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  1. OK: Gas prices....just got 2.99 a gallon at Shell in Seymour. I was on E or I would have driven 3 miles west to Jay C Store.....get this $2.95!!!! If I had not filled up with the Kroger card at Denene's, I would have gotten $2.75!!! Made me smile for a change....

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    2. HungarianColtsFan


      You kno SW1, half of that price is tax... A lot of people are still driving their cars, however some decrease in traffic can be experienced. Most car drivers would leave their cars home, when gas price jumps to 16 bucks/gal...I hope it wont happen soon...not before I inwent an environment friendly car, not running on gas.

    3. MAC


      $3.40's in central NJ, although one station today was $3.21. Makes me wonder what "additives" their putting in.

      My favorite station jumped their price to $3.99 after the storm - which would qualify them for prosecution for gouging. I didn't bother filing a complaint, but I didn't buy their gas either - and don't look upon them as fondly as I did before. Short term gain, long term stupidity.

    4. southwest1


      Yes, a significant portion of what we pay to fill up our gas tank is tax too, but it is nowhere near the level citizens of your country pay. $16 bucks a gallon really? Wow! I know in Brazil for example cars run on sugar cane. Even in Madison, WI there is a pizza business that runs their delivery truck on cooking grease. The exhaust fumes smell like french fries. :)

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