1 Superstar to succeed in todays NBA and we have it, we just need to put the right guys around him. He has shown greatness at times by going to 2 ECFinals. If we trade him, I don't see us being a Playoff team. The Lakers want him but I am not a fan of Russell at all, I like Ingram and the possibility of having a Top 3 pick though.

    I would like to as well.  I think he and Lance will be better next year together when Lance is actually in shape.


    I have not seen much of Russell in the NBA.  He was hell on wheels at Ohio State.


    Jeff Teague?

  10. 1 minute ago, 2006Coltsbestever said:

    Problem with the NBA, they say they have a Salary Cap but they really don't if an owners willing to pay the luxury tax. Cavs are 34,000,000 million dollars over the Salary Cap. If they weren't allowed to go over at all they would be far from dominant even with James. They wouldn't be able to afford to Love or Korver. Warriors are over too but only 7 Million over, that team could actually still have the Big 4 but wouldn't have any bench at all which would weaken them.

    I do like that they are basically doing a franchise tag on the Super MAX deals where can be paid more by the Pacers than anyone else.


    Looking at some of the possibilities in return for PG are enticing to me.  I am not his biggest fan. 

  11. On 5/8/2017 at 4:43 PM, Chrisaaron1023 said:

    I hope Ball is great.. I hope he wins rookie of the year.. I hope he takes the Lakers to a championship.. I hope they go 16-0 in the playoffs sweeping the Cavs in the 2018 Finals... And I still won't buy his shoes for $500.00

    HA!  Mike Brown laughed his butt off when asked if he would buy those shoes....the Ball Man is ridiculous!!  I think his son is grounded...his dad is not...

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