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    I also love to rescue dogs and help the elderly in need.

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  1. I just scanned for viruses. My Colts site has been extremely slow. Wondering why. Anyone else experiencing this??

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    2. radiogirl


      He needs a new mac desktop.

    3. southwest1


      MACs are just awesome. BTW I need to thank both BrentMC11 & Radiogirl personally since the postal worker just dropped my unexpected Cristmas gift: A new Colts cap. Thank you both very much. :)

      I appreciate the card too & what the outside envelope said. It make me chuckle. I will definitely call you both up to say thanks again for the kind gesture on your part.

      PS I will wear it this weekend as a good luck charm to ensure a victory against the Cowboys. Come on I...

    4. southwest1


      It cut off my last post. Come on INDY; We all know what time it is. Playoff preparation mode starts now.

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