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  1. 13 minutes ago, 2006Coltsbestever said:

    Yeah you and Jay both think like I do. I should've mentioned you 2 but you guys haven't Posted on the Basketball Thread much lately. Thank you my friend. I have LeBron in my Top 10 ever but no way is he the GOAT or 2nd, JMO and you and Jay at least agree with me. My hate started toward him when he left Cleveland the 1st time to join Wade and Bosh. That made the league unfair and showed that LeBron wasn't mentally tough like a Jordan, Magic, or Bird. Jordan lost for 6 years but stuck with it and finally got it done in Chicago. He could've left but chose to stick with the process. It is amazing to me how LeBron supporters even defend him leaving Cleveland in 2010. That was a soft move. How you been doing my friend?

    I've been better.  :)  I have worked out 4 days in a row in the pool even though I need  back surgery by  the beginning of fall.  My new doctor is cutting meds instead of increasing them.  Pain 7 out of 10 when not 10 out of 10.  Pain sucks.  :)  I can handle it.  Thanks for asking.


    I did say on my friend Kent Sterling's Sports show that I had never seen so many last second game winners in my entire life as in the Pacers and Toronto series.  That does put him in my Top 5 or higher.


    You mention winning 'mentally.'  I have seen Magic, Bird, and Jordan do it sooooo many times.  I think there are several players who are better in the hypothetical Top 10 mentally better or stronger than Lebron. One of them wore the number 31 for Indiana. (Pacers) Again...my opinion.  


    BTW, I watched almost every Pacers game this past year.  I finally got to one game.....had to leave early....zero stamina at the time. Love those Pacers.

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  2. 47 minutes ago, dgambill said:

    Look...I'm not a Lebron follower....and we don't have to keep comparing him to MJ. Since he has lost in the finals there is no way he can go 6-0...so he can never live up to MJ....we get it. But I remember all of MJ's career. My best friend in school was obsessed with him. I also remember MJ losing games in the playoffs and also having bad games in the playoffs. Not many but he did. I remember Nick Anderson stripping the ball from him with the game on the line one of 8 turnovers in a poor shooting game. It happens my friend. I think it is pretty plain to see that no player in the NBA carries more weight of his team...is responsible for more of the team's offense through assists and points...and does more to put his team in right place to win then Lebron. He already has two game winning shots, multiple triple doubles, along with several 40 pt performances in these playoffs...go ahead and cherry pick his bad performances. I know you consider him the top 5-10 ever to play yet you dog him at every step of the way. I want him to lose as badly as anyone but if you can't be objective and see the elite greatness that he plays with and be amazed at his play on the court then that's fine. Just giving him lip service and saying...he is great....but but but that to me is false praise and just a way to cover your butt so you can take a dig at the guy every chance you get. Just because you call him great doesn't mean your not transparent my friend. Your hate for Lebron far exceeds your ability to treat him fairly. I don't think there is a single player in this league that you replace Lebron with would get the Cavs to the playoffs. He does so much. Instead of dogging the guy on a bad game...why not praise the Celtics and Morris and Stevens for doing an incredible job of defending him and game planning for him. That was text book awesome performance. I marvel more of how well they defended him more then trying to take away from Lebrons greatness. To me that diminishes the Celtics Game 1 performance. The whole Cavs team played awful outside perhaps Tristen Thompson....that was a masterful Celtics performance there. Let's recognize that.

    Instead of dogging the guy on a bad game...why not praise the Celtics and Morris and Stevens for doing an incredible job of defending him and game planning for him. That was text book awesome performance. I marvel more of how well they defended him more then trying to take away from Lebrons greatness. To me that diminishes the Celtics Game 1 performance. The whole Cavs team played awful outside perhaps Tristen Thompson....that was a masterful Celtics performance there. Let's recognize that.


    I totally agree with this more than anything.  The Celtics were ready to play.  The Cavs....not so much.  The Celts made JR Smith look stupid several times, and Kevin Love got skilled all evening long.  

