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  1. Getting ready to drive home from our relaxing weekend at the farm.....I slept more this weekend than I have since Mom passed away! I miss you Mom!!!

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    2. Jay Kirk

      Jay Kirk

      Im sure your Mom is proud of you Brother,and you wont stop missing her,thats how were able to hold on to the memories of our loved ones,Im sure she has a smile on her face when she sees you and your new family

    3. BrentMc11


      I need to say something....I have the best friends ever on here!!! Thanks Brother Jay!!! SW...100GFB!!! And so nice from 1788...much appreciated...

    4. SOMDColtsfan


      Lost Dad 5 years ago, his B-day is tomorrow.It just never seems to get easier buddy. Hang in there. Moms been fighting some health issues and moved in with us back in early January. You always picture them growing old into their 80`s and just kicking back relaxing but sadly isnt always the case. Gotta spend every moment and make then great!

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