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    Colts Football, baseball, swimming, NASCAR
    I also love to rescue dogs and help the elderly in need.

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  1. OK......WE found the ring.......gonna spent some money today to make it happen!!!! It will be gorgeous as is my baby! If you see me and my avatar at your corner with a "can you spare a dime' sign feel free to give maximum cash. Seriously.....looking at a quick wedding on the 21st.....I am blessed to have a new family! I have never been so excited!!!

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    2. southwest1


      I assume my upcoming invitation is in the mail right? Ahem, I'm waiting...Just Kidding Buddy!!! Nicely done Brent...Nicely done! :D

    3. MAC


      Congrats Brent!

    4. Jay Kirk

      Jay Kirk

      Congrats to both of you

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