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  3. 40 minutes ago, 2006Coltsbestever said:

    I totally agree that he is best player in the league and If I had to choose 1 player right now to be on my team it is LeBron. As you say I have already acknowledged he is a Top 5-10 player ever, and I have already named him my Player of the Decade. Not sure what much else I can say about the guy that is top praise. I just don't worship the guy! I have a problem with the people that never criticize a thing he does, it's never his fault when the Cavs lose, it's always his teammates when it comes to some people. There is always an excuse. Right here in your Post, you just give the Celtics credit and don't even bring up LeBron was a -32, shot 5-16 for 15 Points. Maybe my hate for LeBron wouldn't even exist if people in the media and people in general would quit calling him the GOAT or 2nd best ever. After a while when it gets shoved in your face 24/7 it gets old. I don't think he is but of course that is my opinion. I am the only one on the Site that calls LeBron out when he plays bad or loses a series so I look like the ultimate hater LOL. It is what it is. I compliment LeBron as much as I bash him actually. Read my 1st few sentences even in this Post.

    You must have forgotten about me :)  Jay Kirk and I have called him out since his Miami days.  


    I lost further respect for him when he said that Brad Stevens' coaching is overrated.  Maybe that is why Big Al Horford is kicking some Cavalier BUTT this entire series......IMO!!

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  4. 5 minutes ago, PrincetonTiger said:

    It depends on what those 280 are

    Smonroe said 302....that's a little better :)  Someone can correct me, but I don't think there an OT in the NFL 280 or under.  I bet he is quick on his feet without seeing film on him.

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  5. 23 minutes ago, Smonroe said:

    TAMUC were the D2 champions and this kid was a star for them.  Big difference in play but a few D2 guys have made the transition.  

    He is 6' 7" and listed as 280 unless he has put on more weight since the article I was reading.  I would love for a D-2 kid to get his shot.  I think I tend to get excited about any OL addition.  Machorro needs to beef up a bit.  

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  6. 45 minutes ago, lollygagger8 said:

    Ballard don't mess around. 

    Just like us Lolly!  HA!  When I am not on all of these extended vacations :)  


    I need to really hold my thoughts on this team until I get a chance to see them on the field.  I think I am as worried about the coaching as I am about Luck's health and new talent/lack of on the team.  If I am not familiar with a couple of the guys....it is a strange choice.  I hope these coaches are hidden gems...I really do.  :td::thmup:

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  7. 38 minutes ago, 2006Coltsbestever said:

    Yeah we need to run them off the floor from the beginning. Run run run. Use our youth.

    Open shots off of the break.  Kick it out to Bogie on the left top or left corner.  He needs to get to the foul line too or get a lay up to get him going. Same with Vic.


    Those here who know me also know I like that punch him when he's down and keep him down philosophy....this is game 7.  we have plenty of fouls to give even if we have to bring big Al and Leaf.  I want a 1980's Game!!  


    Who's with me.  Go Pacers.  You guys are the better TEAM!!!!!  Bmc



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  8. 16 hours ago, Bluefire4 said:

    Not a fan of the Indiana guys but wouldn't mind them coming in as UDFAs.


    And I'm going to throw Akrum Wadley in there too. I don't care if he's a Marlon Mack clone. He has way too much ability to go undrafted. That's crazy.

    Tegray Scales had an off-year.  He would have been drafted last year.  Cobbs is not afraid of going over the middle and getting hit.  Good call on Wadley.  Agree.


    ####Edit.....Tennessee plucked him

  9. Just now, NFLfan said:

    I am not too happy about losing Bridgewater. But it is time to move on.


    Nice to see you posting again. We miss you and RadioGirl.  I would appreciate another woman on the Baseball thread. :cheer2:


    Hope both of you are well. 

    That and just throwing away Keenum.  Who did they get?  Cousins?  (Bridgewater please)


    Thank you.  I don't know if I am in the new baseball thread. I love that it is getting going.  Radiogirl got promoted in her job and barely has time to change clothes.  


    She is well.  I have gone through the mill for just over a year.  Long story.  Bad year and a half.  Thanks again.  :)  

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  10. This draft has a lot of good centers that can also play guard or started out as a guard.  We need interior Maulers and I would not put it past Ballard, however to draft Nelson at 6.(Pure guard)  This trade has me excited about protecting Luck and building the defense.


