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  1. Big Day Saturday!!! My stepson Nick's Little League team had been off to a rough start....They improved every game!!! Saturday at noon....the LL Championship game for Spring League!!! Go Cubs!! Amazing to see 10 yr-olds improve sooooo much!

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    2. BrentMc11


      SW1: Thank you as always. It is such a rush to see the 'light bulb' come on to a young player. Struggle....struggle...teach...improvement...one big play or one big hit can make a difference. For one kid the other night, it was as simple as backing up 3rd base and saving a run in the 14-13 semi-final.

    3. southwest1


      No problem Brent. Yes, it is exhilerating [spelling] to see a kid gain knowledge & apply it correctly the 1st time. I get exactly where you are coming from Brother. When the right action becomes automatic/2nd nature it truly is an amazing experience & confidence booster. And you as his teacher are responsible for that growth. You rock buddy!

    4. alawai


      Good Luck!

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