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    I also love to rescue dogs and help the elderly in need.

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  1. I lost my mom one year ago today....it still seems like yesterday! I know you loved Thanksgiving Mom...wish you were here. I know you are here in spirit, and watching over me and my incredible family! We miss you, and so does old bad Pops.

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    2. southwest1


      It is a honor & a privilege to know you & call you a brother Brent. I never had the pleasure of meeting your mother, but she played a crucial role in molding the man the are & for that she deserves praise & recognition my friend. May you find peace & tranquility in her loving presence that never ever leaves you.

    3. ColtsBTM12


      God Bless you and your family,Brent.

    4. BrentMc11


      You all flat out made my day yesterday....and this morning. Thank you Franklin County (How are the ponies doing?) Much appreciated ColtsBTM12!! Have an awesome Thanksgiving!! And to longtime Colts family friends Southwest...never change. I know I have a 'little :)' but you need to stay exactly how you are. Thanks...so much!!

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