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  1. Carl, have you EVER said anything positive??  Go eat a snickers, you get mad when you're hungry !!!  if you're that down on Luck, go root for some other team then!!!



    SERIOUSLY!  What JlynRN said.....Angry elf.....

    I think Carl should stay away from sweets.  I have a pile of something for him in the back yard.

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  2. The plan is to merge into those threads.  If people continue to post about the for example: offense in the Broncos game beyond the 2 days that's fine.


    If the thread devolves into something else.....say for example general back and forth of trich and the trade.....then we'll likely lock the thread


    But we'll wait and see.  Our first goal is to keep the boards from being repetitive and disorganized on game day and the day after, that's when we get the most complaints about it


    But just FYI mods are fans too and they don't want to spend the whole game policing the mess that people create so, I expect some mess


    If certain posters continue disregarding their responsiblities here, then likely the'll get a warn


    Or perhaps a demotion to rookie.....that will prevent them from creating a thread and perhaps make our point with them should they not understand and continue to make the boards a mess

    Love it.  Thank you!

  3. Hi Colts7.


    I cannot disagree with anything here at all.


    I wonder how Bradshaw is.  I heard he actually could have played toward the end of the year if not on IR.


    I would not mind seeing him signed again with Brown likely moving on.  We can find a RB in draft for backup or use the Rainey's, Herron's and Choices of the world.  I hope you are well.  Sorry I missed some blogs this year.  :)

  4. I understand your philosophy Mark, and I am lucky I live one block south of 96th St.   :)  I am about as non-elitist as you can get....as country as they come.  I wear my Army hat and Colts caps wherever I go.....


    I do not go to bars either, but for those who gather with friends whether in Salem, IN or Carmel....more power to them.  Having fun with friends is priceless. :thmsup:


    Hats off to Jim Irsay for ALL of his charity efforts.  Helping in this situation was simply a nice thing to do for a struggling business owner, and those who love the establishment.  I wish I had his coin....I would help everyone I could!!!  :blueshoe:  :blueshoe:  :blueshoe:

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