    I personally love the 3-4, but am anxious to see how we play the 4-3.  If it is an aggressive D with press coverage and new speed we can keep the offense on the field.  Excited to see the draft and continued Free agency.    Bmc  :coltslogo:

  11. 22 hours ago, NFLfan said:


    Didn't IUPUI win a tourney game? I seem to remember that.


    I'll root for Purdue too. Who are they playing?


    Hey, they just announced on the radio that the Jets moves up to #3

    Purdue and Butler.  I have not looked when it is.  I believe IUPUI won a game when George Hill played for them.


    Big trade with Colts.  I am dreading some of the reactions on that one if I am on here.  Vikings sure were fun :)  


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  12. 5 hours ago, akcolt said:

    No reason to be disappointed in the Colts Ballard said and smartly is sticking to his words We aren't going to be big players in FA. He will bring in help but not spend ridiculous money. We will primarily  build through the draft. 


    The Pacers are in good shape after the W v the 76ers Philly has to win 4 more games then we do the rest of the way to get past us in the standings. If we go 8-7 they have to go 12-4 I don't see that happening 


    The Wiz have as tough a schedule as we do the rest of the way They have come back to earth and are missing Wall now. We play one more time I think the winner gets the tiebreaker. 


    It looks like we will battle the Cavs who are really banged up for the 3 seed. They have an easier schedule but as I've been saying about this scary schedule all a long We have beat all the teams this season there is no reason to believe we won't win our share going forward. I think we get the 4 seed at worst. 

    Yeah....Colts were one of the reasons I stayed away from the forum.  I know I was on here before the season saying how hard this pacer team would play and I was for the trade.


    I love it a whole lot more after the grit last night.  Booker looking like the Big that we needed.  Really nice signing.

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  13. 1 hour ago, lollygagger8 said:

    WR: Jordy Nelson please! 

    O-line: Zach Fulton, Josh Sitton, Mewhort on a prove it deal 

    TE: Austin Sefarian-Jenkins (Eifert is hurt way too much) 

    LB: sign all of them 

    CB: I'd like to see Melvin and Desir back. Gaines is decent as well. 

    RB: Whoever it is needs to be able to pass block 



    With you on all of this, my man.  I love prove it deals and contracts given to players that really did not get a chance.  Someone with a 'chip on their' shoulder. 


    I think Melvin thinks the world about himself.  I think he wants too much money. He should consider who really gave him a real chance.  I think Desir did well too and should be given a shot.


    My first time on here in awhile but I am not thrilled going back to the 4-3 defense.....and I want Chubb all day long over a running back.  Enjoy the FA Frenzy.  The insiders have made it into a joke.  :coltslogo:  :coltslogo:

  14. 35 minutes ago, Andrew Luck fan club said:

    What a terrible example. You don’t want the elite edge prospect because the Texans went 2-14 in 2013.

    You can’t make this stuff up. 

    Agreed..with Smonroe.


    Absolutely.  Why insult?  It was a perfect example. you can go 2-12 with a RB and you can go the same with the top Edge prospect we have seen in awhile.


    I take Chubb myself, but there are good reasons to take Barkley can do it all....and return kicks. (No please NOOOO  :) )  

  15. 9 minutes ago, Buck Showalter said:

    Ha yeah definitely, I normally agree 100%, but now I'm conflicted, at least with NE facing Jax this weekend, if McDaniels can't effectively gameplan for Jax in the AFC game, what's that say about gameplanning regularly for a division opponent. But then again, I've heard a wise man say we learn more from our mistakes, so, I guess go Jax!!!


    Ha, anyways its been a min. @BrentMc11 hope all is well...

    Hey Buck....I have been on the IR for about a year.  I missed all of the great people on the Colts Forum.  I was physically and mentally unable to remember things or debate.  I will hopefully be back.  I had heart surgery 3 days ago.  I was not getting enough O2 to my brain.  I also had a severe wound from passing out while in afib.  Mental is back....3 months for the IR to end. :)


    See I still rumble and bumble a little.  :)  (I hate the Patriots and the Jags.  HAHA!)

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