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    Colts Football, baseball, swimming, NASCAR
    I also love to rescue dogs and help the elderly in need.

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  1. Busy birthday weekend coming up....all kinds of goodies scheduled....farm, International Market, grilling out with family.....birthday news to follow......on Friday :) Don't tell her what I am getting her. It is a secret! :)

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    2. bayone


      radiogirl , dont be shy, double up, whats wrong with an even dozen

    3. BrentMc11


      Wow...missed some good stuff. Inside information, SW1's "corn-fusion" and some rhymes for our rap album :)

    4. southwest1


      " if its the same punch bowl that the 2 Broncos execs drank from its enough for entire forum"...Ha! Ha! Good one Barry! Yes, SW1 does get "cornfused" a lot, but I'm all ears now. Lame joke I know. Comedy is all about quantity not always quality it's a volume business you know telling jokes like an assembly line. Not all jokes set off fireworks. The duds are part of the whole package & comedy arsenal. :D Hopefully, my "cornfusion" is healthy...

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