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    Colts Football, baseball, swimming, NASCAR
    I also love to rescue dogs and help the elderly in need.

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  1. We got another rescue dog...Blonde Lab...seems to have some mix to her. Up to 3 dogs...with the avatar getting older every day...:( I am going to try and post a pic in an email...

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    2. southwest1


      Carpe Diem "Sieze the day" indeed Brent. Ci Zi is a good name. How did your family choose the name? Vote on the top 3 choices or was it already named once you got the dog? I've got the image on my computer do you want me to post it somewhere on the forum & give you full credit? Let me know. Thanks.

    3. BrentMc11


      if you can size it for me it would be awesome. I can just send it to friends and stuff. I will write a thread when Que's time has come...and the new two will be in it...:)

      We had Gi Gi, so It helps the names are close...they both come running :)

    4. Nadine


      we went to broadripple park. There was actually a wolf hybrid there, which scared me at first but he was calm. Our dog loves all the dogs that come to the park but yesterday there was a pack of pugs that must have had the wrong energy for her. They were kind of aggressive. Our dog could not get far enough away from them.

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